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Student Runs for Her Life After Bombing


Two days after the bombings rocked Boston, life is trying to return to normal, but the presence of police and National Guard is a constant reminder of what happened.

Everyone is still trying to process it, including Miles Halpine, of Bethany, who is a freshman at Suffolk University in Boston.

"They are all reaching out to each other," Halpine said. "We have students from our school who have helped out at hospitals and giving money to charities."

Halpine's friend and classmate, Jianna Marcello, said she is lucky to be alive.

She had just left the finish line and went for a bite to eat at a Bolyston Street restaurant when the first bomb went off

"We decided, 'Let's go get lunch' and we just finished eating," Marcello said. "We were waiting for the check and then heard this massive explosion."

Then, she said, the restaurant went silent.

"I had to just grab my friend with me and she was just crying and I was like common we're going to be fine," Marcello said.

They ran out of the back of the restaurant as fast as they could and heard screams all over.

"I don't remember people's faces," Marcello said. "All I remember is seeing people's body parts. It was the most terrifying experience of my life."

Marcello, who is from North Providence, Rhode Island, has some bruises, but is OK.

Both she and Halpine said their school is doing anything it can to help out the victims.

"When it comes to times like this, we are united as one," Marcello said.








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