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Man Drowns After Bridgeport Bar Fight: Officials


A man drowned in the creek behind a restaurant on the Bridgeport/Fairfield line after a fight broke out early morning on Saturday, police and a spokesperson for the city said.

The Bridgeport fire department recovered one of two people who fell in Ash Creek behind Chubby's Bar & Grill after they were involved in an altercation there. Police have not released his name. The other person who fell in fled the scene.

Bridgeport police and fire and American Medical Response were called to the scene at about 1:15 a.m. Saturday. Police received a call about a fight at the restaurant.

Two people fell in the water behind the bar and grill during the course of their fight and one has not been located, Brett Broesder, spokesperson for the city of Bridgeport, said.

The Gathering of the Vibes concert is being held this weekend in Bridgeport, but the bar fight and drowning are not connected, Broesder said. 

Police don't believe any weapons were involved in the fight.

The incident remains under investigation. Police ask anyone with information to call the Bridgeport department at 203-576-1311.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

LifeStar Responds to Colchester Crash


LifeStar is responding to a motor vehicle crash on Norwich Avenue in Colchester.

The call came in at about 6:25 p.m. The crash happened near Halls Hill Road.

It's unclear how many people are being transported to the hospital.

Police are investigating the accident.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Man Yelled Anti-Semitic Remarks Near Synagogue


Police arrested a man who they witnessed yelling anti-Semitic remarks near a New London synagogue.

New London police conducted surveillance in the area as part of an investigation into multiple complaints about a motorcyclist  yelling anti-Semitic remarks to members of the synagogue on Ocean Avenue.

Travor Blize, of New London, was caught screaming anti-semitic remarks to at least two synagogue members while police had the area under surveillance.

Police took Blize into custody without an issue.

New London police charged him with two counts of breach of peace and operating a motor vehicle while under suspension. He is being held on a $6,000 bond.

Police are also preparing an arrest warrant for previous incidents.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Fire Breaks Out At Hamden Multi-Use Building


A fire broke out at 56 Benton Street in Hamden Saturday morning, displacing one person.

A neighbor called to report seeing heavy black smoke rising from the building where MadCity Auto Repair and an apartment are located.

Firefighters arrived on scene within three minutes and a second alarm was issued because of the potential for the fire to build granted there were body shop solvents, paints and several cars in the repair shop.

One person lives in the apartment and made it out safely. That person was displaced and is staying with relatives. No one was in the auto repair shop at the time. There were no injuries.

The fire didn't spread beyond the room it started in and was under control within an hour. The building has wood frames, so it required an "extensive overhaul to extinguish fire extension to void spaces and interior walls."

Hamden police directed traffic and the town's building inspector was called to confirm the building was stable.

American Medical Response was at the scene to help make sure the firefighters were okay, given they're warm, heavy gear.

Officer Indicted for Fatal Traffic Stop Seen in Heated 2014 Exchange


A video shows the University of Cincinnati cop charged with fatally shooting Samuel Dubose, an unarmed black driver, involved in another contentious exchange during a 2014 traffic stop.

 Office Ray Tensing, who was indicted for murder Wednesday, appears to be in a video captured by a passenger in a car pulled over by campus officials, said a university spokeswoman.

Since the video does not belong to the university, the spokeswoman could not definitely confirm that one of the officers was Tensing. 

The passenger, Demetrius Pace, 27, told NBC News that he filmed the heated May 2014 stop after they were pulled over for the car's dragging bumper.

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Lollapalooza Attendees in Hospital


At least 27 people were sent to hospitals on Day One of Lollapalooza due to alcohol- and heat-related causes.

Rush University Medical Center reported nine hospitalizations of festival-goers. All patients have been treated and released.

Mercy Hospital and Medical Center reports 18 patients from Lollapalooza. Sixteen of them have been treated and released, and two were admitted.

Hospital officials say the patients were suffering from illnesses related to alcohol consumption and heat.

Additionally, 85 people have been treated by EMS workers, according to a spokesperson at the city's Office of Emergency Management and Communications.

Seven people have been arrested and 35 citations have been issued so far, authorities said.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Obama Tweets to NASA Astronaut if He Ever 'Freaks Out'


The last person astronaut Scott Kelly expected to get a message from while spending a year in the International Space Station is the president of the United States. 

"Hey @stationCDRKelly, loving the photos. Do you ever look out the window and just freak out?," the president tweeted from his personal Twitter account, @POTUS.

Kelly started the one-year science experiment in March, where he is studying the effects of long-duration spaceflight. While Kelly's 342-day stint doesn't break the record of Russian cosmonaut Valeri Polyakov, who spent 438 days on the Mir space station, it is the longest an American has spent in space. 

It also marks the first time that scientists will compare an astronaut's health while space-traveling compared to his identical twin, Mark Kelly, on Earth over the course of the next year, according to NBC News. The Kelly brothers are the first siblings to have both traveled to in space, a NASA bio read. 

Kelly responded to the president's tweet:

"I don't freak out about anything, Mr. President. Except getting a Twitter question from you."

The astronaut has been frequently tweeting about his experience in space by answering questions from people on Twitter, posting photos of sunsets along with selfies and providing updates from the station. 

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Animals Light up Empire State Bldg.


The landmark Empire State Building, known for its stunning light displays, shined brightly with digital light projections of the world’s endangered species Saturday evening. The show was billed as a first-of-its-kind live video projection and aimed to raise awareness about animals at risk of being lost forever.

The display, a project conceived by “The Cove” filmmaker Louie Psihoyos, showed a looping reel of endangered animals over a 33-floor span of the southern face of the Empire State Building. In all, 160 species were shown, including a snow leopard, golden lion tamarin, birds, snakes, manta rays, and various mammals and sea creatures.

"We're set to lose half the species on the planet by the end of the century," Psihoyos said at the event.

At one point an image of Cecil -- a beloved lion in Zimbabwe that was shot and killed by a U.S. dentist during an allegedly illegal hunt in July -- was shown on the building. The killing sparked off a social media firestorm and led to calls for the hunter's extradition. Coincidentally, the uproar gained international attention just days before the light show.

"There's only 3,500 wild male lions out there. The gun lobby keeps them from being on the list but they are endangered," Psihoyos said. "Cecil -- I mean what a -- at least there are other lions left. I've photographed some species where it's the last male of a species, like the Rabbs' Fringe-limbed tree frog."

The song "One Candle" played as the projections glowed on the iconic midtown building.

"What bigger candle could you light up?" Psihoyos said. "Look at it -- it looks like a candle." 

The images were displayed using 40 20,000-lumen projectors stacked on the roof of a building on West 31st Street.

The projections, which started at 9 p.m., were set to last for three hours. They were clearly visible to anyone within 20 blocks downtown of the Empire State Building. Below 14th Street, they were visible, but not as clearly. 

Psihoyos’s Oceanic Preservation Society, in collaboration with Travis Threlkel’s Obscura Digital, have been producing the elaborate light shows for four years to draw attention to the rapid rate at which species are dying out.

Photo Credit: AP

Thousands in Israel Rally After Gay Pride Parade Stabbing


Thousands of Israelis attended demonstrations across the country on Saturday, two days after an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man allegedly stabbed six people at Jerusalem's gay pride parade, leaving one teenager in critical condition.

Large rallies were held in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and other smaller events elsewhere throughout the country where numerous speakers warned of dire consequences for Israeli society unless authorities take firmer action to root out homophobia.

In a pre-recorded video address intended for the demonstrators, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the attack was aimed "at all our children."

Photo Credit: Kobi Schutz / Reuters

One Dead After 20th Homicide in Hartford


Hartford police are investigating after the city's 20th homicide Saturday night.

Police were called to 671 Blue Hills Ave. at 8:48 p.m. after receiving numerous 9-1-1 calls to report multiple shots fire.

Devon Mitchell, 25 of East Hartford,  arrived at St. Francis Hospital in a personal vehicle suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Mitchell was taken into surgery where he was pronounced dead.

The Major Crimes Unit and Shooting Task Force responded and is investigating.



Donald Trump Surges in New NBC News/WSJ Poll


Days before the first Republican debate, Donald Trump has surged into the national lead in the GOP primary race, with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush following, a new NBC News/ Wall Street Journal poll shows.

Trump is the first choice of 19 percent of GOP primary voters, while 15 percent back Walker and 14 percent back Bush. Ten percent support retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson. All other Republican candidates earn single digit backing.

Only the top 10 candidates -- calculated by an average of the last five major national polls -- will be eligible to participate in Thursday's FOX News debate in primetime, according to the network's rules. Incorporating the new NBC/WSJ numbers, NBC estimates that the top ten candidates at this time are: 

  • Trump - 19.8 percent
  • Walker - 13.2 percent
  • Bush - 13 percent
  • Paul - 6.4 percent
  • Carson - 6.4 percent
  • Rubio - 6.2 percent
  • Huckabee - 5.8 percent
  • Cruz - 5.8 percent
  • Christie - 3.2 percent
  • Kasich - 3.2 percent

It has been a rapid ascent for Trump, who declared his presidential run just over six weeks ago. In early June, just one percent of GOP primary voters called Trump their first choice for the GOP nod.

Photo Credit: AP

Memphis Officer Fatally Shot; Gunman at Large


A manhunt was underway for a suspect who fatally shot a Memphis police officer during a traffic stop on Saturday evening, according to officials.

Memphis Director of Police Services Toney Armstrong said police were notified at around 9:18 p.m. local time (10:18 p.m.) that an officer had been shot. The officer was rushed to the hospital in critical condition but later died from multiple gunshot wounds. 

The slain officer was identified by the police department as 33-year-old Sean Bolton, who had been with the force since October 2010.

"This is a very difficult time, not only for me as director, but also for all the officers standing behind me and the city as a whole," Memphis Director Police Toney Armstrong told reporters Saturday night.

Fire Damages Old Saybrook Gun Shop


A fire damaged a gun shop in Old Saybrook late Saturday afternoon.

Old Saybrook firefighters responded to a three alarm structure fire at 15 North Main Street near the Route 1 intersection at about 4:10 p.m., the Old Saybrook Fire Department said. Smoke was visibly coming from the roof.

The building is multi-use and housed the Grouse Perch gun shop and two residential units.  Everyone in the building was safely evacuated.

The fire started in the residential portion of the building, according to police. Due to concerns about the ammunition stored in the building, firefighters had to take precautions before entering the building. 

None of the ammunition exploded and flames never reached the portion of the building that contains the gun shop.

Heat was a concern fighting this fire and one firefighter was transported with heat exhaustion, but is expected to be okay.

The fire was contained as of 5:10 p.m. Police then arrived and began collecting the firearms, which could no longer be safely stored in the damaged building.

Clinton, Westbrook, Guilford, Essex and Old Lyme also responded.

The Old Saybrook Fire Marshal and police have ruled the fire accidental.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Isolated Storms, Showers Possible Through Dinnertime


The state has seen some sudden showers break through the sunshine today and there is potential for showers and thunderstorms through dinnertime on Saturday.

After a warm, sunny start to Saturday, the sky suddenly grew momentarily ominous and cloudy bringing rain to West Hartford, where our NBC Connecticut studio is located.

There is a chance of isolated storms up to 7 p.m. The skies should clear after that, with temperatures cooling into the 60s overnight.

Sunday is the pick of the weekend! Highs will likely be in the 80s with mostly sunny skies. Temperatures will likely stay at that level through Wednesday.

The humidity is not expected to spike.

Come Monday, the humidity and heat will rise and there is a chance of late storms and partial cloudiness. An early storm is possible on Tuesday, but that should give way to a partly sunny day. After partial sun on Wednesday, it will get cloudy again on Thursday with the possibility of rain. Highs will be in the upper 90s.

Partial sun will return to the sky on Friday, with a high near 80.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Kraft Recalls 36K Cases of Singles Cheese Over Choking Hazard


Kraft is voluntarily recalling 36,000 cases of individually-wrapped cheese singles due to a potential choking hazard. 

The recall covers 3-lb. and 4-lb. sizes of Kraft Singles American and White American products with a "best when used by" date that falls between December 29, 2015, and January 4, 2016, followed by the manufacturing code "S54" or "S55."

A strip of the film used to package the product may remain adhered to the slice after the wrapper has been removed, potentially causing a choking hazard for consumers, the company said.

Kraft has received 10 consumer complaints about the packaging, including three reports of consumers choking, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said.

Those who purchased the product are encouraged to return it to the store where they bought it for an exchange or full refund. They can also call Kraft Heinz Consumer Relations for a full refund at 1-800-432-3101.

“The safety and quality of our products is our highest priority,” Kraft said in a statement. “We work every day to exceed your expectations and we sincerely apologize for this situation.”

Learn more about the recall by clicking here

Photo Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images
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Israeli Teen Who Was Stabbed at Gay Pride Parade Dies


A teenage girl who was stabbed in a gruesome attack at a Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem last week died on Sunday, hospital officials said.

Shira Banki, a 16-year-old high school student, was one of six people wounded in the assault.

The suspect, an ultra-Orthodox man, was arrested at the scene. He was remanded for 12 days by a Jerusalem court on Friday. He had recently completed a 10-year jail term after carrying out a similar attack at the same gay pride parade a decade ago, police said.

"We won't permit the terrible murderer to challenge the basic values on which Israeli society is built." Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement after sending his condolences to the family.

Donald Trump's Debate Plan: 'I Want to Be Me'


Donald Trump said Sunday in an interview on NBC's "Meet the Press" that his strategy for Thursday night's GOP debate boils down to a simple idea: "I want to be me."

"I don't want to be unreal. I want to be me. I have to be me," Trump said. "We have enough of that in Washington with pollsters telling everybody what to say."

Trump also continued to downplay his debate experience, explain that he plans to "counterpunch" only if he's attacked by the nine competitors will join him on the debate stage.

"I think that frankly I'd like to discuss the issues. I'm not looking to take anybody out or be nasty to anybody," said Trump, who leads the GOP field in a new NBC News/ Wall Street Journal poll out Sunday. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images
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New London Firefighters Extinguish Building Blaze


New London firefighters responded to a building fire on Hawthorne Drive early Sunday morning, according to the city's local fire union. 

Crews used one hose to extinguish the blaze.

There is no word on any injuries or the possible cause of the fire.

No further information was immediately available.

Man Killed When Car Flips in Moosup Crash


A person was killed in a one-car rollover crash in the Moosup section of Plainfield early Sunday morning.

Michael J. Shong, 29, of Dudley, Massachusetts, died in the crash.

Plainfield police, firefighters from Moosup and Central Village fire departments and American Legion Ambulance responded to the crash in the area of 25 Snake Meadow Road in Moosup on Aug. 2 at about 2:05 a.m.

When police arrived, a car was on its roof in the middle of the road.

Shong was headed in the southbound direction on Snake Meadow Road in his 2003 Honda Civic when he lost control on a turn and veered off the right side of the road. After striking an embankment, his car flipped multiple times, ultimately landing on its roof.

Medical personnel pronounced Shong dead at the scene.

Plainfield police ask anyone with information to contact the department at 860-564-0804.

The crash remains under investigation.

Teen Arrested in Goshen Shooting


State police have arrested a 17-year-old boy after a shooting in Goshen early Sunday morning.

State police troopers from the Troop B barracks in Canaan responded to Bartholomew Hill Road in Goshen on Sunday at 2:30 a.m. to investigate reports of a disturbance.

Upon arrival they found the victim, Alfredo Castillo, 27, of Torrington, with a gunshot wound. A LifeStar helicopter transported the man to Hartford Hospital to be evaluated.

State police and K-9 units searched for any other victims or suspects in the area and didn't find anyone else who had been shot. The Western District Major Crime unit also responded and oversaw the investigation.

Throughout the day Sunday detectives spoke with witnesses and collected evidence, then applied for an arrest warrant for a 17-year-old male.

The 17-year-old suspect is not being identified due to his age. He is charged with first-degree assault, criminal possession of a firearm, tampering with evidence, and interfering with police. No further arrests are expected.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com
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