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New Tariffs Could Raise Cost of Wine


A new year could mean a tax on your favorite bottle of French wine, cheese, even products like olives and dried pasta. 

Federal regulators are contemplating whether or not to impose a tariff on imported wines among other European products.

“It limits choices, if you want the perfect bottle of wine with the perfect dinner.  This kind of sets things back  a little,” said Eric Colby

Colby is a French wine lover, but he’s not a fan of a proposed tariff.

“Maybe, at a certain price point I might stop buying it and look for alternatives,” said Colby. 

For 20 years, Greg Nemergut has owned West Side Wines and Spirits.  He caters to customers who enjoy imported wines. 

“We are very European centric, that’s where the best quality and value resides,” said Gregory Nemergut.            

He’s concerned over the proposed tariffs increasing from 25 to 100 percent on many imported food products including wines. 

“The majority of our wines, the average bottle prices is between $15 and $25 and that’s where you’re going to see the most impact,” said Nemergut.             

Those prices could double if the tariff is imposed. 

“As a small businessman, I just kind of learn to roll with the punches and figure out ways to work around it,” said Nemergut.

Across town at Dom’s cheese shop in Avon, the talk of tariffs has owner Asta Plankiene a little worried.

“Seventy-five percent of our produce are imported from Europe,” said Plankiene.  “We’re sure this is going to affect our business.”

It will mean passing the increase on to the consumer.

“We don’t want to close this corner because we will be disappointed.  People will be disappointed.  It’s part of our life, part of our business,” said Plankiene.      

You can voice your concerns about the proposed tariffs by going to regulations.gov and leaving a comment.

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