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A Month Later, Family Struggles With Loss Every Day


For the first time since the Sandy Hook Shootings, NBC sat down with the family of Dylan Hockely just a month after the six year old was killed in the tragic school shooing.

Dylan's parents Nicole and Ian have spent the past few weeks trying to somehow adjust to life without their beloved Dylan.
“Sometimes we have good minutes, hours and days...sometimes we have very bad moments,” admitted Nicole Hockley,  “We're focused on getting up every day...getting showered and getting dressed."
Their family of four was torn apart a month ago, when Dylan was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary.
“He was autistic. He was introverted, but he knew how to be happy,” Ian Hockley said. 
Those happy moments have helped the family deal with the heartbreak, especially Dylan’s 8 year old brother.
“Dylan was his best friend, not just a little brother," Nicole Hockley said. "They did everything together."
They do not want anyone else going through a tragedy like this in the future and are demanding change.
“It’s too heartbreaking to think it could happen again and someone else will be here telling their story,” Nicole Hockley said.
The Hockley’s and other victims’ families just announced their new organization called Sandy Hook Promise.  They said the goal is to find common sense solutions to gun control, mental health issues and school safety.  
“Energize the entire country and whole world," Ian Hockley said. "All bets are off, everyone should enter in the debate."
Their other objective was to find a way for Newtown to rebuild.
"This is a beautiful place and a beautiful community and one event can’t undo all that is fantastic about this place,” Nicole Hockley said.
The Hockley’s went onto say that being a part of the organization would help them heal as well. 
They also made progress after meeting with victims’ families from the shootings at Columbine, the Aurora movie theater and Virginia Tech University.
On Monday, there were no specifics on what Sandy Hook Promise would focus on. They said they would start by hearing conversations on both sides of the issue and hope that would lead to change in the future.

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