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Neighborhoods Begin Cleanup After Tornado


The cleanup is just beginning after a tornado touched down in Windsor Locks Monday afternoon.
Chainsaws were running non-stop on Tuesday night along Raymond Road in Windsor locks. 
“The front is a real mess,” said Kevin Horan’s. 
The tornado tore down almost all of his trees. There was so much debris here, the amount of cleanup was overwhelming. 
“All day and all night, I’m wondering how I was going to start it,” Horan added
A few doors down Stuart Dern and his friends worked for hours to clear hundreds of tree branches from the property.
“All day long, slicing and cutting and chopping and pulling and dragging,” Dern explained. 
 Some didn’t even know where to start with the clean-up. 
The tornado blew netting from a tobacco field into Robert Moticka’s backyard on Bellaire Circle in Windsor locks.  The giant piece got tangled in a 60 foot high tree.
“I’ve got to figure out how to get this netting out of my tree...and there's a lot of it,” Moticka said.
The tornado didn’t just rip the netting off the OJ Thrall Farm in Windsor. Twenty acres of crops and the irrigation equipment was destroyed. 
Governor Malloy took a tour of the devastation on Tuesday and said the owner could apply for state grants to fix the damage.
“They will be permitted to participate in that pool of money and help them recover as quickly as we can,” Governor Malloy explained.
Back in one of the hardest hit neighborhoods, victims near Raymond Road were trying to recover quickly too.
“We're tough people. We will get back in there and get this done,” Dern said.

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