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UConn Prof Accused of Sexual Misconduct


UConn has placed a member of the faculty on leave while after learning of allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

The allegations against Robert Miller include misconduct involving children, according to UConn President Susan Herbst.

"Allegations involving crimes against children are both profoundly disturbing and heartbreaking," Herbst said in a release.

Miller is a professor in the Department of Music, according to the university.

A letter detailing accusations against Miller was written in December 2011, but only came to the attention of the dean of the School of Fine Arts in February 2013, according to the university. UConn police were contacted at that time.

After "multiple police investigations", an affidavit was filed in Rockville Superior Court in June, according to the university. Miller was placed on paid administrative leave and restricted from campus. 

There have been no charges filed against Miller and the allegations appear to be unrelated to the University, Herbst said.

"Yet any accusation of sexual misconduct by faculty, staff, or students is among the gravest issues that any institution must face," Herbst said. "It is clear that serious accusations have been made, questions that demand answers have been raised, and we will do all we can to find the truth and protect the vulnerable."

UConn set up a website a  detailing information about the ongoing investigation.

Connecticut Facing Long Heat Wave


Connecticut is facing an extended heat wave, with temperatures approaching 100 degrees for the next several days.

An excessive heat advisory has been issued for the entire state.

The mercury is expected reach 95 to 100 degrees inland through Friday or Saturday, according to NBC Connecticut meteorologist Bob Maxon. Humidity will push the heat index even higher, making it feel like 104 degrees.

The shoreline will get minimal relief. Temperatures by the shore will be in the low 90s for most of the week.

Several communities have opened cooling centers to help people beat the heat.

There is a chance of storms from Wednesday through Saturday, but the storms will bring little relief from the heat, according to Maxon.

The heat wave may end Sunday, with cooler and less humid air moving in by then.

Check the full forecast here.

Send us your hot weather photos here.

Priest Accused of Sexual Abuse of a Minor


The Department of Children and Families is investigating a complaint of sexual abuse of a minor against Rev. Paul Gotta, according to the Archdiocese of Hartford.

Rev. Gotta, administrator of St. Phillip Church in East Windsor and St. Catherine Church in Broad Brook, has been placed on administrative leave, a spokesperson for the Archdiocese said in a statement.

"The Archdiocese of Hartford was surprised and disturbed to learn that such an allegation has been made," said Maria Zone, spokesperson for the Archdiocese.

Authorities are investigating the sexual assault complaint and "other matters", the statement read.

Gotta is the same priest who contacted police about an 18-year-old who had allegedly made threats against his school, the Metropolitan Learning Center, in Bloomfield. Rev. Gotta told police Kyle Bass had weapons and had the ability to make bombs, prosecutors said at the time.

Bass was arrested on bomb manufacturing charges and held on $750,000.

It was not clear how Rev. Gotta and Bass knew each other.

Photo Credit: Larry Smith, Windsor Locks/East Windsor Patch

Boy Buried in Sand Dune Expected To Recover


A 6-year-old boy buried for hours under sand at the Indiana Dunes is moving his arms and legs, doctors said.

The medical director of the pediatric intensive care unit at the University of Chicago Medicine told reporters Nathan Woessner is under sedation and is breathing with a ventilator until his lungs can fully function. The breathing tube could be removed by the end of the week, Dr. Tracy Koogler said, and he'll likey be released from the hospital in 10-14 days.

"He was breathing at some level on his own when he was found," Koogler said. "I expected him to arrive much sicker than he did."

Woessner spent three-and-a-half hours trapped in the sand Friday night and remains in critical condition at Comer Children's Hospital. Hospital spokesman John Easton said the boy is breathing with a ventilator.

The boy fell inside a sinkhole sometime after 4 p.m. Friday at Mt. Baldy in Michigan City, Ind.

Woessner's grandfather, Pastor Don Reul, said the boy was at the dunes with his parents and another couple. The boy was walking to the top of Mt. Baldy with his dad, an adult friend of the family and another boy when he fell.

"Part of the way up, Nathan stepped into a sink hole and disappeared out of the sight," Reul said. "They immediately went back, and he was nowhere to be seen. The ground had swallowed him up."

Woessner was hollering out, Reul said, and they frantically began to dig to get him out.

Officials say Woessner was found 11 feet down in the sand. Michigan City Fire Chief Ronnie Martin said his crews used heavy machinery to locate the boy.

A park spokesman said the boy's family did not see him fall inside the hole but saw him inside and tried to dig him out.

Man's 'Fugitive of the Day' Facebook Comments End in Arrest


A Florida man trying to prove his innocence by commenting on a Pasco Sheriff Office's Facebook post about himself led authorities right to him.

Matthew Oliver, 23, was the sheriff's office Facebook page's "Fugitive of the Day" Wednesday for his connection with a robbery. He commented on the post later that day and continued to comment, which ultimately led to his arrest on Friday.

"You guys are going to pay for A. Believing a crack head. and B. Slandering my name," Oliver wrote on Wednesday. "I already heard about this whole thing and I was in the hospital the day of."

Eight minutes later he commented again.

"I get out of the hospital for 2 months and I have to come back to this sh**. I swear on everything I own Pasco County WILL be held responsible for this."

As of Monday morning, the original post has been shared more than 400 times and has about 400 comments.

One Facebook user commented, "Really!?!? You're not doing a good job hiding." Another user wrote, "He'll be on "World's Dumbest Criminals" in no time..."

Even the Pasco Fugitive Warrants, another Facebook account associated with the sheriff's office, commented.

"Matthew Oliver if you would like to discuss your active warrant, please call the Fugitive Warrants Unit at 813-235-6064."

Deputies said Oliver became a fugitive in December when he and a friend punched a man in the face and stole a wallet containing $260, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

However, Oliver posted that his warrant was inactive, and he was in the hospital being treated for an infection during the time in question.

The Pasco Fugitive Warrants commented again Friday verifying that Oliver was in the hospital, and he should call them "if he feels he does not fit the definition of the word 'fugitive.'"

Later that day, Oliver had been arrested.

"Members of the Fugitive Warrants Unit observed Matt Oliver as he walked into an apartment wearing a T-shirt," the Pasco Fugitive Warrants commented on the post. "Moments later he came back outside where it is 80 degrees, wearing a camouflage jacket with the hood up. He was apprehended without any resistance."

His comments helped lead deputies to him, the Tampa Bay Times reported. Before being arrested, Oliver had 15 comments on the post.

Oliver is still being held in jail on a $5,000 bond for robbery by sudden snatching, according to online jail records. It was not immediately known if he had an attorney.

Right before Pasco Fugitive Warrants commented that Oliver was arrested, one user said "this has been an entertaining couple of days for sure."

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Photo Credit: Pasco County Sheriff's Office Facebook

Tearful Gosnell Associate: I Just Wanted to Give Care


The co-defendant in the high-profile trial of former Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell cried before a judge as she asked for leniency in her sentencing.

Eileen O'Neill, 56, was sentenced to six to 23 months house arrest on conspiracy and corruption charges during a sentencing hearing Monday. The house arrest sentencing will be followed by two years probation and she will need to complete 100 hours of community service.

Prosecutors said O'Neill pretended to be a licensed physician at Dr. Gosnell's West Philadelphia clinic, the Women's Medical Society, when in fact she was unlicensed. She did, however, have a medical degree.

The Commonwealth also argued O'Neill lied to insurance companies and patients and billed for services she was not allowed to perform. Her attorney argued there was no evidence O'Neill charged for her services.

A jury eventually found sufficient evidence to find O'Neill guilty on a number of the charges in May.

During Monday's hearing, members of O'Neill's family took the stand, each calling her a "giver" and praising her generosity to not only the family, but everyone around her.

Paul White, O'Neill's brother, who was a patient at the clinic's general practice and said he met Kermit Gosnell, asked Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey P. Minehart to "have a heart and show mercy."

"I think my sister has suffered enough," he said.

Attorney James Berardinelli called O'Neill's mother to the stand.

Corinne White, who had already sent a letter to Judge Minehart pleading her daughter's case, described how O'Neill does everything for her. She said it would kill her if her daughter was taken into custody.

"Maybe not today, but in two weeks I'd be dead," White said while family members cried.

But Assistant District Attorney Joanne Pescatore said she saw a different Eileen O'Neill.

Pescatore described how she traveled to Louisiana to find out more on O'Neill, where the unlicensed doctor had previous troubles while working at a Baton Rouge, La. abortion clinic.

Pescatore claimed that O'Neill was "not always truthful" and cited that she was previously charged with perjury in this trial.

She went into detail on the night of Karnamaya Mongar's death.

Mongar, a 41-year-old immigrant, went into cardiac arrest in Dr. Gosnell's clinic and died the next morning at a nearby hospital.

Pescatore said O'Neill ran upstairs and hid rather than help, and that she ran out of the clinic during an FBI raid "because she had things to hide."

O'Neill herself was the last one to speak, extending her deepest apologies to the court, her family and even the victims.

She said she only wanted to help, and regretted not telling her patients that she did not have a medical license. "I just wanted to give them care," a tearful O'Neill said.

Judge Minehart offered his take on O'Neill's case, saying he was stunned that "someone with so much education can work in these conditions."

The Women's Medical Society, at 3801 Lancaster Avenue, was described by investigators as a "house of horrors." Filthy conditions and even human remains were found throughout the facility.

But the judge offered sympathy and said he did not think the punishment should be at the expense of O'Neill's mother.

O'Neill was tried alongside Dr. Gosnell in his capital murder trial, a proceeding that stretched on for months in Philadelphia. While other clinic employees took plea deals in exchange for their testimony, O'Neill maintained her innocence and fought the charges.

Dr. Gosnell is serving three consecutive life terms for the murder of babies born alive during abortion procedures. O'Neill was not implicated in the murders.

Photo Credit: NBC10.com

Glastonbury Teen Dies in Crash


A 17-year-old Glastonbury girl died early Sunday morning after reportedly driving into a tree.

Elizabeth Jane Modlesky was driving near 400 Woodhaven Road around 5:36 a.m. Sunday when she collided with a tree, police said.

She was pronounced dead at the scene, according to police.

Police are investigating the cause of the crash. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Glastonbury Police Department at 860-652-4254.

Ansonia Police Search for Home Invasion Suspect


Police are searching for the man who broke into the home of a 78-year-old Ansonia woman and stole her purse around 2 a.m. Monday.

According to police, the suspect climbed through a kitchen window at 99 Tremont Street in Ansonia.

When the 78-year-old resident heard a noise and went downstairs to investigate, the suspect told her to drop to the floor so she wouldn't see his face, police said.

The suspect demanded money, at which point the resident directed him to her purse. Police said the suspect took the purse, which contained the resident's identification, credit cards and $40 in cash, and fled.

Police are searching for the suspect, who is only described as being a man wearing shorts.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Ansonia Police Department at 203-735-1885.

Motorcycle Driver Dies After Crash


A 43-year-old man died this morning after crashing into a guard rail on Interstate 395 northbound in Uncasville.

According to police, Randal Jacques, of 27 Virginia Court in Uncasville, was driving his motorcycle on I-395 northbound near exit 79A when he drifted onto the left-hand shoulder, striking a guard rail.

Jacques was transported to Backus Hospital, where he died during surgery, according to police.

Police said Jacques was not wearing a helmet.

Authorities are investigating to determine the cause of the crash.

Photo Credit: NBC 7 San Diego

Hundreds of Child-Predator Suspects Rounded Up


A five-week sting operation netted 255 suspected child sex predators and identified dozens of victims, authorities announced Monday morning.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations and Internet Crimes Against Children task forces throughout the country and U.S. territories conducted the Operation iGuardian sting From May 28 through June 30.

The massive operation to identify and rescue sexually exploited children found 61 children exploited – some by pictures and videos posted online, others abused by direct physical contact. Many of the victims were blackmailed into sending explicit photos to the predator, part of a “disturbing trend” in which predators increasingly use the Internet to get children to produce and share such material, investigators said.

“We are in the midst of a very, very serious fight against child abusers and pornographers,” ICE Director John Morton said. “These 255 arrests are an important blow in the fight, but we need everyone’s help.”

In addition to chatting online with minors about sex and encouraging the children to send explicit images and video, predators also attempted to set up meetings for sex.

Four of the identified victims were under the age of 3, five were ages 4-6, 13 were 7-9, 10 were 10-12, 23 were 13-15 and six were 16-17. Forty-two were girls and 19 were boys.

Six victims were identified in Maryland.

Of those arrested, 244 were in the U.S., nine were teachers and three were clergy. Four suspects are women, and 251 are men. Five people were arrested in Maryland and one was arrested in Virginia or D.C.

Maryland’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force assisted federal authorities in the operation.

“Thanks to the essential support of our federal partners and the dedicated efforts of our task force members, Maryland’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force has had a significant impact on our fight against the Internet exploitation of children,” Maryland State Police Superintendent Col. Marcus L. Brown said. “Since 2000, Maryland’s task force has been responsible for 526 arrests of men and women who were attempting to victimize our most vulnerable citizens – our children. I applaud the dedicated members of the 61 task forces across our nation, who daily work together in cyberspace tracking down those who prey on our children.”

Authorities highlighted three significant arrests:

Jimmy Caraballo-Colon, 25, a former high school cheerleading coach and athlete from Caguas, Puerto Rico, was arrested June 4 by the HSI Puerto Rico Crimes Against Children Task Force (PRCACTF) after it was discovered by the Greenwood Village Police Department in Colorado that he was blackmailing a 17-year-old girl he met online in an anonymous Internet video chat website. Through the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, investigators identified a second victim, a 15-year-old girl in California. Further investigation led to another 15-year-old girl in the Netherlands, and leads are currently being pursued regarding two 15 and 16-year-old girls in Australia. Investigators believe there are more than 80 potential victims who remain unidentified.

John David Boyle, 49, a former middle school teacher from Glendora, Calif., was arrested June 5, during an undercover sting operation in his classroom, by HSI Los Angeles and the multi-agency ICAC. Boyle has been indicted and charged with enticement of a minor to engage in sexual activity over the Internet. He has also been charged with advertisement of online child pornography, as well as distribution, receipt and attempted receipt and possession of child pornography. Believing the undercover investigator shared his sexual interest in young boys, Boyle allegedly set up an in-person meeting in his middle school classroom for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity while watching child pornography. Investigators have identified a 14-year-old boy who was a victim of sexual contact with the defendant and believe that there are additional victims in this ongoing case.

Eduardo Arturo Romero Barrios, a Mexican national, 33, was arrested June 26, by the Mexican Attorney General’s Office with the assistance of the Mexican Federal Police in Monterrey, Mexico. The arrest followed a lead by HSI Mexico City and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children from a social media provider about a user who was pretending to be a young teenage girl in order to elicit provocative images from minors via the social networking site. Romero Barrios was then extorting the minors to provide more sexually explicit material by threatening to expose the images he had acquired from them throughout the Internet. Investigators – with the assistance of HSI Little Rock and the Arkansas Area 4 ICAC – have identified two victims, boys ages 11 and 13 in Arkansas, and are pursuing leads into at least three other children: a 10-year old Kentucky girl, and two others in Australia and the Ukraine. Investigators believe there are other potential victims who Barrios may have exploited.

In fiscal year 2013, ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations has arrested 1,674 suspected child predators. Over the past 10 years, operations like iGuardian have helped authorities arrest 10,000 people.


Glastonbury Teen Remembered


A Glastonbury teenager killed in a car crash over the weekend is being remembered as an outstanding student leader and athlete.

Jane Modlesky, 17, died Sunday morning after crashing the 2008 Honda Pilot she was driving into a tree on Woodhaven Road in Glastonbury.

Flowers and a lacrosse stick now decorate the tree where the fatal crash happened.

Modlesky would have been a senior at Glastonbury High School in the fall. She played varsity lacrosse and volunteered with the school's Big Brothers Big Sisters program, according to Dr. Nancy Bean, the school's principal.

"This is such a tragic loss to my senior class and to the GHS community. Jane was a vibrant student," said Bean.

A neighbor called 911 about 5:30 Sunday morning after noticing part of a car door in the road and the vehicle crashed into a tree, according to police.

By the time rescue crews arrived, there was nothing they could do to help the teen.

"When the police arrived, they found the vehicle into a tree and they found a single female victim inside the vehicle and she was pronounced dead at the scene," said Agent James Kennedy of the Glastonbury Police Department.

Police are now trying to determine where Modlesky was coming from and where she was headed at the time of the crash. At this point, they have not determined what caused the crash.

"These types of investigations are extremely meticulous and it takes a lot of time to piece the puzzles together," said Kennedy.

Family and friends are trying to make sense of the tragedy.

"It's a great loss and our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time," said Bean.

Counselors are available to students and staff who need them.

Three Hit By Car Outside Church in Hartford


Three pedestrians were hit by a car this afternoon while waiting in line for the Foodshare program in Hartford, police said.

According to police, three people were standing in the parking lot of the United Methodist Church of Hartford at 571 Farmington Avenue when a 76-year-old woman struck them with her car.

The pedestrians and the driver were taken to St. Francis Hospital for treatment. Police said all injuries appeared minor.

Police continue to investigate. Charges are pending.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Police: Woman Had Sexual Relations With 14-Year-Old


A New Britain woman was arrested after reportedly having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old boy, police said.

Nicole Dufour, 25, of 26 Roosevelt Street in New Britain, was charged with six counts of second-degree sexual assault and six counts of risk of injury to or impairing the morals of children through sexual contact.

According to police, the relationship was ongoing for several months at the end of 2012.

The arrest warrant has been sealed and there is no additional information available at this time.

Photo Credit: New Britain Police

Splash Pads Help Beat The Heat


With temperatures climbing into the 90s, Connecticut residents are searching for ways to beat the heat.

One popular solution? Water.

People searched for relief from the heat anywhere they could find it. At New Haven's Lighthouse Point Park, the splash pad seemed to be a major attraction, appealing to many.

A splash pad off Cosey Beach Avenue in East Haven was another popular addition. The endless stream of water proved one of the only ways to cool down.

Across the street from the splash pad, the waters of Long Island Sound beckoned.

"We get hot, get in the water, come back," said Stefan Jarosz, who is building a house on Cosey Beach Avenue.

When they weren’t in the water, many opted for a bit of shade where they could catch a slight breeze.

"This is the best beach," said Roberta Stober, who came to East Haven from Trumbull. "You can sit under the tree. You don’t have to go out on the beach when it’s real hot like this. You get cooled off."

For those without access to beaches or splash pads, many communities are opening cooling centers to provide residents with comfortable places to relax.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Police Make Arrest in Fatal New Haven Shooting


A 21-year-old Bridgeport man has been arrested in connection with a New Haven shooting that killed one and injured two on May 18.

Ricardo Myers of Bridgeport was arrested July 12 and charged with murder and two counts of first-degree assault after allegedly shooting three people on the corner of College and Crown streets.

Tirrell Drew, who was shot in the chest, was taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital, where he died from his injuries, police said.

Michael Washington, who was shot in the thigh, and Kiyhem Booker, whose left torso was grazed by a bullet, survived the shooting, according to police.

Police said they expect to make additional arrests.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Heat Makes Working Outdoors A Challenge


When it's 90 degrees in the shade, working outside can be a challenge.

Street pavers do most of their work in the sun and have to be careful not to lose momentum during their breaks, said Jarvis Tate.

"Once you stop, and you gotta get back into it again, it's even worse," Tate said, waiting for the asphalt to cool along Jerome Avenue in Bloomfield.

Fellow workers agreed that the heat was stifling.

Commercial painters also have to be careful while working in the heat. If they're not fast enough, the paint will dry too quickly in the beating sun.

"Work on the shady side, don't be in the sun," said Jeff Parker of Coventry, "You don't really stay cool.  You keep working."

Bloomfield homeowner Chris Macey was appreciative of the crew that came out to work on his house today. They didn't seem to let the heat affect them, and Macey called them brave.

"They're working hard, and I've seen 'em sweat.  One of 'em took off his shirt and wrung out the sweat," said Chris Macey.

Despite scorching temperatures, Macey said the heat is still not as bad as what he's used to, so after 12 years of living in Florida, he's happy to be back.

Bachmann Aide Fired After Theft Arrest


An aide for Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) is out of a job after allegedly stealing cash from a Congressional office building.

According to U.S. Capitol Police, 37-year-old Javier Sanchez was arrested July 11 and is facing charges of second-degree misdemeanor theft from the Rayburn House Office Building.

An affidavit states there were two thefts reported between February 2013 and March 15, 2013 from Rep. Bachmann's congressional office, Room 2417.

Capitol Police placed a hidden camera in Room 2417 April 4 and placed two envelopes, one with $80 marked "Petty Cash" on one desk, and another marked "Birthday Money" with $120 on another desk. The money from both envelopes was reported missing June 25.

Surveillance video captured a man entering the office just after 6:30 p.m. June 14. The video shows the man opening the chief of staff's drawer, removing an envelope, counting money and taking the cash and envelope with him, the charging documents state.

July 9, Sanchez' boss identified the man in the surveillance video as Sanchez. The two have known each other since January 2013, according to the affidavit.

Two days later, Sanchez was interviewed by police about the incident and denied taking money from his co-workers' desks.

"I may have taken a quarter once and a while, but I would pay it back," Sanchez said in the affidavit.

Sanchez worked as a senior legislative assistant for Bachmann.

His lawyer confirmed to News4's Mark Segraves he was a staffer for Bachmann.

Monday evening, News4 learned Sanchez was fired. He is denying the charges, according to his lawyer.

Police reported a string of thefts from congressional offices at the same building last year, but it is not known whether they are linked to Sanchez. He previously worked for Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.).

Stay with NBCWashington.com and News4 for more on this developing story.

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Photo Credit: AP

Hug More Love More: In Memory of Grayson Minney



In early May, the lead singer of Columbia Fields, Grayson Minney, died in a fatal car crash. A loving son, brother, and soon-to-be husband, Grayson is terribly missed by all who knew him.
 Before the accident, Grayson had made it his mission to help his parents who had fallen under tough financial circumstances.
Now with the passing of their son, Grayson’s parents face being foreclosed on.  Grayson’s father continually says the phrase “Hug More, Love More” as a reminder to never take love for granted.
Inspired by Grayson’s loving nature and his determination to save his parents’ home, a group has put together the Hug More Love More Music Festival in his memory.
The Hug More Love More Music Festival will be held this Saturday, July 20 at the Four Town Fairgrounds in Somers.  The money raised will go to Grayson’s family.
The music festival has an impressive lineup, with performances by Columbia Fields, Secondhand Serenade, Veronica Ballestrini, Beach Avenue, Addison Station, and more.
Beer, wine, and food will all be available for purchase at the festival.
Tickets for the event are $20 in advance and $25 at the door.
For more information and to buy tickets, visit http://www.hugmorelovemore.com/.

Body Found in West Haven


West Haven Police are investigating after a woman's body was found near the water late Monday night.

A woman's body was discovered behind 1 West Walk, in the area of Captain Thomas Boulevard and Campbell Avenue, at 8:51 p.m., police said.

Police have identified her as Francis McGowan, 56, who was known to police and had no known address, according to police. 

Police said there was a liquor bottle near her body and no obvious indications of foul play.

Family was notified and McGowan's body was taken to medical examiner's office in Farmington for an autopsy.


Photo Credit: NBC

New Mobile Police Station in Waterbury


The Waterbury Police Department has taken a new step to crack down on crime. 

A mobile police station has been added to the Willow Plaza section of the city after dozens of residents there begged the mayor to help the crime plagued neighborhood.
 “It’s not safe out here,” said Arletha Riddick, one of dozens who wanted this change. “I’m scared to go to the corner store; I'm scared for my grandkids to go
The new mobile police station has been set up on Hillside and Willow Streets.  Officers will be stationed in the truck mostly in the afternoon and night and the location will continually change. 
The idea is that the new mobile station will help cops make more arrests and get to calls more quickly when reports of trouble come in.
“We need it 100%, we need it,” said Joan Cain.
People who live in Willow Plaza say this is critical.
  There are dozens of abandoned homes in less than a three mile radius.  They claimed the eyesores have attracted a dangerous element and the problems have only gotten worse. 
“Drugs…fighting, all of that,” Arletha Riddick explained. 
“Prostitutes are on the street, one night one was in front of my house,” Joan Cain added.
Police say the command post in the middle of the neighborhood could make criminals think twice about coming to the area. The goal is to restore the feeling of safety with the higher police visibility.
“It will make me feel safer and my kids and my grandkids,” Riddick said.
For now, this is just an experiment.  If it curbs crime in this neighborhood, there might eventually be more police stations on wheels across the city.



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