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Chopper Lands on Football Field


A helicopter made an emergency landing in a football field in suburban Hanover Park Saturday just minutes before several players were set to take the field.

The helicopter landed around 11 a.m. Saturday in a field near Barrington Road and Route 19.

“As the helicopter was coming down they had no control over it and they were trying to land on a grassy area,” said witness and director of public relations for the Hanover Park Hurricanes Veronica Soto.

The helicopter is owned by Bachman Aero, which is based out of Schaumburg, officials said.

Chris Bachman, the owner of the company confirmed the helicopter made an emergency landing and no injuries were reported. He said the landing was “pretty basic.”

A village official said a pilot and one passenger were on the helicopter, described as a Hughes 269. The passenger had purchased a coupon for the ride, according to Deputy Mayor Rick Roberts.

Roberts said it appeared the aircraft had a busted oil seal, which forced the emergency landing.

Witnesses said fire trucks and ambulances were at the scene and the area was blocked off.

Some fear the incident could have been much worse.

“It was coming down regardless of anybody being on the field he would have hit,” Soto said. “Had it been 20 minutes later our 73-pound team would be on the field so we’re talking 6-year-olds.”

Ricky Bell, vice president of the Hanover Hurricanes, said he was on the field at the time and described the landing as “pretty crazy.”

“We saw it coming. We knew it was going to land on the field,” Bell said. “It was loud and it was coming quick. It literally bounced when it came down.”

Bell commended the pilot for landing as far away from people as possible.

The Hanover Park Hurricanes were set to host the Hurricane Bowl Saturday afternoon, a friendly match-up between several suburban teams.

The event was set to begin at 11:30 a.m. and continue throughout the day.

Bell said the organization had to cancel the first two games of the event due to the helicopter landing and rain.

“We’re hoping that we can get [the helicopter] off [the field] and maintain our 2:30 and 4 p.m. games for today,” he said.

Bell said a mechanical crew was expected to come and remove the rotors from the helicopter so it could be towed, but officials later said the tow truck became stuck due to rainy conditions on the field.

Soto said the process has caused major damage to the field.

"This is going to ruin our season," she said. "We are very disappointed."

Photo Credit: Mike Lorber/NBCChicago

Silver Alert Issued for Missing 15 Year Old from Sprague


 State police have issued a silver alert for missing Sprague teenager Celina Ortiz.

Ortiz was last seen wearing a gray shirt, black pants and possibly carrying a backpack.

She is described as a white and hispanic with brown hair and brown eyes. She is listed as 5'2" and 103 pounds.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to call State Police Troop E at 860-896-3200.

Vigil Honors James Foley


Hundreds of people gathered Saturday night in Rochester, New Hampshire, in honor of slain journalist James Wright Foley.

Foley, who was kidnapped in Syria in 2012, was beheaded in a video posted to YouTube.

Terrorist organization ISIS claimed responsibility for Foley's death.

A group of Syrian-Americans organized the gathering to send the message that ISIS does not speak for them and is not what Islam is about.

"We are honored that you care and love Jim. We are honored that you recognize the sacrifices that he made," said Foley's father, John Foley. "He loved the Syrian people. He was devoted to telling their story and to doing whatever he could to help their plight."

"I pray that we will take up the challenge to love like Jim did and to really work for peace in this world," said Foley's mother, Diane Foley.

The Foley's later released a statement on the Free James Foley Facebook page:

"Today we were warmed by friends at a candlelit vigil right here in Rochester. It was organized by NuDay Syria, a New Hampshire-based Syrian American humanitarian group focused to bringing humanitarian aid inside Syria and to help displaced Syrians in the bordering areas around Syria. People of many faiths, origins and walks of life came together under a beautiful New England summer sky. We were united by a common desire to keep Jim’s message about Syria’s quest to freedom alive in the world. Many people present spontaneously gave beautiful tributes to Jim. Their words spoke directly to our hearts."

A memorial mass is scheduled at 2 p.m. Sunday at Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in Rochester.

Dallas Zoo Keeper Bit By Lioness


A zookeeper at the Dallas Zoo was treated in the hospital after being scratched and bitten by a female lion.

In a press release, the zoo said it happened Saturday as the lions were transferred in the off-exhibit lion house.

“One of the keepers inadvertently left a door open,” said Dallas Zoo President and CEO Gregg Hudson. 

The lioness bit and scratched the 35-year-old male zookeeper, who used pepper spray to get away.

“Our initial look at this incident is that it was human error that left a shift door inadvertently open,” Hudson said.

Additional keepers responded. The lion was sedated and moved to a secure area.

The zookeeper who was bitten was transported to a hospital where he was treated for non life-threatening injuries. His name is not being released.

The zoo said the lion will not be punished or euthanized. The big cat's name is also not being released.

"Anytime that we have humans in the mix there’s a percentage that something can happen," Hudson said. "We have a lot of double checks and double standards to make sure that make sure that everything is safe but humans make errors.” 

“These are big animals they weight 300 plus pounds,” Hudson said. “They’re very powerful and so if you’re ever in the same space with them it can be a very dangerous situation and we do everything we can to avoid that.” 

The lion habitat in the Giants of the Savanna exhibit at The Dallas Zoo will be open as usual on Sunday.
None of the lions in the August 23, 2014 bite were involved in an incident in November of 2013. Two male lions attacked and killed Johari the lioness in front of crowds at The Dallas Zoo.
The male lions were then separated from the lionesses.

Photo Credit: Dallas Zoo Facebook Page

Quake Reaction: Tweets From People Near the Epicenter

Decision 2014: The Democrats Fight Back


On this week’s episode of NBC Connecticut's "Decision 2014," the Democrats fight back following the GOP primary election.

Vice President Joe Biden visited Goodwin College in East Hartford and held a roundtable luncheon with elected officials, business and union leaders and students. Biden discussed job training programs and, what he considers, the re-emergence of the middle class in America.

NBC Connecticut’s George Colli was the television pool reporter for the event and he takes us behind the scenes.

Also, Gov. Dan Malloy goes one-on-one with George Colli. The governor responds to several of his opponents' attacks against him and lays out an optimistic view of his first term and reelection chances.

Finally, the chairman of the Independent Party of Connecticut talks with Gerry Brooks about how he sees his party playing a role in this year’s election. The Independent Party endorsed Tom Foley to be their candidate for governor. Foley will join Malloy by having his name listed twice on the November ballot.

"Decision 2014" airs every Sunday from now until Election Day at 10 a.m. on NBC Connecticut.

Episode 7: The Democrats Fight Back

  • WATCH: Go behind the scenes of Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Goodwin College in East Hartford
  • WATCH: Governor Dan Malloy goes one-on-one with George Colli
  • WATCH: Chairman of the Independent Party of Connecticut tells Gerry Brooks why they chose Tom Foley to be its candidate

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

What to Do After Quake Hits: 7 Key Things to Know


California's Office of Emergency Services recommends to check yourself first for injuries after an earthquake strikes before you attempt to help others. Don't try to move seriously injured people unless they are in immediate danger of further injury. And remember to drop, cover, and hold in the event of an aftershock.

Here are seven other key things to remember after a quake strikes:

Do Not Use The Phone
Unless there is an immediate, life-threatening emergency, do not use the phone, or electrical switches or appliances. Sparks can ignite gas. Phone lines are also frequently overwhelmed in disaster situations and they should be clear for emergency calls to get through, California's Seismic Safety Commission advises

Use Battery-Powered Equipment
Listen to a portable, battery-powered radio or television and use battery-powered flashlights or lanterns.

Don't Turn Off Gas at the Meter Unless You Suspect a Leak
Check for a gas leak. If you smell gas, hear gas escaping, or see a broken gas line, evacuate the building, PG&E advises. Find a phone away from the building -- perhaps a neighbor's home -- before calling your utility or 911. If you any one of these conditions is met and the situation is safe, turn off the gas shutoff valve near the gas meter. But DO NOT shut off the gas service shutoff valve near the gas meter if you do not suspect a gas leak. That's because there could be a big delay before the utility turns your gas back on, PG&E says.

Dress for Protection:
Long pants, long-sleeved shirts, sturdy shoes and work gloves can help protect you from getting hurt by broken objects.

Stay Out of Damaged Buildings
Inspect your home for damage and get everyone out if you determine it isn't safe. Damaged buildings may be destroyed during aftershocks. California's Seismic Safety Commission says to check walls, doors, floors, the ceiling, staircases, and windows to make sure your building is structurally sound. Watch for loose plaster or drywall. Be on the lookout as well for cracks and damage to chimneys and foundations.

Stay Away from Downed or Damaged Power Lines
Never touch wires lying on the ground or hanging from poles. Downed wires could kill you if touched, PG&E warns.

Take Pictures
Taking photos of your house and property can help with insurance claims.

Sources: California Seismic Safety Commission, PG&E Earthquake Safety and Preparedness, California Office of Emergency Services, Red Cross Earthquake Preparedness

Man Assaults Elderly Person: PD


Torrington police arrested a 43-year-old man suspected of assaulting an elderly person.

Alfred Columbia Jr., 43, of 180 Greenridge Road, in Torrington, was charged with third-degree assault, third-degree assault on an elderly person and second-degree breach of peace.

Police did not release the name or age of the victim or information on whether Columbia Jr. has a connection to the elderly individual.

The Republican-American reported that Columbia Jr. broke his 87-year-old grandmother's arm and that both were taken to the hospital, but police have not confirmed that information at this time.

More information will be provided when it becomes an available.

"A Sick Feeling": Fear, Emotion Grip Napa After Quake


Napa residents jolted out of bed early Sunday by the worst earthquake to hit the Bay Area in decades described the terror, chaos and disorientation they felt in the moments the temblor struck, and the mix of overwhelming emotion and hope they felt as they took in the scope of the damage.

"It was a sick feeling. The ground was just rolling," lawyer Jeff Hammond told NBC Bay Area on the streets of hard-hit downtown Napa Sunday morning. "This is obviously the worst we've ever seen here."

Hammond, who had been set to appear in court downtown Monday, teared up as he stared at the stately courthouse, built in the 1870s. A huge chunk of its edifice had completely crumbled away. Now, Hammond said, he wasn't sure if the court would even be open Monday.

"It's hard to see," he said. "It just hit me. It just hit me."

Christian Ray, 18, had only ever felt a minor temblor before this morning, when he and his mother were violently roused from their beds in their Napa home. He described the terror and chaos of the moments the quake hit, as he struggled to get out of bed to reach his mom.

"I just heard shaking, and I got really scared," he said. "I heard my mom screaming my name, and I thought, 'What's going on?' I thought something terrible was going on.

"My dresser fell on me and cut up my legs, and then I saw my mom come into my room. She fell, tripped over all my stuff," he said. "Our room is just terrible. It's destroyed, and everything is on the floor, flipped over. It's pretty amazing."

Sunday's was the first earthquake that Dandridge Marsh, 37, a Georgia native who moved to California six years ago, had ever felt.

“We were just sleeping, and all of a sudden there was enormous amount of noise, and our bed started bouncing from side to side,” said Marsh, who works in the wine retail business and lives in Napa with his wife. “You can hear things falling down.”

Marsh said the quake knocked out power immediately, and he made his way, barefoot, to his garage for a flashlight. Broken glass was strewn everywhere, but he wasn't hurt.

“It was pretty wild, coming out and seeing all the cabinets, piano and refrigerator moved a foot over,” he said. “The car was parked in the middle of the garage and is now resting against the garage door.”

Napa resident Karen Schuppert, who was at the World Series game during the 1989 earthquake, said she felt "a lot of rattling" Sunday, compared with the rolling feel of Loma Prieta 25 years ago.

She and her husband got a rude awakening Sunday morning when a mirror fell from their bedroom door and crashed down onto them in bed. Neither of them was hurt, but their home took the brunt of the temblor.

"In every single room, we have so many cracks," she said. "Hopefully they're just superficial and cosmetic, because we have lots of cracks all over the walls." 

Many of the Napa couple's art, pottery and antiques were ruined, but some of their belongings survived entirely unscathed. In the spare bedroom where Schuppert stores inventory for her shoe importing business, Napa Sole, all of the shoes remained safely in their boxes, she said.

"It's just wild what ended up moving," Schuppert said.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Police Arrest 2 Burglars Who Stole From Pizza Place


Clinton police arrested two men suspected of breaking into a Clinton pizza restaurant and stole a cash register and alcohol after identifying them using surveillance footage from a business next door.

Erick Killburn, 23, of Madison, and Travis Senchenol, 19, of Killingworth, drove in a blue PT cruiser to Bella Maria Pizza about 6 a.m. on Saturday and broke into the restaurant through a back door, all of which was caught on surveillance cameras. The footage shows them leaving the business with a cash register and other items, which police said included $200 in cash and some change, as well as two bottles of alcohol, according to police After stashing the loot in the car, they left the scene, police said.

The restaurant owner came into work at about 10 a.m. and noticed the items were missing, reporting the burglary to police.

Senchenol has had "pevious police involvement" in his blue PT cruiser, so police confirmed that the car in his driveway matched the getaway vehicle in the surveillance video and that he matched the description of one of the burglars, police said. Officers also found clothes in the front seat of his car that matched the clothing description of one of the burglars and cases of Gatorade, police said.

Police questioned him and showed him a portion of the surveillance footage. Senchenol later confessed to the burglary and another at a Madison Sift Ball field concession stand, so police notified Madison police, according to a news release from the department. Clinton police turned stolen items over to Madison police.

Clinton police later arrested Killburn as the second suspect. he has a prior criminal record in Clinton and used to work at Bella Maria Pizza in 2012, police said. He confessed to the crime, giving police the stolen alcohol bottles and some of the cash.

He told police that the rest of the cash was stashed near a swamp off Route 81, where police found part of the cash register, police said.

Police charged Senchenol and Killburn with third-degree burglary, fourth-degree larceny and conspiracy to commit burglary.

Police held Senchenol and Killburn on $10,000 and $20,000 bonds, respectively. Both are due in Middletown Superior Court on Aug. 25.

Photo Credit: Clinton Police Department

BLT “Ray Kalinowski Style” with Native Heirloom Tomatoes


Ray Kalinowski was a Rockfall, Middlefield, and Durham Connecticut legend who admirably served his country, state and community. Through his humility and fairness, he had a remarkable ability to bring those together with opposing viewpoints. He believed in family, self reliance, hard work, and respect for all. In this spirit, we’ll be making homemade mayonnaise, a great lifelong skill to learn. Also, a little known fact is that the Polish and German people are great growers and consumers of tomatoes. Today, we’ll be using a Middlefield, CT grown German Johnson Pink tomato to make Ray’s BLT.

For Homemade Mayonnaise
Makes about 1 ½ Cups

1 Large Egg-place in warm water for 5 minutes to come to room temperature
2 tsp. Red Wine Vinegar
½ tsp. Fine Sea Salt
1 Cup Canola Oil


• Using the bowl of a small food processor add the egg, vinegar and salt. Place top on and turn machine on to whip. With the machine running, gradually and very slowly drizzle in the oil until all the oil is added. Transfer to a wide mouth shallow mason jar with a lid and chill promptly. Stores for 2 weeks in the refrigerator.

For Each Sandwich:

2 Toasted Country Bread slices
2 Slices Bacon-cooked to desired doneness
2 Heirloom Tomatoes Slices-1/3” thick
2 Lettuce Leaves-any favorite variety

• Spread the both slices of the toasted bread with the homemade mayonnaise. Start the bottom layer with the lettuce, then the tomato slices, top with the bacon and finish with the top layer of bread. Slice to make eating easier and enjoy!

Lincoln Culinary Institute’s Website: www.lincolnculinary.com

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Bay Area Quake Not Likely a Precursor: Expert


The chances that Sunday morning’s destructive magnitude-6.0 earthquake in the Bay Area was a precursor to a larger quake is unlikely, but the following 24 hours will be the “riskiest,” an expert said.

Caltech seismologist Kate Hutton said there is about a 5 percent chance that a larger earthquake could be coming, however, there is no way to know for sure.

“So far it looks to be a fairly typical aftershock sequence,” Hutton said. “But the first day is the riskiest.”

After about 24 hours, the possibility of a larger quake striking drops down to about 1 percent, Hutton said.

Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency as local and state agencies dealt with the fallout of the Napa County quake that caused fires, massive power outages and injuries to at least 87 people. It was reported at 3:20 a.m.

The quake was the largest in the Bay Area since 1989 when a magnitude-6.9 temblor hit Loma Prieta.

Earlier this year, a group of scientists called on Bay Area residents to prepare for the next big temblor after identifying what they said is a pattern. David Schwartz, a USGS earthquake geologist, said large earthquakes weren’t usually a one-time event.

“Stress is coming in, and it has to come back out,” Schwartz said. “What stands out is this cluster of large earthquakes -- 6.6 to 7.8.”

There were at least 50 aftershocks Sunday, including four that were larger than 2.0 magnitude in Napa, ranging in magnitude from 2.5 to 3.6, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Thirty to 70 small aftershocks could hit the area in the next week, USGS said.

Photo Credit: AP

3 Dead in "Random" SoCal Killings


Three people were fatally shot, including two women waiting to go to church, and at least four others were wounded within an hour in the San Fernando Valley, in what police believe to be a series of "random" killings, officials said.

A man and two women were killed in shootings that happened in a span of 55 minutes and within a 5-mile radius in the San Fernando Valley early Sunday.

The first shooting happened at 5:50 a.m. when a 20-year-old woman was fatally shot in the 1400 block of Celis Street in San Fernando, Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Frank Preciado said. The woman was with her family on their way to early morning mass when someone came up and shot at them.

All five members of the family were struck by gunfire. Police said one person was in grave condition following the shooting.

The second shooting happened at 6:35 a.m. in the 13000 block of Borden Avenue in Sylmar. A man between 25 and 35 years old died from a gunshot wound.

Ten minutes later, a third shooting was reported in the 1200 block of Filmore Street in Pacoima. An African-American woman was shot in the head, police said.

Sources told NBC News’ Andrew Blankstein that the woman was sitting in a car waiting for a friend to go to church before the gunman or gunmen pulled up and shot her in the head.

Family members said she stopped to pick a friend before heading to Guardian Angel Church.

There was a mattress on the sidewalk with satanic symbols spray painted on it.

Neighbors say the mattress had been there, but it did not have those symbols prior to Sunday's shooting.

Police are looking for two men that witnesses said were driving a gold or tan sport-utility vehicle. Sources did not immediately reveal the weapon that was used.

The area where the shootings occurred is about 30 miles north of downtown Los Angeles.

Police were asking that anyone with information to call 1-877-527-3247.

Reggie Kumar contributed to this report.

Copyright Associated Press / NBC Connecticut

Hundreds Remember Foley at Mass


People came by the hundreds to honor the life of a hero Sunday in Rochester, New Hampshire.

James Foley stood, worked and lived for love.

"I'm proud of him, as the young man that he was," said Martha Piper, a friend of the Foley family.

In the moments of prayer, friends and family gained comfort.

Foley was kidnapped by ISIS militants two years ago, killed by captors in a video released last week, all as he worked for peace and those who knew him prayed for his release.

As his parents have so often done, they showed courage Sunday at a time when their hearts are broken, giving thanks for prayers and support.

"The prayers of so many people throughout the world will be their source of strength at times when they can't pray," said Piper.

The Rochester community is forever changed by a man some never knew.

"His confidence, his fearlessness, is just something to be honored," said Jon Arnold, who attended the service. "I'd love to live a life that resembles something like that someday."

Photo Credit: NECN

Motorcycle Dream Ride Draws Crowds


Revving their engines and cruising for a cause; the Dream Ride Experience took over the grounds of the Farmington Club this weekend. Now in its fourteenth year, this year’s Dream Ride was the biggest yet, with riders and visiting Special Olympics athletes from as far away as Canada and Australia, all to benefit Special Olympics Connecticut.

“It's an experience that's hard to put into words,” said Mike Bozzuto of Bozzuto’s, Inc., the presenting sponsor of Dream Ride. “It's the athletes, it's their families, it's the connection that happens with the crowd, there's an energy here that's unbelievable. You have to see it to believe it.”

The weekend festivities stepped off Friday night, and kicked into high gear on Saturday with a car cruise and a special concert by the rising country act Lonestar. By Sunday, ten thousand motorcycle riders from twelve different states all converged in Farmington for the main event, a police escorted ride through the Farmington Valley.

The mission of Special Olympics is a personal cause for many participants, like Larry Jedrey, a police officer from Everett, Massachusetts with sixteen years on the force. For the veteran officer who’s seen his share of tough stuff in the world, Dream Ride represents hope and inspiration – like the kind he discovered when he met 56-year-old Special Olympics Massachusetts athlete Bobby McNeil last year.

“I met Bobby, and he just got into my soul,” said Jedrey. “So I wanted to dedicate my ride this year to Bobby.”

Jedrey joined the Dream Ride Rally and rode his Victory motorcycle from West Palm Beach to Connecticut – a trip that took seven days – carrying a special medal the whole way. When he arrived in Connecticut on Friday, a surprise was waiting.

“I was exhausted, I got off my bike, and someone said ‘Larry, look who’s here,’ and it was Bobby,” Jedrey recalled, his eyes filling with tears. “I got to give him his medal…it’s amazing.”

According to Bozzuto, it’s just one of countless stories of inspiration that come out of Dream Ride every year.

“You come here and you see an athlete smile and it's worth it all, what you're doing,” said Bozzuto. “A lot of people tell me this is one event where no matter how much you give, you get more from it.”

Dream Ride wraps up Sunday night. To learn more about Special Olympics Connecticut visit http://www.soct.org.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Tourist Held for Bridge Climb: NYPD


A 24-year-old Russian tourist accused of scaling the Brooklyn Bridge is being held on reckless endangerment and trespass charges after allegedly climbing a cable beam to the top of the span to take photos.

The NYPD released a video that shows a man who they say is Yaroslav Kolchin climbing on the beam and then getting arrested. 

Kolchin, who was not injured, allegedly took photos from one of the bridge's towers, police say. He was arrested on the bridge by the NYPD's Aviation, Harbor and Emergency Service units.

Police say he didn't damage the bridge or take anything. A court complaint says he allegedly told police he did it for fun.

Kolchin's attorney, Paul Liu, says his client works in advertising and was visiting the city with a Russian tour group. Liu said nothing about the charges as he left court following Monday's arraignment.

Kolchin is being held on $5,000 bond, and his passport was revoked. 

There have been concerns about the bridge's security in recent months after people climbed to the top and raised white flags on the world-famous span. No arrests have been made in that case.

Copyright Associated Press / NBC Connecticut

4 Dead, 24 Hurt in Chicago Violence


Four people were killed overnight in Chicago shootings.

Police say the most recent victim was a 17-year-old boy shot in the 2200 block of South Marshall at around 6 a.m. Sunday.

The victim was speaking with friends when two men approached the group shouting gang slogans and fired a gun. The teen was struck twice in the chest and taken to a local hospital in critical condition where he was later pronounced dead.

No arrests have been made in the shooting.

Four men were shot and one was killed when police say someone fired shots from a passing car at Ruth's Mini Club in the 8300 block of South Halsted at about 2:40 a.m.

A 30-year-old man was shot in the chest and later pronounced dead at a local hospital. A 39-year-old was shot in the buttocks and was listed in stable condition, a 32-year-old was shot in the chest and taken in serious condition to Stroger Hospital, and a 41-year-old was shot in the left ankle.

No arrests have been made in the case.

A man was killed in front of a home in the 800 block of West 50th Place at about 2:45 a.m.

Police say the 40-year-old male was sitting on a porch when a light-colored vehicle pulled up. The victim walked up to the car and someone fired a gun, striking him in the left part of his chest. No arrests have been made in the case.

Shortly before 2 a.m. Sunday, three people were shot and one was killed at a party in the backyard of a home in the 5000 block of West Potomac.

Police say a person appeared from an alley and began firing. A 33-year-old man was shot in the torso. He was unresponsive when emergency crews arrived. Two other men were also shot but did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

The father of a 3-year-old boy shot Friday morning after finding a gun in a West Side home has been charged in connection with the incident.

He was at least the second juvenile to be shot in the city this week. On Wednesday, a 9-year-old boy was gunned down in a backyard on the city’s South Side. A $13,500 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the boy’s killer.

Several more people were wounded in shootings throughout the weekend Friday evening through Sunday morning:


  • A 17-year-old male suffered a graze wound to the leg shortly before 8 p.m. Saturday in the 1200 block of West 112th Place. Police say the victim was walking on the sidewalk street when he was shot by someone across the street. The teen refused medical attention at the scene.
  • A 21-year-old man was shot in the abdomen shortly before 2:30 p.m. Saturday in the 3300 block of West Madison. He was listed in stable condition.
  • An 18-year-old man suffered a graze wound to his back at about 2:30 p.m. in the 10400 block of South Avenue N. Police say he was sitting in a vehicle when someone approached and began firing. The victim was treated and released at the scene.
  • Around 6 a.m. Saturday, an 18-year-old man was shot in the 2700 block of West 24th Street, police said. The teen was shot in the chest and taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in critical condition. Details surrounding the shooting weren’t immediately available.
  • About 15 minutes earlier, another 18-year-old man was shot in the 10700 block of South Hoxie Street in the South Deering neighborhood, police said. The teen was shot in the temple and was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in critical condition. Authorities said the teen was in an alley at the time of the shooting, but further details surrounding what happened were not immediately known.
  • Around 3:30 a.m., a shooting the 9900 block of South Torrence Avenue in the Jeffery Manor neighborhood left a 22-year-old man with gunshot wounds to the groin and both legs. The man transported himself to Trinity Hospital after the shooting and was later transferred to Advocate Christ Medical Center in stable condition, according to authorities. Police said the man was being uncooperative with officers and details surrounding the shooting were not immediately clear.
  • Roughly 15 minutes earlier, a 26-year-old man was shot in the 9800 block of South Yates, also in the Jeffery Manor neighborhood. The man was shot in the calf and taken in good condition to Trinity Hospital. The man told police he was standing outside when he “heard shots and felt pain.” He suffered a gunshot wound to the lower leg and police said he was being uncooperative with investigating officers.
  • Just before 3 a.m., a 31-year-old man was shot in the 1600 block of West Juneway Terrace. The man told police he was walking on the block when someone walked up and shot him in the leg. The man was taken to Evanston Hospital by a family member and was listed in stable condition.
  • Around 1:20 a.m., police said a 20-year-old man was shot in the arm in the 100 block of North Hoyne Avenue. The man was transported to John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County in stable condition. He told police he was with a large group of people in a lot on the block and was seated on the passenger side of a vehicle when shots rang out and he realized he had been shot.
  • About an hour earlier, a 24-year-old man was shot while driving on Lake Shore Drive. The man was in the 2500 block of Lake Shore Drive near the Park West neighborhood when someone inside a light-colored vehicle pulled alongside him and fired shots. The man was shot in the left cheek and exited at Fullerton where he called police. He was taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center in stable condition, police said.
  • Just before 11 p.m. Friday, a 20-year-old man was shot in the 4500 block of South St. Lawrence Avenue. The man was standing outside when someone drove by in a silver-colored SUV and opened fire. The man was shot in the knee as he attempted to flee the scene, police said. He was taken by a friend to Mercy Hospital in stable condition.
  • A 34-year-old man was shot in the leg around 10:30 p.m. in the 6400 block of South Rockwell Street in the Marquette Park neighborhood, police said. The man told police he “heard shots and felt pain.” He was taken in stable condition to Advocate Christ Medical Center.
  • Around 9:50 p.m., a 19-year-old man took himself to Provident Hospital with a gunshot wound to the groin. The man told authorities he had been shot hours earlier in the 700 block of West Garfield Boulevard. He said he felt pain in his abdomen but did not immediately realize he had been shot.
  • Just after 9 p.m. Friday, two people were shot in the 12300 block of South Emerald Avenue in the West Pullman neighborhood on the Far South Side. A 20-year-old man was shot in the stomach and a 24-year-old man was shot in the shoulder. Both were taken in stable condition to Advocate Christ Medical Center. The two told police they were standing on the street when two men walked up and fired shots at them.

Copyright Associated Press / NBC Connecticut

Flight Diverted After Threat


Passengers aboard American Airlines Flight 362 from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to San Diego had to make an emergency landing in Phoenix, Ariz., Sunday. 

"We were flying along and all of a sudden they came across the intercom and said, 'We are making an emergency landing,'” said passenger Ashley Cain.

The airline confirmed a security threat forced pilots to land the plane just before 1 p.m. Central Daylight Time. There were 179 passengers and six crew members aboard to the plane.

"We just wanted to know what’s going on and they said there has been some sort of a bomb threat called in," said Cain.

A comment on Twitter was posted by a user named ‘Lizard Squad’ several minutes before the plane landed safely in Phoenix. The tweet reads, "@AmericanAir We have been receiving reports that @j_smedley's plane #362 from DFW to San Diego has explosives on board, please look into this."

The Twitter handle @j_smedley belongs to John Smedley, who is the president of Sony Online Entertainment, according to a spokesperson for the company. Around the time the plane landed in Arizona, Smedley sent out a tweet saying, "Awesome, flight diverted to Phoenix for security reasons."

“Two marshals escorted a gentleman off the plane,” said Cain. “About 20 minutes later everybody else de-boarded the plane.”

The FBI has not confirmed if any arrests were made or who was escorted off the plane.

The K9 unit searched through bags on the tarmac and passengers had to wait several hours, before they were allowed back on the plane to continue their flight to San Diego. 

"I think this was kind of an unusual bomb scare in that they pretty well knew one of the people on the plane was the target," said aviation expert Denny Kelly. "You don't have any choice. If somebody says there's a bomb on this airplane, you to put it on the ground as soon as possible."

The FBI is leading the investigation and has not confirmed if any weapons or explosive devices where found on the plane. Nobody was injured and there were no additional incidents.  

"You've got a lot of different law enforcement entities that will have the same type of intelligence working on those technologies, working on or against those hackers," said Danny Defenbaugh, formerly with Dallas FBI.

The FBI is also investigating whether the same group is responsible for the weekend service outage of the Sony PlayStation Network.

"You've got a lot of different law enforcement entities that will have the same type of intelligence working on those technologies, working on or against those hackers," said Danny Defenbaugh, formerly with Dallas FBI. "I think you have to take every threat seriously. The first time that you don't is the first time that you're going to regret for the rest of your life."

NBC 5's Kevin Cokely contributed to this report.

Police Find Body Parts in 2 Bags


Prince George’s County police are investigating an incident in Laurel, Maryland, where a body was found in three bags Sunday morning.

On Monday, the victim was identified as Jacinto Perez, 28, of Finsbury Court in Laurel.

Police were called to the 8800 block of Enfield Court in Laurel Sunday for a check on a person's welfare. The spokesperson for the department said they got several calls asking police to check on a person.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found the bags containing body parts. Cadaver dogs were called in to search the scene.

Police have searched 39 unoccupied apartments in the area where the bags were found but have not yet located the crime scene.

Detectives are asking anyone with information to call 866-411-TIPS.

Photo Credit: Prince George's County Police

School Supplies to be Donated in Hartford


 It's that time of year for back to school shopping, but for some families it's a time of stress because school supplies just aren't something they can afford.

"There are many, many, many children in Hartford that will go to school on Tuesday with almost no supplies," said Hartford Public Schools Director of Family Services and Ombudsman Marta Bentham.

Bentham says that all changed six weeks ago with one phone call.

"I was a little confused because nobody ever calls and says, 'Do you need supplies?' They always say, 'I want supplies,'" said Bentham.

New Country MINI offered to host a school supply drive and to fill up their Mini Coopers with much-needed pens, papers, and backpacks. Over the last several weeks they've seen their cars fill up.

Bentham says it's the biggest donation they've received this year and because of the campaign 600 Hartford students will now get the items they need to learn, which is something that may seem small but really makes a big difference.

"It gives them a level of self esteem that they are going to school with the supplies they need," said Bentham.

At noon on Monday the donated supplies will be dropped off to families in need, and Bentham calls it an answer to their prayers.

"I am the most thrilled human being right now. I can't wait for tomorrow to come. I really can't wait," said Bentham.

Bentham says there are still many more Hartford students in need of school supplies. If you'd like to help, you can drop donations off to the Hartford Welcome Center at 960 Main Street.

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