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Officers Shoot Suspect in Bridgeport


Bridgeport police shot a knife-wielding man on Thursday night and he is in critical condition, according to state police.

Just before 9 p.m., a security guard for the University of Bridgeport saw a man trying to break into an unmarked Bridgeport Police Department vehicle that was parked on Atlantic Street at Lafayette Street, according to state police.

Bridgeport police were called, a foot pursuit began, the man took a large knife out of a sheath and threatened the pursuing officers and security guards, according to state police.  

At this point, additional Bridgeport police were brought in and continued to pursue the man.

Then the man entered a small vestibule area of an apartment building at 557 Atlantic St. and Bridgeport police deployed stun guns and cap-stun several times, but nothing seemed effective on him, according to state police.  

The man continued to threaten and lunge at the officers with the knife, and two Bridgeport police officers shot him multiple times, according to state police. 

When the man was subdued, he was taken into custody, but continued to fight with EMS workers who provided emergency care at the scene, according to police.  

The man was transported to Bridgeport Hospital, where he underwent surgery for his injuries.

Police have identified the suspect as Michael Stinson, 35, of Bridgeport.  He was charged with five counts of criminal attempt at first-degree assault, third-degree burglary and interfreing with police.

He is in critical condition, according to state police.  

None of the Bridgeport officers suffered any physical injuries, though one went to St. Vincent’s for observation.  
The Bridgeport State’s Attorney’s Office and Bridgeport Police Chief requested that the Connecticut State Police Western District Major Crime Squad investigate the shooting incident.  
The police officers names are being withheld to allow for family notification of this shooting.
State Police are investigating.        

Bridgeport police are referring media calls to state police, but "said Bridgeport Police will cooperate completely with the ongoing State Police investigation and released a statement from Police Chief Joseph L. Gaudett Jr.

“Based on the information before us, Thursday’s police involved shooting appears to be completely justified. These officers followed their training and showed great restraint. They fired their service weapons as a last resort after the armed suspect lunged at them even after officers attempted to subdue him with a department Taser and pepper spray. The officers are understandably shaken up. They have my support and the support of this department.”

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