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WATCH: Top of the Rock as Storm Moves Through

WATCH: Live Times Square Cam After Storm Hits NYC


See live video streaming from Times Square after the storm moved through.



Jesse Jackson Jr. Signs Plea Deal In Federal Probe


It’s been nearly three months since Jesse Jackson Jr. resigned from Congress, but now NBC News confirms that Jackson has signed papers in a plea deal within the past several days. 

Jackson’s case is being handled by the US Attorney’s office in Washington, DC. While no public announcement is expected today, those with knowledge of the investigation believe the loose ends now deal with Jackson’s wife, former Alderman Sandi Jackson, and whether or not she is ultimately charged.

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Under the terms of the deal Jackson signed, he pleads guilty and his fate – as to jail time – would be in the hands of a federal judge, not yet assigned. 

He would repay the government hundreds of thousands of dollars – for items like the $40,000 Rolex watch, travel expenses for a woman he described as a “social acquaintance” and furniture purchased for his home.

Converting campaign contributions for personal use is strictly prohibited by federal law. It opens Jackson up to “not more than 5 years” in prison.  

It’s clear Jackson’s move to resign from Congress works in his favor as his attorneys negotiate this plea deal.

Just last month his wife also resigned from her elected position as Chicago’s 7th Ward alderman, however her role in the alleged misuse of campaign funds still may land her in legal trouble. For years she received a $5,000 a month check from her husband as his political consultant.

Timeline: Revenge Plot Events


2002: Christopher Dorner joins the Los Angeles Police Department, and is assigned to the Harbor Area. He also serves in the military, as a reservist in the Navy.

2006: In September, Dorner is highlighted in an internal LAPD newsletter as an example of how the police agency is supporting its personnel who serve in the military. He is photographed with then-chief William Bratton, and is in the following month’s newsletter as well.

In November, he is deployed to the Persian Gulf for six months, where he serves in Bahrain and provides security for offshore oil platform. He receives several honors, including the Iraq Campaign Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, a Rifle Marksman Ribbon and a Pistol Expert Medal.

2008: Dorner’s employment with the LAPD is terminated. He is accused of falsely accusing a fellow officer of kicking a suspect.

2011: Dorner’s appeal of the dismissal of his lawsuit challenging his firing is rejected by the California Court of Appeal.

Feb. 1, 2013: Dorner separates from the Navy with a rank of lieutenant.

Feb. 3, 2013: Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence and her fiancé are shot to death while sitting in their car on the top floor of the parking garage of their Irvine condo complex. Quan is later identified as the daughter of Randal Quan, the LAPD’s first Asian-American captain, whom Dorner's manifesto states was involved in the ex-officer's firing.

Feb. 6, 2013: LAPD officers identify Dorner as the man they suspect of killing Monica Quan and her fiancé, Keith Lawrence.

The LAPD releases a manifesto allegedly written by Dorner that names Asian-American, lesbian and Hispanic police officers as "high value targets."

10:26 P.M.: Dorner is believed to be connected to an attempted boat theft in the San Diego area. San Diego police were called to the Southwestern Yacht Club located at 2702 Qualtrough Street for an apparent boatjacking.

Feb. 7, 2013

1:25 A.M.: In Corona, a man police believe is Dorner shoots at two LAPD officers who had been assigned to protect people targeted in the manifesto.

1:45 A.M.: A man police believe is Dorner ambushes two Riverside police officers, killing one and severely wounding the other.

5 A.M.: Police shoot and injure two people when they think they spot Dorner's truck in the 5 a.m. hour in Torrance and Redondo Beach.

8:30 A.M.: A burned-out vehicle of the same model as Dorner's is found abandoned in the woods near Big Bear Mountain ski resort, which is shut down for the day. Area schools are placed on lockdown, and sheriff's deputies and SWAT teams conduct door-to-door searches into the night.

Feb. 8, 2013:

Overnight: Law enforcement agents conduct an overnight search amid temperatures that dropped into the 20s.

9 A.M.: San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon says conditions are "extremely dangerous" in the search area in and around Big Bear.

Photo Credit: LAPD

FBI: San Jose Man Tried to Blow Up Oakland Bank


A mentally ill man who thought he was meeting someone linked to the Taliban was arrested Friday morning after federal agents say he tried to detonate some sort of car-bomb at a Bank of America branch near Oakland's airport.

But the explosive was a fake, prosecutors said, adding that the FBI had been eyeing Matthew Aaron Llaneza, 28, of San Jose for a while during an undercover investigation monitored by the FBI's South Bay Joint Terrorism Task Force.

"He has stated that he supports the Taliban, wants to engage in violent jihad and wants to conduct a terrorist attack inside the United States," the FBI affadavit said.

LaRae Quy, a former FBI counterintelligence and undercover agent, said the FBI's ability to gain Llaneza's trust likely saved lives.

"The undercover agent was able to establish a rapport and real trust so this individual was able to feel comfortable with trusting him with this bigger plan, and even involved him in it," Quy said. "If that bomb hadn’t been assembled with the FBI's assistance, it would have gone off and it would have possibly killed someone.”

However, the FBI documents also provide no evidence that Llaneza could have pulled off the operation without the undercover agents, had ties to other terrorists or had any bomb making materials in his possession. Separate court documents filed in Santa Clara County show Llaneza is mentally ill.

One civil rights expert, Zahra Billoo, executive director of the Council on American Islamic Relations in Santa Clara, indicated that this smells of entrapment. 

 "Did the FBI take a [mentally ill] aspirational terrorist, make him an operational terrorist and then thwart their own plot?" Billoo asked. "CAIR has been saying this for years now: It's the FBI's job to stop operational terrorists. It's not the FBI's job to enable aspirational ones."


Llaneza was released from state prison in November 2011, the FBI affadavit states (PDF), after serving a one-year sentence for transporting an AK-47. Efforts to immediately reach Llaneza or his supporters were not immediately successful. NBC Bay Area knocked on a door of a home where records show Llaneza once lived, or still lives, but no one answered the door.

His attorney, Oakland-based Asst. Federal Public Defender Jerome Matthews, declined on Friday to comment about the case.

Probation records obtained by NBC Bay Area show that Llaneza suffered from mental illness and had already served 186 days in county jail for the gun charge.

                       San Jose Alleged Bomber Suffers From Mental Illness

He was formally charged in Oakland on Friday before U.S. magistrate Donna M. Ryu on a charge of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, which is punishable with life in prison.

According to the federal affidavit, Llaneza met with a man on Nov. 30 who led him to believe he was connected with the Taliban and the mujahidin in Afghanistan. The man was really an undercover FBI agent.

At the meeting, Llaneza proposed conducting a car-bomb attack against a bank in the San Francisco Bay Area, the complaint alleges. He proposed structuring the attack to make it appear that the responsible party was an umbrella organization for a loose collection of anti-government militias and their sympathizers, according to prosecutors.

Llaneza’s stated goal was to trigger a governmental crackdown, prosecutors said, which he expected would trigger a right-wing counter-response against the government followed by, he hoped, civil war.

Llaneza identified the Federal Reserve Bank in San Francisco as a good target, the affadavit states, or a local bank as good targets for the attack.

After figuring the Federal Reserve would have "too much security," on Dec. 7, Llaneza ended up choosing the Bank of America branch at 303 Hegenberger Road in Oakland as the target for the attack, the complaint states. That bank is near the city's airport.

A week later, Llaneza found a spot next to a support column of the bank building as a good location for the bomb, expressed a desire for the bomb to bring down the entire bank building, and offered to drive the car bomb to the bank at the time of the attack, prosecutors alleged in a statement.

According to the complaint, in January and February, Llaneza and the undercover agent constructed the fake explosive device inside an SUV parked inside a storage facility in Hayward.

As part of the process of assembling the device, Llaneza allegedly bought two cell phones to be used in creating and operating the trigger device for the car bomb. One of these cell phones was incorporated into the trigger device itself. The other was reserved for use on the night of the attack.

The criminal complaint alleges that on Thursday evening, Llaneza drove the SUV containing the purported explosive device to the target bank branch in Oakland.

He parked the SUV beneath an overhang of the bank building where he armed the trigger device, according to the complaint.

He then allegedly proceeded on foot to a nearby location a safe distance from the bank building, where he met the undercover agent. Once there, prosecutors Llaneza allegedly attempted to detonate the bomb by using the second cell phone he had purchased to place two calls to the trigger device attached to the car bomb, according to prosecutors.

That's when the FBI placed him under arrest.

NBC Bay Area's Arturo Santiago and Stephanie Chuang contributed to this report.

Serious Injuries in Ledyard Crash


A Ledyard couple in their 60s from Ledyard was injured when their car rolled over on Center Groton Road, Route 117, near the Groton Town line just before 2:30 p.m. on Friday.

The driver, David Doucette, 67, was transported to the Lawrence & Memorial Hospital to be treated for injuries and the passenger, Betty Doucette, 63, was taken to the hospital to be treated for serious injuries, according to police.

Police said a Connecticut Light & Power support pole and fire hydrant were damaged.

The Ledyard Police Department Accident Reconstruction Team is investigating.

This crash closed Route 117 for approximately one hour.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Crews Respond to Several Crashes


Emergency crews have been responding to crashes all day, some of which caused injuries and closed down roads.

Lt. Paul Vance, of Connecticut State Police, said troopers have responded to around 100 crashes. None are reported as serious. 

A tractor-trailer was on its side on Interstate 84 eastbound in Southington for hours on Friday.

A crash has also closed Interstate 95 South in Guilford between exits 56 and 57.

One person was transported to the Bridgeport Hospital Trauma after a crash at 11 a.m. on North Street and Woodruff Road. Officials from the Milford Fire and Rescue Department said there was a single-car crash with one occupant and severe trauma.

Fire department paramedics began advanced life support in the vehicle while other members used the Hurst Rescue tools to free the entrapped occupant. The person was freed from the vehicle at 11:23 a.m. and an ambulance transported the person.

AAA's roadside rescue crew responded to 245 calls for emergency road service between midnight and 11 a.m. alone.



Photo Credit: Connecticut DOT Traffic cameras

Oldest American Congressman Now on Twitter


The Texas congressman who is the oldest member of the House of Representatives in U.S. history has joined social-networking site Twitter.

Even at 89 years old, Rep. Ralph Hall is still trying to keep up with what all the kids are doing.

"First thing — the name fascinates me. Twitter — where did they get that?" he said.

The Texas congressman is the oldest serving member of the House of Representatives in recorded history.

"All I know is, I want to get to my people, reach my people, reach the young people," Hall said. "You can say an awful lot in two sentences to let people know how you voted or why you voted, how you voted or what you're going to do or where you're going to be next week. I think it will be helpful."

In his first tweet, Hall used the handle @RalphHallPress to reminisce about the past, wishing former President Ronald Reagan happy birthday on what would have been his 102nd birthday.

"I did work with him, and he was a great, great president," Hall said. "He was a great guy, and I was very fond of him."

Hall, who said keeping things at 140 characters or less is growing on him, said he plans to become an expert at tweeting.

Hall is the last member of the state's congressional delegation to join the social network. He represents Texas District 4, which includes parts of North Texas that include Rockwall, Sherman and Paris.

More: Ralph Hall on Twitter

Dorner Prompts Anti-Police Posts, Garners Support Online


As a manhunt continued for former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, accused of a fatal revenge-motivated shooting spree across Southern California, support for his statements in a lengthy and widely read manifesto were gathering steam Thursday and Friday.

In an 11,000-word document he posted on his Facebook page this week, Dorner called the Los Angeles Police Department a racist organization that uses force against suspects excessively.

Several Facebook pages have appeared in support of Dorner, who has allegedly shot three officers, killing one. He also allegedly fatally shot the daughter of an LAPD captain and her fiancé.

Special Section: Revenge Plot | Timeline: Revenge-Plot Slayings | Read: Full Manifesto | Map: Search Locations | Storify: Reactions to Dorner

The online support seems motivated by an anti-police attitude that the ex-officer espouses in his manifesto.


The page, which was categorized as a "fictional character," also advocated for Dorner to stop his alleged rampage, using religious terms to tell the ex-officer to "let go" of his "anger."

On Twitter, support for Dorner was more widespread.

"I dont agree wit how #Dorner is handling his anger & frustration BUT i think there may b some truth n his manifesto.Corruption runs rampant," one user wrote.

On Thursday, an account associated with hacktivist group Anonymous tweeted, "The LAPD is doing illegal things to catch an ex-cop doing illegal things who was kicked off the force for exposing cops doing illegal thing."

The posting was retweeted more than 5,000 times.

In the manifesto, Dorner repeatedly states that a federal consent decree imposed in the wake of a corruption scandal in the department's Rampart Bureau should never have been lifted. The decree, allowing federal oversight of civil rights-related reforms in the LAPD, was entered into in 2001 and lifted in 2009.

"From 2/05 to 1/09 I saw some of the most vile things humans can inflict on others as a police officer in Los Angeles," wrote Dorner of a time period that included his employment on the force. "Unfortunately, it wasn't in the streets of LA. It was in the confounds [sic] of LAPD police stations and shops (cruisers). The enemy combatants in LA are not the citizens and suspects, it's the police officers."

Dorner stated he believes the LAPD has not changed since the Rampart days. The document focuses in large part on Dorner's firing after authorities judged him to have falsely accused a fellow officer of using excessive force against a suspect.

"Terminating officers because they expose a culture of lying, racism (from the academy), and excessive use of force will immediately change," Dorner wrote. "The blue line will forever be severed and a cultural change will be implanted. You have awoken a sleeping giant.

"I am here to change and make policy. The culture of LAPD versus the community and honest/good officers needs to and will change. I am here to correct and calibrate your morale compasses to true north."

Many others online condemned Dorner's actions and the comments of those supporting him.

They gave little credence to Dorner's points, saying his was a mentally ill meant bent on destruction and personal revenge.

"WTF is wrong w/people.. calling #Dorner a hero? He's a murderer. That's not a hero. IDC if you support the #LAPD or not; where r your heads?" one person tweeted.


Travel Ban Lifted as of 4 P.M.


Gov. Dannel Malloy has lifted the travel ban as of 4 p.m. today on all roads, including limited-access highways.

"While we are lifting the ban on travel this afternoon at 4 p.m., I still want to urge residents to stay off the roads if at all possible," said Governor Malloy. "Crews are out clearing roadways as we speak, but the fact is we are going to feel the impact of this storm for some time. The longer we can keep traffic out of town centers and off of our highways, the more effective our recovery effort will be. "

Many drivers were stranded on Friday night and on Saturday morning in whiteout conditions, low visibility and large amounts of snow.

Malloy said it was critical for residents to stay off the roads so plows could clear streets and highways.

"This is a record-setting storm. It's going to take time to dig out of the snow. Stalled or abandoned vehicles will only slow that process," Malloy said earlier.

State police on Saturday morning called conditions "treacherous" and said even troopers have had trouble getting to drivers.

Malloy said state police have responded to more than 1,600 calls, including one fatal crash in Prospect.

Several town officials joined Malloy in telling people to stay off the streets.

Orange issued a warning that several secondary roads are impassable. 

Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra said the plows had to stop working overnight on Friday and road clearing would resume around 7 a.m.

"The combination of elements made conditions extremely dangerous, if not impossible for traveling," Segarra said.

East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo also asked residents to stay off the roads and he is asking the Connecticut National Guard for help to get the roads opened and cleared.

Some snowmobilers took to the highways overnight and Vance is advising they stay off the roads, but contact emergency personnel to let them use the vehicles for emergency response instead.

Even areas where plows have gotten through are slippery and Bradley Airport completely shut down last night and there is no word on whether it will reopen later today.

When you do start up your car, be sure to clear out the exhaust pipe.

Photo Credit: NBC Connecticut

5 Storm-Related Fatalities Reported


Five people have died what appear to be snow-related deaths after a blizzard dumped two feet of snow or more on much of the state and brought gusty winds between Friday and Saturday.

A 53-year-old man was found dead in the 3900 block of Old Town Road in Bridgeport at 12:20 p.m. on Saturday. Police said his family members last saw him alive around 10 p.m. or 10:30 p.m. on Friday.

A relative who was clearing snow found the man on Saturday and called police to report a possible hypothermia cardiac arrest. The cause of  death has not officially been determined.

A 49-year-old man on Darrin Drive in Shelton died from unknown health causes, police said.

Police said the preliminary investigation revealed the male was plowing his private driveway and his vehicle became stuck and it appears he suffered a medical event while shoveling out the vehicle.

A neighbor found the man after his wife became alarmed he had not returned home.

On Saturday night, Gov. Dannel Malloy confirmed a fifth storm-related death, but did not release the identity of the victim or how the person died.

Police said roadways were nearly impassable and a snowmobile with a sled had to be used to help get the male to the ambulance. Emergency medical services transported the man to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival, police said.

The chief medical examiner will conduct an autopsy. His name is being withheld pending notification of his family.

An 81-year old woman died after being hit while she was using a snowblower in Prospect, according to Gov. Dannel Malloy. The driver did not stop, he said. 

Police said on Saturday morning that the woman was hit at Straitsville and Salem roads. The Prospect Volunteer Fire Department responded at 9 p.m.

Mayor Mark Boughton said that there is a storm-related fatality in Danbury. A man slipped on his deck and was found this morning, the mayor said.

Malloy has ordered all roads closed until further notice.

State police called conditions "treacherous" and said even troopers have had trouble getting to drivers.

Troopers responded to more than 230 crashes, most of which were before the travel ban.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Hundreds of Cars Stuck on LI Expressway in New York


Hundreds of cars got stuck on the Long Island Expressway as snow piled up Friday, stranding dozens of motorists in their cars for hours overnight.

Suffolk County got 30 inches of snow in some places. Officials said firefighters and National Guard troops had to rescue motorists and take them to warming centers. Among the rescued was a diabetic deaf man who spent the night in his car, authorities said.

Officials said cars began getting stuck Friday afternoon as weather conditions worsened. The stretch of road where cars became stuck is at least 6 miles long, and the trapped vehicles include police cars and fire trucks.

"It came down hard and fast and we've got a mess of a situation," Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone told NBC 4 New York Saturday.

Authorities say vehicles became backed up and couldn't pass one another, and mounds of snow from plows made it difficult for them to exit the highway.

Two eastbound tractor-trailers jackknifed in the snow, and even a snowplow driver became stuck.

"It has been a miserable experience for all who didn't heed the warnings not to drive," a police spokesman said.

Bellone said some motorists were choosing to stay with their cars Saturday.

The Long Island Expressway and Sunrise Highway are both shut down in Suffolk County except for emergency vehicles. Bellone said the roadways would remain closed indefinitely.

Authorities say no injuries have been reported.



Photo Credit: AP

Safety Tips for After the Storm


The snow is moving out of the state, but the high piles of snow will be here for a while and there are some precautions to take for your own safety.

One of the most important things you can do is to clear out any heating and appliance vents that are located on the side of your home to prevent  carbon monoxide build up, according to emergency officials in Farmington.

The state Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection warns residents never to use portable generators indoors, in basements, garages or close to a home. The exhaust from generators contains high levels of carbon monoxide greater than that of multiple cars running in a garage, which can quickly incapacitate and kill.

Keep generators outside and far away from windows, doors and vents. Read both the label on your generator and the owner's manual and follow the instructions. Any electrical cables you use with the generator should be free of damage and suitable for outdoor use.

The U.S. Fire Administration
says you should keep the generator dry. Operate on a dry surface under an open, canopy- like structure.

Dry your hands before touching the generator.

Plug appliances directly into generator or use a heavy-duty outdoor- rated extension cord. Make sure the entire extension cord is free of cuts or tears and the plug has all 3 prongs, especially a grounding pin.

Never plug the generator into a wall outlet. This practice, known as backfeeding, can cause an electrocution risk to utility workers and others served by the same utility transformer.

If necessary to connect generator to house wiring to power appliances, have a qualified electrician install appropriate equipment. Or, your utility company may be able to install an appropriate transfer switch.

Before refueling the generator, turn it off and let it cool. Fuel spilled on hot engine parts could ignite.

Always store fuel outside of living areas in properly labeled, non-glass containers.

Store fuel away from any fuel-burning appliance.

Do not refill them with gasoline when they are hot, or you could start a fire.

Never use charcoal grills or camp stoves indoors. Deaths have occurred when residents burned charcoal or used camp stoves in enclosed spaces, which produced lethal levels of carbon monoxide.

Stay away from any downed wires, including cable TV feeds.

Natural gas or propane valves that have been under water should be replaced. Smell and listen for leaky gas connections. If you believe there is a gas leak, immediately leave the house, leave the door(s) open, and call 911. Never strike a match. Any size flame can spark an explosion. Before turning the gas back on, have the gas system checked by a professional.

Use caution with candles. If possible, use flashlights instead. If you must use candles, do not burn them on or near anything that can catch fire. Never leave burning candles unattended. Extinguish candles when you leave the room.

Residents are also encouraged to remain home and off the roads so that crews can plow as quickly as possible.

As you clean up, do not clean snow from your property into the street.

While shoveling, don’t over exert yourself and take frequent breaks and rest.

If you snowblower gets clogged, turn it off and use a long stick to clear it. Never place your hand in any part of the snowblower.

The fire department asks that you clear the snow around fire hydrants so the fire department can access them in an emergency.

If your mail box is covered by snow,  clear any street address from it for the easier location of your property by emergency crews.

Check on your neighbors, especially the elderly.

Ex-Cop Revenge Plot Probe Turns to His Mother's Home


Law enforcement officers were searching on Friday afternoon the Southern California home belonging to the mother of a former LAPD officer accused in a plot to kill police officers and their families.

Timeline: Revenge-Plot Slayings | Read: Full Manifesto | Map: Search Locations

Aerial video showed officers in protective gear outside the single-family house, one of several locations investigators have visited since ex-Los Angeles Police Department officer Christopher Dorner was accused in the Feb. 3 slayings of a couple in Irvine and Thursday morning's slaying of a Riverside police officer.

Irvine and La Palma police and U.S. Marshals Service officials were at the location in La Palma, Calif., a small Orange County city about 20 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles.

They removed many brown paper bags of evidence from the home after serving the search warrant at about noon.

"At this point, we're looking for any evidence that would lead us to Dorner's whereabouts or anything in connection with the crimes that he is alleged to have committed," said Irvine Police Lt. Bill Whalen.

An Orange County Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory unit also was at the home in the 4900 block of Sharon Drive, in a residential neighborhood.

Dorner's mother and sister were at the home and were cooperating, officials said.

The search for Dorner had turned to the Big Bear area east of Los Angeles Thursday after the discovery of the suspect's burned-out Nissan Titan pickup in the woods south of Big Bear Lake. Authorities said there is nothing to indicate the 33-year-old former Navy reservist remains in the mountain resort community.

Dorner, who was fired from the LAPD in 2008, outlined plans to kill law enforcement officers and their family members in an 11,400-word document posted online. In the document, Dorner addressed his reporting of a fellow officer for excessive use of force, and stated he wanted to get his "name back," and that the actions he was taking were his "last resort."

Dorner began the shooting rampage Sunday when he targeted Monica Quan, 28, and her fiancé, Keith Lawrence, 27, according to investigators. Quan's father is a retired LAPD captain referenced several times in Dorner's document.

Monica Quan and Lawrence were fatally shot Sunday while sitting in their car in a parking structure in Irvine, according to police. Authorities also suspect Dorner in Thursday's shooting death of a Riverside police officer.

Dorner "ambushed" the officer and a trainee at a stop light in Riverside, police said. 

Travel Ban, State of Emergency Declared


Gov. Dannel Malloy has declared a state of emergency in preparation for the coming blizzard and ordered a travel ban to go into effect at 4 p.m. until further notice.

Malloy said the worst thing that could happen is cars get stuck on highways and it could take hours, if not days, to get them off. He coordinated the ban with Massachusetts and New York.

The travel ban does not apply to emergency response vehicles, including public safety and utility vehicles, including those carrying essential personnel.

“As the weather gets worse over the next few hours, we need to keep the roads clear, so that emergency-related personnel and utility crews can reach those that may need our help,” Malloy said in a statement. “By traveling in these conditions, you are not only putting yourself in danger, but you are potentially risking the lives of first responders, utility workers and other residents. Please be safe.”

Lt. Paul Vance, of Connecticut State Police, said around 3:30 p.m. that troopers have responded to around 100 crashes, none of which are reported as serious.

Malloy said the National Guard is forming teams in strategic locations around the state to assist stranded motorists or in emergency situations.

A declaration of emergency provides the governor with a number of emergency powers, including:

The ability to modify or suspend any state statute, regulation, or requirement (for example: altering work hours, waiving licensing requirements, etc.)

The ability to order civil preparedness forces into action

The ability to designate vehicle and person routes and movements.

Several towns have issued parking bans.

In Hartford, police will begin tagging and towing all vehicles parked on city streets at 11 a.m.

A level 2 parking ban is in effect, which means that no parking is allowed on any city streets.

Free public parking for city residents will be available at every public school and the Morgan Street parking garage.

All community service officers have been ordered into work to assist with notifying residents to get their vehicles off the streets.

Should your vehicle get towed, please call 860-757-4000.

Photo Credit: NBC Connecticut/Chris Coffey

Big Bear Manhunt Will Resume "If Necessary": Sheriff


The search for a fired LAPD officer accused in a series of revenge killings continued until sunset Saturday and will resume at daybreak on Sunday "if necessary," according to San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department officials.

Deputies combed the ski resort area of Big Bear, where authorities found former LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner’s burned-out truck Thursday afternoon.

Investigators found weapons inside the truck, suggesting Dorner may have abandoned the truck in an unplanned hurry.

Former LAPD Chief William Bratton told the "Today Show" on Saturday that evidence suggests Dorner's truck may have become stuck in the mud. Previously, it was speculated that the truck may have been intentionally set ablaze as a distraction.

Investigators on Saturday were also trying to determine whether the truck's axle was broken when they found it, or if it was fractured while being towed from the forestry road.

Timeline: Revenge-Plot Slayings | Read: Full Manifesto | Map: Search Locations

More than 100 law enforcement authorities from numerous agencies scoured an eight-square-mile area in snowy conditions on Friday using police dogs and Snowcats, snowmobiles and armored personnel carriers equipped with chains to help navigate the terrain.

The search was called off, said San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon.

Sheriff's officials had said the search would continue until Dorner was located or evidence was found indicating he was no longer in the Big Bear area. On Saturday, deputies said they would continue the search on Sunday "if necessary," but would not explain that comment further.

Searchers found some tracks during the initial search, but investigators determined they did not belong to Dorner.

Dorner is accused of killing three people -- including a Riverside police officer -- and wounding two since Sunday, police said.

He was allegedly acting on an online manifesto that police attribute to him threatening LAPD officers and their families as revenge for his 2008 firing from the department.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, interviewed outside a prayer breakfast downtown, urged Dorner to turn himself in.

"We will find you," Villaraigosa said. "You’ve disgraced the public safety -- the police profession -- turn yourself in."

As the search in Big Bear was winding down for the night on Saturday, LAPD announced the department is reopening the case into Dorner's 2008 firing from the force.

In an 11,400-word document published online, Dorner laid out plans to kill law enforcement officers and their families, vowing to stop the attacks when LAPD "states the truth about my innocence."

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First Lady Joins Hundreds at Pendleton Funeral


First Lady Michelle Obama and hundreds of mourners attended a funeral for 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton Saturday morning at the Greater Harvest Baptist Church.

The service began shortly after 11 a.m. to a packed room.

"Hadiya was too young to leave us but not too young to make a mark," Pendleton's pastor Courtney Maxwell said at the start of the service.

One of Pendleton's close friends remembers their last moment together.

"Her smile lit up a room," she said. "The last thing I saw before they put her in that ambulance was her smile and I know she's smiling down on us now."

Hadiya's mother Cleopatra Pendleton thanked everyone for the kind words that were spoken about her daughter.

"I can stand up here and say my baby girl was good," she said. "But for all you to say she's good... that means something."

Cleopatra Pendleton also thanked her family for the support she received since her daughter passed.

"You don't know how hard this really is," she said. "And for those of you that do know, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

Though the family strived to keep the focus on Pendleton the First Lady's visit has drawn attention not only to her death but to the ongoing issue of gun violence.

Pendleton's godfather said he thinks her passing will help raise awareness for those who have lost their lives to violence.

"She is a representative to not only the people of Chicago but to the people of this nation who have lost their lives," he said.

One of her friends said he was being realistic about the situation because Pendleton "always kept it real."

"This is life," he said. "This is Chicago."

A letter from President Obama offering his condolences to her parents, Nathaniel and Cleopatra Pendleton, was printed on the back of the program.

"We will continue to work as hard as we can to end this senseless violence," the letter read.

According to the program, Illinois Secretary of State Jessie White will speak during the service.

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Rev. Jesse Jackson were also in attendance.

Pendleton was killed last Tuesday at Kenwood Park on the city's South Side days after she performed at some of President Barack Obama's recent inauguration festivities. She was shot to death blocks from her school and about a mile from the president's and first lady's Chicago home.

Hundreds flocked to pay their respects for the slain teen and emotions were high.

The church quickly filled to maximum capacity before the service began and many people were turned away, though a large group remains gathered outside.

Some of Pendleton's classmates were emotional when they couldn't get in and cried outside the church.

One man was arrested after a fight broke out among the line of mourners stretching down South State Street.


Photo Credit: AP

Amazing Time Lapse of Blizzard 2013


When most of us went to sleep, there was an impressive amount of snow, but we woke up to massive amounts.

A Portland man caught 24-hours of the storm in condensed it a 43-second time lapse video. 

Jose Andrade posted this video on his YouTube channel.

You can see his other videos  here.


Saturday Monster Jam Shows Cancelled


Tickets will automatically be refunded at point of purchase for both performances.

Saturday’s 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. performances of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam at the XL Center in Hartford have been cancelled because of inclement weather.

Tickets for the Feb. 9 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m performances at the XL Center can be returned to the original point of purchase for refunds. Any ticket purchased through Ticketmaster.com or over the phone at 1-800-745-3000 will be automatically refunded.

Saturday’s Pit Pass Party will also be refunded in full.  Pit Passes for Sunday’s Pit Party, scheduled for 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. are available for purchase for $10 at the Public Power Ticket Office at the XL Center, with a limited quantity available.

Sunday’s 2 p.m. performance is on as scheduled. Fans who were unable to attend Saturday’s events are encouraged to attend Sunday’s 2 p.m. performance.

XL Center officials said great seats are still available and can be purchased online or at the Public Power Ticket Office at the XL Center.

The Public Power Ticket Office at the XL Center will open beginning at 9:00am. Fans are encouraged to arrive early to avoid lines.

For any questions, please contact Feld Customer Service at 703-448-3639, mscustomerrelations@feldin.com, or visit XLCenter.com.

The Bon Jovi concert at Mohegan Sun, however, is still on, as of 12:30 p.m.

Photo Credit: AP

Bon Jovi Plays Free Show For Snowbound Crowd


Bon Jovi’s “Because We Can” tour was scheduled to launch tonight at Mohegan Sun, but a blizzard dropped more than 2 feet of snow on the state, and the "official" concert was postponed.

The band didn't disappoint some fans however.  Bon Jovi took the stage at Mohegan Sun for a free concert at 5 p.m. Saturday, according to a casino spokesperson.

"I wanted to confirm that they did in fact perform a special, free concert for hotel guests and fans that had made the trek in advance to see the show," Cathy Soper said.   The boys from Jersey performed their full concert for the 2,000 people who attended the show, she said.

The "offical" show has been rescheduled to Friday, Oct. 25.

Photo Credit: David Bergman
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