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Rare Identical Triplets Born in NY


These brothers are one in a million.

Owen, Noah and Miles Fenley, an incredibly rare set of identical triplets, were born at Winthrop-University Hospital in Mineola on July 1, hospital officials said at a news briefing Thursday.

The infants were born about a month and a half premature and each weighed less than three pounds, but they're all healthy and already proving a welcome handful for their weary parents, who already have a 2-year-old named Aiden, hospital officials and the parents said.

"Some people hit the money lottery. We hit the genetic lottery and we couldn't be happier," said their dad, Jason Fenley, a 38-year-old attorney.

Their mother, Kelli, a 33-year-old assistant principal at a special needs school in Queens, spent more than 50 days at the hospital leading up to the delivery.

Fenley said the births were "chaotic and intense," with 40 to 50 people in the delivery room.

The Patchogue couple said that after they found out that they were having triplets in December, they wondered how they would be able to make ends meet with three extra mouths to feed.

They quickly found that their newly-bought three-bedroom house was too small and they had to trade in their pickup truck for a minivan.

Now, the parents are spending up to three hours per day just feeding the triplets, and their big brother -- who calls all three triplets Noah -- is getting used to not being the center of attention.

Each triplet has a toenail painted a different color so their parents can tell them apart.

Cooler Weather in Sight


High pressure maintains command over New England and that means sunny, warm and dry weather heading into the weekend.

Friday features sunny skies with high temperatures in the lower- and middle-80s.

The afternoon warmth will be close to, but likely not at record levels. The record high temperature for the Hartford area on Friday is 89 degrees. The record high in the Bridgeport Friday area is 84 degrees.

The 2015 rainfall deficit is 4.2 inches at Bradley International in Windsor Locks and 5.6 inches at Sikorsky Airport in Bridgeport. That's equivalent to more than a month's worth of rain.

Low temperatures through the end of the week will be in the middle- and upper-50s in the hill towns, but lower-60s as one gets closer to Long Island Sound.

A moisture-starved cold front cuts across the state on Saturday night. No rain is expected! Both weekend days should be dry with a blend of clouds and sunshine. Behind the front it will be breezy on Sunday.

Temperatures will be in the 80s on Saturday, but fall into the 70s on Sunday.

Monday will be noticeably cooler with temperatures struggling to reach 70-degrees. Skies will be partly cloudy. It's a repeat of Monday on Tuesday, as a blend of clouds and sunshine lasts into the middle of next week.

Rain is possible on Wednesday with temperatures still around the 70-degree mark.

Stay with the NBC Connecticut First Alert weather team for the very latest forecast on-air, online and on the app.

Photo Credit: Tyler Jankoski

Broadway Composer Chosen for Pope's NYC Mass


A well-known Broadway composer, Michael Valenti, has been selected to play his music for a third time during a papal visit to New York City.

Valenti's "Processional for a Pontiff" will serenade the faithful at Madison Square Garden next Friday for a special Mass at Madison Square Garden during Pope Francis' first time visiting the country.

Valenti's music was also used for Pope John Paul II's visit on Oct. 7, 1995, and for Benedict XVI's on April 19, 2008.

It was 20 years ago that Valenti's eight-minute procession was written and played for Paul II's visit to Central Park. The Broadway composer told NBC 4 New York that the work had to span the length of time it took the pontiff to get from Fifth Avenue to the park's entrance.

"You feel like you're out of water," he said of Paul's visit.

"Imagine three popes using your music and to be alive for it," he added. 

Valenti is also well-known for his Broadway works in "Oh Brother!," "Clothes For a Summer Hotel," and a children's theatrical show of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."

Pope Francis begins his U.S. visit in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday then heads to New York on Thursday night. Francis will fly to Philadelphia next Saturday and wrap up the visit the following evening.

Photo Credit: NBCNewYork4

Route 32 Closed in New London After Crash


Route 32 is closed in New London while police respond to a crash, according to the police department in neighboring Waterford.

Waterford police said they are detouring traffic from Route 32 onto Old Norwich Road.

Authorities are urging drivers to avoid the area.

There has been no word on injuries.

Check back for updates on this developing story.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Facebook 'Safety Check' Used for Chile Quake


In the aftermath of the 8.3-magnitude earthquake that shook Chile Wednesday night, many Facebook users utilized “Safety Check,” a feature on the social media website used to give updates to friends during a disaster.

Facebook users with friends in the quake-prone nation –including residents of the Chilean capital, Santiago – were prompted to access Safety Check when they logged on. The feature displayed a list of Facebook friends near the disaster, divided into three categories: all friends in area, friends marked safe and friends not marked yet.

As each friend in the impacted area marked themselves “safe,” users connected to them were sent notifications. Friends could also mark others “safe,” in case that person was unable to access the social media website following the earthquake.

The social media website describes the safety feature as a way to “connect with friends and loved ones during a disaster” and adds, “If you're near a natural disaster, you can tell friends if you're safe and check to see if they're safe, too.”

According to this post from Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, Safety Check first launched in October 2014. Facebook previously used the Safety Check feature in late April 2015 to connect survivors of the deadly Nepal earthquake with their loved ones.

“Over the last few years there have been many disasters and crises where people have turned to the Internet for help. Each time, we see people use Facebook to check on their loved ones and see if they're safe. Connecting with people is always valuable, but these are the moments when it matters most,” Zuckerberg wrote.

Zuckerberg said the feature was inspired by the devastating, 9.0-magnitude earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March 2011.

The U.S. Geological Survey reported the epicenter of Wednesday’s earthquake was approximately 29 miles west of Illapel, a town of about 35,000 residents approximately 175 miles north of Santiago.

The quake killed at least eight people and forced more than 1 million residents to evacuate. Homes and businesses were damaged and rumbles were felt across the country and South America.

Chilean leaders said the death toll could rise as emergency crews are able to access the areas hardest hit by the earthquake.

In its wake, several coastal towns were flooded from small tsunami waves set off by the quake. Authorities issued a tsunami warning for the Andean nation's entire Pacific coast as residents sought safety on higher ground and inland regions. Those tsunami warnings were lifted Thursday.
Tsunami advisories were also in effect for Hawaii and parts of California following the quake.

The earthquake lasted for three minutes and caused buildings to sway in Santiago. Dozens of aftershocks then continued to rattle the country.

The natural disaster was the strongest tremor since the 8.8-magnitude earthquake and tsunami in 2010 that killed hundreds and caused heavy damage to the nation.

Santiago resident Carolina Barros Urzua had just gotten home from the Santiago Metro railway when the earthquake struck.

She said the three-minute duration of the earthquake was by far the worst part, and the abrupt shaking felt like it lasted an eternity.

“The sensation was horrible because the movement would not stop,” Barros Urzua told NBC 7 San Diego. “It was horrible. Thank goodness it’s over.”

Barros Urzua said many Santiago residents felt the quake was less intense than the deadly 2010 tremor.

This time around, electricity in the capital did not cut out, she said, though patchy service to landlines, cell phones and the Internet made communicating with loved ones difficult.

Barros Urzua was among the many Facebook users who marked herself “safe” on Safety Check.

Santiago resident Francisca Saavedra told NBC 7 the aftershocks were as frightening as the earthquake because they were very strong and consistent.

“The earthquake wasn’t very loud, but there was so much shaking,” Saavedra explained.

She said the tsunami warnings added to the concern and anxiety felt by many across the city.

Meanwhile, Santiago resident and mother of two Danisa Lonza Robledo also told NBC 7 the quake wasn’t as strong as the 2010 tremor, but very scary nonetheless.

“During the 2010 earthquake it really felt as if everything was going to fall,” Lonza Robledo explained. “This one was strong – but not as strong. Perhaps Chileans are just accustomed to big earthquakes by now.”

Lonza Robledo said she and her family were on the third-story of a residential building when the tremor hit.

"When we realized that it was getting stronger and not stopping, we went downstairs and went outside to the streets. We heard the windows on our building rattling, alarms sounding off and trees swaying violently back and forth. Everything was moving," she described.

Lonza Robledo said she tried to open a gate near her building, but couldn't immediately open it due to the constant motion moving the ground and objects all around her.

After a few minutes, she said the shaking began to subside. Then, she heard the sirens of ambulances rushing throughout her neighborhood.

Soon thereafter, the aftershocks rolled in.

Accustomed to the aftershocks, Lonza Robledo said she and her husband and children slept through most of them Wednesday night.

She said what kept her up and worried was her brother, who was near a community under a tsunami warning. Fortunately, he eventually got in touch with her to report that he was fine.

The earthquake came just two days before Sept. 18 – Chile’s Independence Day – a very significant and widely-celebrated holiday in the country.

Schools and businesses are closed throughout the nation for Sept. 18 each year, and Barros Urzua said many Chileans had traveled to coastal cities to celebrate the long holiday weekend.

“Many of these people planned to set up booths along the coast this weekend during the festivities,” she explained. “All of them were impacted.”

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the earthquake occurred as the result of “thrust faulting on the interface between the Nazca and South America plates in Central Chile.”

The Nazca tectonic plate, which plunges beneath the South American plate and pushes the towering Andes cordillera to ever-higher altitudes, makes Chile one of the world’s most quake-prone regions.

The strongest earthquake ever recorded on earth happened in Chile: the infamous 9.5-magnitude quake in 1960 that killed more than 5,000 people.

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Calf Born During Devastating Barn Fire in East Windsor


Fire destroyed a barn in the Broad Brook section of East Windsor on Wednesday night, but there was a little miracle amid all the devastation when a cow gave birth to a calf.

A veterinarian at the scene helped deliver the newborn, while paramedics and firefighters provided the calf with oxygen because thick smoke made it hard to breathe.

Burning hay helped spread the flames, which ravaged the barn at 15 Niederwerfer Road.

"All our milking equipment, our feed, everything, we've lost," said farm owner Don Rabida, of East Windsor.

He said about 30 goats were too skittish to escape the fire an died in the blaze. All the cows made it out, and livestock that survived was moved to another barn across the street.

Rabida said the calf's mother went into difficult labor outside the barn before the fire broke out. When the vet arrived, flames were shooting from the roof of the barn.

The calf is healthy and safe and was moved after birth to a field away from the fire and smoke.

Rabida said he plans to rebuild little by little, adding that the community has come together in a big way to support him.

"It's incredible. A lot of people have come together to help us out, a lot," he said.

A GoFundMe page is collecting donations to help the Rabidas get back on their feet.

Investigators are working to determine the cause of the fire.

Photo Credit: @TollandAlert
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Pepper Spray Forces Evacuation of Platt High in Meriden


Students were evacuated from Platt High School in Meriden after someone released pepper spray in the building this morning and the superintendent's office said an investigation is underway.

The school was evacuated around 7:30 a.m. because of an odor in the hallway and the fire department responded.

While investigating the cause of that odor, firefighters determined that someone had released pepper spray, according to the superintendent's office, and the health department was called. 

The evacuation is over and all students have been allowed back inside the school.

A few students went to the nurse because they were affected. After getting some fresh air, they were sent back to class.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Segarra's Status Unknown Following Bronin Win


Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra is still up for reelection in November, but his name is not where he expected it to be on the ballot.

Segarra collected and submitted enough signatures to secure a spot a petitioning candidate. It was meant to act as security in the event he lost his bid for the Democratic nomination.

Luke Bronin, a political newcomer and former legal adviser to Gov. Dannel Malloy, soundly defeated the incumbent Segarra by a margin of 55 to 45 percent in Wednesday's primary.

It is currently unclear whether Segarra will continue his bid for reelection. He said Wednesday night that he needs time to think about the decision.

High-ranking Democratic sources told NBC Connecticut that Gov. Dannel Malloy spoke by phone with Segarra about the future of his mayoral run, but the details of the call were not made public.

Bronin said Thursday he respected the mayor and his service to the city, after previously paying for a barrage of television ads that attacked Segarra.

The new Democratic nominee said he would have left the race had he come out on the losing side of Wednesday's primary election.

"I was going to respect the results of the Democratic primary either way. Obviously, I hope Mayor Segarra does the same thing," Bronin said. "He has said he’s going to take some time. I respect that. I hope for the strength of our city and for the sake of our city that we could all move ahead."

Malloy formally endorsed Bronin for Hartford mayor during a celebratory press conference Thursday. He said repeatedly that he respects Segarra.

Despite his personal connections to Bronin, he never formally endorsed either candidate in the race.

"Quite frankly, I’ve known Luke longer than I’ve known the mayor, and the fact that I stayed out of the race was out respect to the Democratic process as it was playing out in this community," Malloy explained.

He said he will continue to play an active role in Hartford as he has in many other urban areas in Connecticut. Malloy said no one should expect preferential treatment with Bronin as the presumed next mayor.

Malloy did say, however, he will not provide any additional state resources for Hartford's new stadium in the Downtown North development.

"I’ve made it very clear," he said. "I’m not the stadium guy."

Man Lights Off Fireworks, Stabs Neighbor: Cops


A man shooting off fireworks in Torrington stabbed another man who confronted him Wednesday night, according to police.

Torrington police said Robert Dellavalle, 43, of Newfield Road in Torrington, lit off fireworks around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Another resident approached him and the confrontation turned physical when Dellavalle stabbed the man in the neck and jaw area, according to police.

The victim was taken to Charlotte Hungerford Hospital for treatment of injuries police described as minor. He has since been released from the hospital.

Dellavalle was arrested and charged with second-degree assault, first-degree reckless endangerment and interfering with an officer. He was held on $10,000 bond.

It's not clear if Dellavalle has an attorney.

Police said they are continuing to investigate.

Firefighters Rescue People Swept Away by Current


Firefighters practicing for an emergency at Silver Sands Beach in Milford found an opportunity to put their training to good use Tuesday.

Fire officials said they were training to rescue swimmers using jet skis Tuesday afternoon when a bystander pointed out two people clinging to a buoy 500 feet into the water.

According to the fire department, the people had tried walking out onto a sand bar but doubled back when they realized the water was too deep. The current was strong, however, and swept them into deeper water.

The two people were able to swim to a buoy and wait for help. They were uninjured but fatigued from struggling with the current.

Fire officials said they were lucky.

"If not for the awareness of a bystander and the timing of our training, the outcome could have been worse," Milford Fire Capt. Gregory Carman said in a news Thursday.

No life guards are on duty this time of year, according to the fire department.

Photo Credit: Milford Fire Department

Large Volume of Jet Fuel Spills at Bradley Airport


State officials are responding to Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks after jet fuel spilled from a pipeline Wednesday, according to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

The section of pipeline in question about half a mile long and runs from a bulk storage fuel terminal to a loading rack at the airport, DEEP officials said. It's not clear what caused the fuel to seep out.

Authorities said said about 2,500 gallons of fuel filled a valve pit on Schoephoester Road, causing the pit to overflow.

Most of the fuel was contained in the valve pit, but some bubbled up over the pavement and flowed along the curb for about an eighth of a mile.

No waterways or catch basins were affected, according to the DEEP.

The westbound lanes of Schoephoester Road are closed while emergency crews respond. State police are rerouting traffic to and from the airport, according to Bradley officials.

Aircraft Services International Group, which leases the pipeline, is bringing in an environmental contractor to recover the spilled fuel and clean the area with help from DEEP, authorities said.

According to DEEP, the liquid fuel will be pumped from the pit and the street will be cleaned.

Crews will then check to see if soil between the valve pit and the street has been contaminated, DEEP said. The amount of possible contamination is unknown.

Airport officials said no flights are affected.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Officer Hurt Chasing Homicide Suspect


A Bridgeport officer was hurt when a police cruiser collided with a homicide suspect's car Thursday evening on Interstate 95, according to city officials.

Public safety officials said police tried to pull over Cewell Sharpe, 32, of Bridgeport, after his car drove through a stop sign on Park Avenue near Benham Avenue around 5:30 p.m.

Sharpe is suspected in a homicide case, according to a city spokesperson. Authorities have not said which homicide Sharpe is believed to have committed.

According to public safety officials, Sharpe stopped briefly when police pulled him over, then drove off onto Coleman Street, where he crashed into a parked car while approaching a red light.

He continued onto Washington Avenue and then the Route 8-25 connector, where he cut off several cars and took the ramp to I-95 northbound, authorities said.

Police followed him onto I-95, where Sharpe slammed on the brakes, causing the cruiser to collide with Sharpe's Toyota Corolla, according to a city spokesperson. Both cars then slammed into a concrete barrier.

Officers took Sharpe into custody. A passenger in Sharpe's car was not charged.

Authorities said the officer driving was injured in the crash and was taken to Saint Vincent's Medical Center for treament. The officer's condition is unknown.

Sharpe was arrested and charged with driving with a suspended license, reckless driving, engaging police in a pursuit, failure to obey a stop sign and violating conditions of his release.

It's not clear if he has an attorney.

chasing a murder suspect Thursday evening was hurt when the two vehicles collided on Interstate 95, then smashed into a concrete barrier, according to city officials.

Photo Credit: Bridgeport Police Department

Service Restored in Waterbury After Water Line Leak


A water line break left hundreds without water Thursday night in Waterbury while crews shut off service and worked to diagnose the problem.

What was originally thought to be an 8-inch water main break turned out to be an issue with a smaller, lateral line instead, according to a spokesperson for the mayor's office.

Terry Corcoran with the mayor's office said part of Spring Lake Road collapsed as a result of the water line break.

Water service was shut off to several hundred homes in the area of the John G. Gilmartin Elementary School on Spring Lake Road so water department crews could take a look.

"Only when they dug into the ground did our crews realize it was not a main," Corcoran said.

The break was fixed and water service was restored around 9:15 p.m., according to Corcoran.

Ganim, Finch to Face Off Again in November


Although ex-convict Joe Ganim won the Democratic primary for Bridgeport’s mayoral seat, incumbent Mayor Bill Finch said he'll give it another shot as a third-party candidate in the November election.

Finch said he’ll appear on the general election ballot as a candidate with the Job Creator’s Party.

Despite his seven years in prison for corruption during his last tenure, Ganim won Wednesday's primary with 6,264 votes to Finch's 5,859.

Finch believes he lost because of low voter turnout, while Ganim said the opposite.

The incumbent mayor thanked his supporters and campaign team in a press conference this afternoon.

He did not mince his words about the winner when speaking with NBC Connecticut on Thursday.

"It was one of the largest thefts in American history by a public official," Finch said of Ganim's actions. "And if you really care about Joe Ganim, you wouldn’t put him in harm’s way again. Give him something better to do than counting money because he obviously isn’t good at that without stealing."

Ganim spent part of the afternoon knocking on doors to thank voters in person and said he’s learned from his mistakes.

"(It's) something we can all look back on and learn lessons from. But now it’s about building, not just campaigning now for November, but (for) an administration and a Bridgeport that really does work for everyone again," he said.

With Ganim's past looming over him, some residents believe his convictions should be left in the past.

"He deserves a second chance like anybody else," said Bridgeport resident Anthony Shivers.

Finch, however, said the city is still paying the price of Ganim’s mistake – thousands of dollars.

"The mob’s at the gate and we’ve got to keep them out," he said. "We do not want to see the city go back to how thick the wad of cash was that the mayor was getting."

Ganim said accountability is at the forefront of his campaign.

"I’m conscious of the need for transparency in city government, whether I’m mayor or anyone else is mayor," he said.

Finch is one of three incumbent mayors in Connecticut to lose to their opponents Wednesday. Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra lost to Luke Bronin, while New London Mayor Justin Finizio lost against Michael Passero.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Ferrari Driver May Have Left U.S.


The driver of a high-performance Ferrari LaFerrari who was captured on camera speeding through a Beverly Hills neighborhood with the driver of a Porsche might have left the United States, police said Thursday.

Beverly Hills police identified the man as Khalid Hamad Al-Thani of Qatar, who claimed to own the Ferrari. He and the cars are gone, police said.

Several witnesses caught the drivers of the yellow million-dollar hybrid-power Ferrari and white Porsche 911 GT3 on cameras Saturday, blowing through at least one stop sign, performing hard launches and stops, and speeding around other drivers, possibly clipping at least one car.

No arrests have been reported, but police announced Thursday that they have learned more about one of the cars seen in the videos.

It is a limited-production LaFerrari, a supercar powered by a howling V12 engine and lithium-ion battery pack that crank out a combined 950 horsepower, said Beverly Hills Police Chief Dominick Rivetti.

"Our officers are on alert for the vehicles seen in the video and are prepared to take enforcement action, including issuing citations impounding the vehicles and arresting the individual when appropriate," Rivetti said.

No arrests have been made because officers did not witness the reckless driving, police said.

Police say arriving officers were told by al Thani that he owned the cars and had diplomatic immunity.

But Rivetti says it's unlikely Al Thani has such immunity.

Police say they haven't confirmed whether Al Thani was driving either car, but a reckless-driving investigation continues.

The video captured Saturday includes an exchange between a journalist who recorded the drivers on camera and a man outside the house where the Ferrari, smoke coming from its engine bay, was parked. Video journalist Jacob Rogers said a man he believes was the Ferrari driver confronted him over his filming.

"He told me verbatim, 'I could have you killed and get away with it,'" Rogers said. "I told him, 'the press is allowed to be here on the sidewalk on a public street.' He said, '(Expletive) America' and threw a cigarette at me."

While police were conducting their investigation, they were approached by a man who said the vehicles belonged to him and denied speeding, running stop signs or driving recklessly. Police said they have been in contact with the United States State Department about the diplomatic status of the people involved and the legality of the vehicles driven on the road.

The renters of the $10 million home where the cars were seen did not want to talk to NBC4 on Monday.

The LaFerrari, priced at about $1.5 million, represents a new breed of hybrid supercars, along with the Porsche 918 and McLaren P1. The actual value of the LaFerrari is probably much higher, according to Kelly Blue Book. The GT3 model seen in the video represents the highest-performance version of Porsche's iconic 911 sports car.

Photo Credit: effspot

Man Tries Stealing Learjet From Airport


A man crashed through a security gate while trying to steal a Learjet from the Waco Regional Airport in Texas on Thursday, police said.

The man may have been using narcotics before he crashed his car through a security gate to the airport's tarmac, police said in a statement. 

According to Waco police Sgt. Patrick Swanton the man is "known to our department and has a history of mental issues." The suspect has not been identified.

An off-duty police officer approached the man who was armed with a stick and refused commands. The officer unsuccessfully used a Taser before he handcuffed the man. He was transported to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation, police said. 

Photo Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images/FILE

Man Arrested for Threatening to Kill Hartford Mayor: Police


A 55-year-old Hartford man is facing charges after threatening to kill Mayor Pedro Segarra at Hartford City Hall, according to police.

Anthony Halloway, 55, was arrested Thursday morning and charged with second-degree breach of peace.

Police said Halloway made a statement at Hartford City Hall that "implied he wanted to kill Mayor Segarra."

It's not clear if he remains in custody, but police said suspects in similar incidents are typically released on a promise to appear in court.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Embattled Bristol Landlord Steals Tenant’s Identity: Cops


A landlord in Bristol, Connecticut, who has been in trouble with the law before is facing new charges after using a tenant's identity to open a T-Mobile account, according to police.

Anthony Cammariere was arrested Thursday and charged with second-degree identity theft and fourth-degree larceny.

Police said Cammariere used a tenant's personal information to open a T-Mobile account and rack up more than $1,300 worth of charges. The tenant was unaware until receiving the bill.

It's not Cammariere's first run-in with the law.

He was arrested twice in two weeks in late April and early May for allegedly failing to keep his properties up to code, prompting the city to condemn a 12-unit apartment building and evict the residents.

Unsanitary conditions, electrical problems and falling-apart fire escapes were among the issues city officials cited.

Court records show Cammariere was charged with several counts of building code violations and one count of second-degree reckless endangerment. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Cammariere was released from custody Thursday after posting $2,500 bond and is due in court Sept. 30. It's not clear if he has an attorney.

Photo Credit: Bristol Police Department

Person Stabbed During Domestic Incident in Manchester


Police are investigating after a person was stabbed in the check and back during a domestic incident in Manchester on Thursday night.

Manchester police said they were called to an apartment at 57 Congress Street around 7 p.m. on the report of a domestic incident.

They arrived to find a person suffering stab wounds to the chest and back. Police said the victim was taken to Saint Francis Hospital for treatment.

There has been no word on the victim's condition.

Police have not released details of the relationship between the suspect and victim.

Check back for updates on this developing story.

Teenager Hailed as Hero


A 14-year-old girl was being hailed as a hero on Thursday after she took bullets and shielded her infant nephew from gunfire in South Los Angeles.

De Je Brewer is in pain and can barely move her right arm, the one that took the .40-caliber bullet. A bullet also went through her back and narrowly missed puncturing her lung.

"I'm blessed," she said.

The shooting happened Tuesday night in the driveway of one of De Je's relative's in the 1300 block of West 59th Place.

De Je was inside the family car, sitting next to her 10-month-old nephew in his baby seat when a dark green Pontiac Grand Prix pulled up and a passenger opened fire.

De Je was struck in the back three times and the child narrowly missed gunfire.

"I felt something hit me," said De Je, the ninth-grade, straight-A student. "So then I checked and there was blood."

Her aunt, Donna Brooks, is furious.

"It's vicious," she said. "It's evil and it's cruel."

Police said they did not have information on the suspect.

Stephanie Marroquin and Corey Arvin contributed to this report.

Photo Credit: KNBC
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