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Missing West Hartford Woman Found


A West Hartford woman who had been missing since Tuesday has been found and appears to be safe, according to police.

Police issued a Silver Alert around 8 a.m .for Alexis Aldrich, 23, who had last been seen on Tuesday at the MDC reservoir on Albany Avenue.

At least a dozen officers have been involved in the search. 

Police said medical staff will see Aldrich as a precaution.

Photo Credit: West Hartford Police

Police Arrest 2 Men After Witnessing Drug Deal: PD


Torrington police arrested two men in a drug deal officers witnessed on Tuesday.

Ronald Redmer and Eric Tomas both had heroin on them when Torrington narcotics officers saw a drug transaction between them on Oct. 20, police said. Tomas also was carrying powder and crack cocaine, police said.

Police charged Redmar, of Torrington, with possession of narcotics and released him on a $1,000 bond. Officers charged Tomas, of Torrington, with sale of a narcotic substance, three counts of possession with intent to sell and possession within a school zone and held him in custody on a $50,000 bond.

Photo Credit: Torrington Police Department

Man Tries to Sneak Marijuana Into Court: State Police


State police arrested a man who had nearly two dozen bags of marijuana on him when he was going through security at Stamford Superior Court, state police said.

Joseph A. Carey, 25, of Norwalk, tried to walk through the metal detector with 23 bags of marijuana when he was going through security at the entrance to the 123 Hoyt Street court, police said.

A court marshal told state police in a statement that he observed Carey was "very nervous" and "sweating" and that he wasn't listening to instructions, state police said. The marshal noticed an "abnormal bulge in the front of Carey's pants and asked Carey to remove everything from his pockets," state police said.

Carey told the marshal he had an air freshener in his pants that was causing the bulge, state police said. He unzipped his pants and the marshal took out a clear plastic container that had 23 clear plastic bags of a green, leafy, plant-like substance, according to state police. The marshal told state police that the substance looked and smelled like marijuana.

The marshal then took Carey to the lock-up area and seized the marijuana, state police said.

A state trooper was bringing paperwork to the prosecutor's office at the court when a police lieutenant relayed what had just happened. The state trooper went to the lock-up area and took the seized marijuana and got a statement from the court marshal.

Then state police arrested Carey and took him to Troop G for booking, also bringing the seized marijuana to the barracks as evidence, state police said.

State police charged Carey with possession of 25.2 grams of marijuana, which is just under an ounce and possession with intent to sell.

Carey was released and taken to the Bridgeport Correctional Center on a $5,000 cash bond.

He is scheduled to appear in Stamford Superior Court on Oct. 22.

It's unclear what Carey was originally doing at the court.

Photo Credit: State Police

Ecstasy Masked as Candy Raises Concern as Halloween Nears


Police and parents are on alert as Halloween approaches after as a photo of the drug ecstasy masked as candy goes viral.

The Jackson, Mississippi, Metro Police Department posted a photo on its Facebook page that shows colorful tablets in an array of shapes – including skeletons, dice and the Superman's logo – that look like candy, but are actually Ecstasy.

"If your kids get these for Halloween candy, they ARE NOT CANDY!!!" the police department posted on its Facebook page. "They are the new shapes of 'Ecstasy' and can kill kids through overdoses!!! So, check your kid's candy and 'When in doubt, Throw it out!!! Be safe and always keep the shiny side up!!!'"

NBC Connecticut showed the photo to Tim Healy, of Plainville, and asked him what it looked like to him and he said candy.

When we told him it was actually Ecstasy, his response was, "Wow."

While there have been no reports of the masked ecstasy in Connecticut, state police are warning children and families to be cautious about Halloween candy.

The candy-like Ecstasy does come with a warning that if a child were to overdose – the consequences can be scary.

Dr. Michele Petrucelli, of Hartford Hospital, said possible symptoms of an ecstasy overdose include dehydration, nausea and vomiting.

She  has worked her fair share of Halloweens at Hartford Hospital and said the photo of candy-like ecstasy has her more concerned about partiers than trick-or-treaters.

"Maybe they’re going to a group party and there's a bowl of something that appears to be candy. Someone reaches in," Petrucelli said. "Somebody else thinks it's funny to put one or two pills in there, and that can really be a problem."

Trick-or-treater Gwen Healy, of Plainville, said when she gets candy on Halloween, she doesn't eat it until she gets home so that her parents can check it.

If children come home with candy like the masked Ecstasy shown in the photo and you have doubts about it, the best bet is to throw it out.

Doctors at Hartford Hospital said they see more than dangerous candy cases on Halloween.

They also see patients on Halloween night who are hit or run into something because it's so dark outside. So, their primary tip is to bring something that lights up while trick-or-treating.

Photo Credit: Jackson, Mississipi Metro Police Department Facebook Page

College Probed After Student Death


The U.S. Department of Education has launched a civil rights investigation into the University of Mary Washington after a member of a campus feminist group was murdered.

Members of that group – including 20-year-old Grace Mann, who was killed in April – said they had been threatened with rape and murder on the location-based social media app Yik Yak.

Yik Yak allows users to remain anonymous and is popular on college campuses.

Attorney Debra Katz had filed a complaint with the Education Department's Office of Civil Rights, charging that the Fredericksburg, Virginia university, had failed to protect students from a "threatening and sexually hostile campus environment."

"The goal is to make colleges safe for all students – women, people of color, the LGBT community," Katz said at a press event Wednesday, "and to put a legal obligation firmly on schools to make that happen."

The university said it welcomes the investigation and the guidance of the Department of Education.

"At the University of Mary Washington, the prevention of sexual misconduct is an institutional priority," the university said in a statement. "Appropriately, it is also a priority for the federal government."

Mann was found dead in the Fredericksburg house she shared with several roommates, including former University of Mary Washington student Steven Briel, who has been charged with Mann's abduction and murder.

One of Mann's female housemates testified in a June court hearing that she received a chilling text from Briel before she got home the day of Mann's murder asking when she and another roommate would be home. Briel wrote he had been in Mann's room, "and I made a mess," the roommate testified.

According to the testimony, Briel admitted to strangling Mann during a disagreement. The two female housemates said they found Mann's body under a comforter with several plastic grocery bags stuffed into her mouth and another over her head.

The exact motive in the case remains unclear.

Eagles Fan Slugs Giants Fan


New video has surfaced showing the punch heard round the sports world: An Eagles fan slugging a Giants fan at a SEPTA Terminal after the Eagles defeat the Giants Monday night in Philadelphia.

SEPTA Police Released surveillance video on Wednesday from 69th Street Terminal showing a confrontation between the Giants fan and a group of several men decked out in Eagles gear at 69th Street a few minutes before the punch was thrown. Police said the entire confrontation at the terminal that culminated in blows to the Giants' fan's face lasted about four minutes and was picked up by several cameras throughout the terminal.

They're now using that surveillance footage -- in addition to footage they're looking to obtain from the train the group took, as well as other stations they passed through -- to identify both the puncher and the punchee.

In the video, it appears that the Giants fan, wearing a red jersey, taunts a group of Eagles fans a few minutes before the blows are thrown. A woman with the Giants fan appears to attempt to calm him down to no avail.

Police are asking that both the man punched and the man who threw the punches, as well as any witnesses, come forward.

"There was a lot going on there for four minutes," SEPTA Police Chief Tom Nestel III said. "There are two sides to every story and it would be a smart move on the person who punched to come in and tell his side before we get the victim and hear his side."

Nestel said police believe the people involved in the brawl got on the Broad Street Line at AT&T Station after leaving Monday night's game at Lincoln Financial Field, took the subway to City Hall, and then got on a Market-Frankford El train west to 69th Street Terminal, in Upper Darby, where the confrontation escalated. Police suspect some words were likely exchanged on the train.

The confrontation escalated to blows that knocked the Giants fan to the ground toward the western side of the terminal, where trolleys are, police said. The man who was punched gets up quickly in the video and walks away with the woman, not appearing to be seriously injured, but police said they still want to talk to him to sort out what happened.

The punch was also caught on cell phone camera and posted to YouTube.

To add insult to the Giants fan's injury, the Eagles beat the Giants 27-7 Monday night.

Anyone with information is asked to call 215-580-8111.

Photo Credit: NewsOnline
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Mural Unveiled in Honor of Artist


The brother of a young artist shot dead three weeks ago while working on a mural in Oakland said at the work’s unveiling Wednesday that the violence that took Antonio Ramos’ life was antithetical to the community project’s goal of uplifting the neighborhood.

"How many walls do we have to paint for this to stop?" Leano Rice asked.

Backed by ArtEsteem, the third installation of the "Oakland Super Heroes Mural Project" features colorful Victorian homes and a tree-lined street. It was dedicated to Ramos who was killed while painting a portion of it on Sept. 29.

According to witnesses, the muralist got into a brief, but heated discussion with a man who was passing by that fateful Tuesday. The man, who remains at large, pulled out a gun and fired it at Ramos, witnesses said.

"We lose track of our humanity and we end up walking around, doing things like what happened to my brother," Rice said.

On Wednesday afternoon, attendees gathered on the 3500 block of West Street – where the 27-year-old Emeryville resident was gunned down – to view the third of six murals planned in West Oakland. The unveiling ceremony was emotional for many who recalled their slain colleague and friend.

"[We’re] always, always thinking about Antonio," lead artist Javier Rocabado said. "Every day when we come here, when we [paint] the mural, we think about Antonio because he was part of the crew."

The 4,000-square-foot mural enlivens what is otherwise a dark passage beneath an Interstate 580 overpass. It was designed in 2014 by West Oakland Middle School students who envisioned themselves as superheroes combatting their communities’ problems, according to the project’s website.

Organizers set up an Indiegogo fundraiser to collect $10,000 – the outstanding amount needed to complete the large mural. As of Wednesday, 196 backers had donated $11,383 to the cause.

"Despite the horrific loss of our gifted muralist, our team forged ahead and refused to allow Antonio Ramos’ work and life end in vain," they wrote. "The mural stands as a beacon of hope and perseverance in spite of the violence that continues to plague our communities."

The city’s Mayor Libby Schaaf told attendees Wednesday that they were standing in front of everything that is both right and wrong with Oakland, wrapped up in one powerful image.

Oakland police say the photo of a person of interest, shared with the public on Oct. 5 continues to be a key part of the investigation into Ramos’ death.

The photo, taken from a video surveillance camera, shows a slender African-American man wearing a blue Adidas sweatshirt with a white zipper and a black cap. He appears to be in his 20s and about 6 feet tall. Police have yet to disclose why they suspect the man.

"The case is not growing cold," Officer Johnna Watson said. "Investigators continue to work the leads and tips that come in, confident they are going to be able to solve this case and bring closure."

Nicole Ambrize, who knows one of the contributing artists and brought her son to the unveiling, said she believes in what the mural stands for.

"It just shows there is good and there are people who can rally around and see beauty in darkness," Ambrize said.

Photo Credit: NBC Bay Area

Embattled Former Superintendent Candidate Loses Lawsuit


The embattled candidate for superintendent of New London schools whose job offer was rescinded has lost his lawsuit against the school board and Margaret Curtin, the board chairperson at the time.

Terrence Carter sued the school board and Curtin because they rescinded his job offer Aug. 28, 2014, seeking monetary damages. He complained that they breached his contract and accused Curtin of "tortious interference with a business expectancy," according to the court documents.

Carter was days away from signing a contract with the district when questions about his background came to light. Carter was set to receive his doctorate degree from Lesley University in Massachusetts, but – for reasons still unclear – was denied his Ph.D., according to a university spokesperson.

School officials learned that Carter did not have his degree, despite having referred to himself as a doctor for years. Articles surfaced on the subject that raised concerns, according to court documents.

Carter had told the board that he "never used the title 'Dr.' verbally or on any professional documents in his educational career," but that "others had so referenced him 'in some non-school related community activities,' that in hindsight, he should have corrected them," according to court documents. He did admit to using the title "Dr." in a "corporate setting" and as the director of Christian Education Ministries at a San Francisco mega church because he had a degree, albeit unaccredited, from Hamersfield University, according to the court documents.

A background check commissioned by the school board revealed that Carter also filed for bankruptcy in Illinois in 2012 and didn't disclose it. When asked about it, Carter said the bankruptcy filing was "due to credit card debts run up by his wife in his name during a contentious divorce" and said he later rescinded the filing and decided "not to pursue a claim against his wife" for the sake of his children, according to court documents.

Amid uncertainty, the board postponed a vote on his contract. The state Department of Education asked Carter to withdraw his application, and school leaders commissioned a local law firm to investigate his background.

The law firm hired to investigate, Shipman & Goodwin, determined his explanation was dishonest because "he was never married and he had not seen his children in years," according to the court documents.

"Also the report revealed a 1999 bankruptcy filing in California, which he did not disclose and, at first, denied," according to the court documents.

The report also found that Carter "had frequently held himself out as having a doctorate degree, including a Ph.D. in organizational leadership from Stanford University," according to the court documents.

"The report showed that his cover letter and application to the Board contained many passages that were plagiarized," according to the court documents.

Carter also was convicted of shoplifting May 25, 1983 in New Jersey, but Carter had indicated on his application that he had never been convicted of a criminal offense, Shipman & Goodwin discovered, according to the court documents.

In a statement in response to a motion from the defense for summary judgment, Carter said. "I do not have a criminal record. I gave complete and accurate information regarding my bankruptcy. I provided accurate information about my background and qualifications to the New London Board of Education in my application and in my interviews with the Board, and specifically, I did not mislead or defraud the Board concerning my educational, employment or criminal histories."

The school board voted 6-0 to rescind Carter's offer of employment.

While Carter claimed that he signed a contract and moved to Connecticut to fulfill the requirements of the superintendent job, the board argued no contract was ever finalized, according to the court documents. While Carter signed a contract, the board never signed it, according to the court documents. The court said an implied contract couldn't be held against the board, according to the court documents.

The court also ruled that the school board had the right to rescind the contract because Carter falsely represented himself with credentials that had misled the board into offering him the job in the first place, according to the court documents.

Ultimately, the court found "that the material facts are not in dispute and that the defendants are entitled to judgment as a matter of law" and ruled in favor of the city of New London Board of Education and Curtin in Carter's lawsuit. The court also found that Curtin wasn't liable "for tortious interference" with Carter's "business expectancy."

Click here to read the full court decision on the case.

Men Blogged About Crime: DA


Three San Diego men are criminally charged, accused of raping an unconscious and intoxicated woman they met in the Gaslamp Quarter. A complaint filed by the District Attorney’s office alleges two of the men later bragged about the sexual assault in an online post.

The men recalled the events in a post on a locally-operated website that claims to teach men how to meet, seduce and sleep with women in one night.

Jason M. Berlin, 27, Jonas Isaac Dick, 26, and Alexander Markham Smith, 26, are charged each with one count of rape of an intoxicated person and one count of rape of an unconscious person.

Court documents obtained exclusively by NBC 7 allege, around October 13-14, 2013, the men met the victim in the Gaslamp Quarter.

She was heavily intoxicated and agreed to go back to one of their residences located in the Gaslamp.

There, according to court records, the woman’s friend found the victim unconscious, face down on a bed and surrounded by vomit with two of the defendants nude around her.

The friend dragged the woman from the room and the two reported what happened to San Diego Police, according to the complaint.

According to a police investigator, “The next day Smith blogged about the incident, touting his sexual prowess. Berlin confessed to engaging in sex with a female who moments before vomited. He chronicled the incident with great detail implicating himself, Smith and Dick.”

The complaint alleges both Dick and Berlin blogged about the attack and posted them on the website Efficient Pickup.

Video of other people on the website claim the site is a legend in the dating pick up community.

Two people, not involved in the criminal case, can be heard saying on the website, “Pretty much every day we go out, we meet, seduce and bring home a very attractive girl that same night.”

The website indicates its office is located on Market Street in the East Village.

Investigators say Dick and Smith were listed as “instructors” on the site.

Police claim they found “hundreds of pornographic photographs and videos…several of nude women asleep or unconscious” on Smith’s phone.

NBC 7 reached out to the attorneys representing the three defendants. None of them wanted to comment. They said their clients have pleaded not guilty. Requests for comment were also sent to the website identified by investigators, but no reply has been received.

Defendant Jonas Dick is currently in custody. The other two defendants are currently out on bail, according to court records.

A jury trial is scheduled for January 4.

Suspect in Custody After Albuquerque Officer Shot: Police


Albuquerque police have arrested a suspect in the shooting of an officer who was shot multiple times during a traffic stop on Wednesday night, authorities said.

The gunman was believed to have fled on foot, leading to a manhunt involving more than 100 law enforcement officers.

"We have an officer fighting for his life right now," Albuquerque Police Chief Gorden Eden Jr. told reporters Wednesday.

The officer, whose name was not immediately released, was left critically injured and was undergoing a second round of surgery late Wednesday, police said.

Photo Credit: NBC 7
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Arrest Made in Road-Rage Killing of 4-Year-Old Girl


Alburquerque police arrested a man on Wednesday in connection with the fatal shooting of a 4-year-old girl believed to be motivated by road rage, police said.

Tony Torrez, 32, admitted to the shooting, Albuquerque Police Chief Gorden Eden Jr. said late Wednesday.

Torrez is charged with a number of offenses and is being held in lieu of a $650,000 cash-only bail, police said. He was said to be a "person of interest" in the case before his arrest.

Illiana "Lilly" Garcia was fatally shot in the head after shots were fired into the truck she was riding in on Tuesday.

Photo Credit: Albuquerque Police Department

Warnings Resurface About Cedar Chests


Antique cedar chests that were recalled more than a decade ago are showing up in shops across Connecticut and state consumer protection officials are issuing a warning that the furniture that has been passed down in families poses risks for children.

Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner Jonathan Harris said the original style latches on all Lane and Virginia Maid cedar chests manufactured between 1912 and 1987 need to be replaced for safety purposes.

“We want to get the word out to let consumers know to check their homes and see if they have chests that have automatic locks,” he said.

The Lane Company recalled 12 million cedar chests in 1996. Since then, 10 people have died of suffocation.

“The most recent ones involved the deaths of a 7- and 8-year old out of Franklin, Massachusetts.

Just this past year, out of Kentucky a 12-year-old boy suffocated inside the Lane cedar chest,” said Lori Lytle, product safety investigator with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The deadly component is with the top latch of the chest. Once you shut it, it locks and the only way to open it is from the outside.

According to the Department of Consumer Protection, most of these chests are airtight and sound proof. Children might think it’s a good place to hide, but if this latch is on, it can become a deadly mistake.

“These were recalled. They’re dangerous. If you have them, dismantle the lock if you want to sell it, or get it off the floor and do not sell it,” Harris said.

Last month, four of the recalled chests were found in local stores and resellers and consumers must either remove the lock or order the new safety lock from the company itself.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

ISIS Attacks Soared in Past 3 Months: Report


Attacks carried out by ISIS jumped 42 percent over the past three months, according to new data published by IHS Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Center Thursday.

The data shows a total of 1,086 ISIS attacks took place globally between July 1 and Sept. 30. The average daily number of attacks increased to 11.8 from 8.3 in the preceding quarter.

There is a margin of error, according to IHS, since the actual number of attacks is likely higher because the data recorded only included operations definitively linked to ISIS by governments.

The vast majority of attacks during the reported period took place in Iraq and Syria.

Photo Credit: AP

Mexican Authorities Arrest 'El Chapo' Jail Break Mastermind


The “principal planner” and five other suspects behind Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s jail break were arrested, Mexico’s attorney general said on Wednesday.

Attorney General Arely Gomez said the man behind the escape repeatedly entered the prison that held Guzman.

Guzman, the head of the Sinaloa drug cartel, escaped in July through a tunnel leading from the shower of his jail cell.

Those detained include a pilot believed to be a Sinaloa associate, a tunnel builder and Guzman’s brother-in-law. Gomez did not release the names of any of the new detainees.

Photo Credit: AP

Benghazi Hearing: What You Need to Know


Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton will testify on Thursday in front of a Republican-led committee about the 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya, that killed four Americans.

What she says could have major implications for her campaign for the presidency.

Here’s what you need to know about the attack and the investigation, according to NBC News and the Associated Press.

Attackers scaled the wall of a U.S. diplomatic outpost in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012. The compound was not reinforced and a group of attackers were able to open a gate and set fire to the building.

The attackers were a disorganized group of militants who decided at the spur of the moment to storm the compound, according to then-acting CIA Director Michael Morell.

Photo Credit: AP

Aer Lingus Announces Service At Bradley


Aer Lingus has become the first airline since 2009 to provide transatlantic service at Bradley International Airport.

The first flights will depart and arrive between Windsor Locks and Dublin in September 2016.

Tickets for the flights will go on sale on Nov. 3 of this year.

"It's just the right fit," Jack Foley, Aer Lingus' executive vice president, said during the announcement in the gate area of the airport.

Northwest Airlines and KLM was the last airline partnership to provide transatlantic service from Bradley. The flights to Amsterdam were discontinued shortly after Delta acquired the carriers.

“The return of trans-Atlantic flights to Bradley is a milestone worthy of celebration — an important boost to economic development and tourism," U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut) said in a written statement. "Connecticut’s rich Irish heritage and our state’s strong exporting industry will serve Aer Lingus well as it expands its service here, a message I conveyed to the company’s leaders last year in a meeting with public officials and business leaders. I look forward to continuing to work with the Airport Authority and airlines as they seek to bring new routes to our state."

Gov.  Dannel Malloy proposed establishing the Connecticut Airport Authority when he was elected and it was created in 2011. Since then, he and the authority have worked to restore transatlantic flights through Connecticut.

“As an Irish-American I’m very happy that this day has come" Gov. Malloy said during the event, as he donned a kelley green tie in commemoration.

Malloy met with Aer Lingus executives during his trip to the Paris Air Show over the summer. He says the talks with Aer Lingus and several other international airlines started well over a year ago.

“We’ve been pursuing opportunities but this was the one that came home and it makes us very very proud" he said.

The state will provide the airline with $4.5 million each year for the next two years to help the airline pay for "backstop" charges that may arise.

Daily service between Bradley and Dublin Airport starts in September of 2016 with flights from Dublin every day at 2:40 p.m., arriving in Connecticut at 4:40 p.m. local time. Flights from Bradley will leave Windsor Locks at 6:10 p.m. and arrive in Dublin at 5:20 a.m. local time.

Tickets are expected cost about $400 but it's unclear if the figure provided by the airline includes all applicable fees.

The duration of the flight from the US is expected to take about six hours and the return journey, about seven hours.

Photo Credit: Paul Faith/Getty

Burglary Suspect Escapes Bridgeport Police Custody


A burglary suspect escaped Bridgeport police custody on Wednesday morning and is at large.

Nelson Vega, 29, of Stratford, was arrested on burglary charges at 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, but escaped as police were transporting him from the Bridgeport Police Department to the courthouse at Golden Street Hill for his arraignment, police said.

Police ask anyone with information about Vega's whereabouts to call the Bridgeport Detective Bureau at 203-581-5201.

Windsor Man Grazed By Bullet in Hartford


Police are looking for two men who shot up a car and grazed a 23-year-old Windsor man in the neck with a bullet in Hartford on Thursday night.

Police responded to 164 Burnham Street at 10:22 p.m. on Thursday to investigate what was reported as a serious assault with a firearm and met with the victim.

The 23-year-old had been grazed on the left side of his neck with a bullet and was alert and conscious when police arrived.

He said he and two other people were sitting in an Acura parked in the driveway when they noticed a Chrysler 300 drive past them several times.

Then two men the victim didn’t know walked over to the Acura and a man in a gray hooded sweatshirt fire several shots at them, police said. The men then ran off, heading east on Burnham Street.

Officers found six spent shell casings in front of 160 Burnham Street and seven bullet holes along the driver’s side of the Acura.

The shooting victim was treated at Saint Francis Hospital and has been released.

Police are investigating and are looking for the shooter and the other man.

No additional information was available to identify the assailants, but they were in a dark, possibly black, newer Chrysler 300 with dark tints.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Benghazi Victim's Mom Wants Truth


As former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton prepares to testify about the deadly 2012 attacks that killed four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, the frustrated mother of a man who died in the violence is demanding "the truth for a change."

San Diego resident Patricia Smith lost her son, Sean, in the Sept. 11, 2012 attack, when insurgents stormed the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi and overwhelmed security. They killed four Americans: Sean Smith; U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens; and former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods, of Imperial Beach; and Glen Doherty, of Encinitas, California.

Sean was a state department communications specialist, and his mother said more than three years after his death, she is still waiting for answers from Clinton.

"Why does she get to know what happened and I don't? What is so… it was her department. How come she let my son be killed, how come? She knew this was happening," said Patricia Smith.

Patricia Smith said the state department told her she was not a member of Sean’s immediate family, so did not have to release details of his death to her.

She hopes to get some answers when Clinton goes before the House Select Committee on Benghazi on Capitol Hill Thursday. Clinton, a Democratic candidate for president, was the U.S. secretary of state during the attacks.

"I hope she opens up her mouth and says something that's the truth for a change," Patricia Smith said. "She promised she would get back to me and tell me what happened; she has never, ever communicated with me."

Committee chairman Trey Gowdy said he wants to ask Clinton why U.S. security was not enforced as the conditions in Libya got worse. But in recent weeks, some Republicans have suggested Clinton herself is the panel's target.

During last week's Democratic debate in Las Vegas, Clinton said she'll answer all questions but believes this is a concerted Republican effort to derail her campaign.

"This committee is basically an arm of the Republican National Committee," she said. "It is a partisan vehicle as admitted by the House Republican Majority Leader Mr. McCarthy to drive down my poll numbers."

One committee member, U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, a Democrat from California, agreed with Clinton’s view.

"After 17 months, $4.5 million, we have nothing new to tell the families, apart from that there was a private email server," said Schiff. "That doesn't tell us anything about Benghazi."

Five House committees and two Senate committees have held hearings on Benghazi. Clinton testified at two of them, taking responsibility for the tragedy and agreeing to improve security at diplomatic outposts.

Thursday marks the first time Clinton will testify before Congress about the private server she used for emails during her time as secretary of state.

Photo Credit: NBC San Diego

Nazi-Naming Dad Wanted for Assault


Police in New Jersey have issued an arrest warrant for a white supremacist who made headlines for naming his children after Adolf Hitler and other members of the Nazi Party.

Holland Township Police in Hunterdon County put out a social media plea for the arrest of Isidore "Heath" Campbell, 42, after an alleged assault. Police have not released details of the incident but said Campbell will be charged with aggravated assault.

Campbell and then-wife Deborah Campbell gained national attention in December 2008 after a ShopRite supermarket in Greenwich Township, New Jersey, refused to write the name of their son – Adolf Hitler Campbell – on a cake for his third birthday. The couple complained the refusal constituted discrimination. A Pennsylvania Walmart store later made the "Hitler" birthday cake.

In 2013, Campbell – dressed in Nazi uniform – marched into a New Jersey courthouse to petition a family court judge to allow him to see his youngest son. The New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services said they took the boy because of previous violence in the home.

"I'm going to tell the judge, 'I love my children. I want to be a father; let me be it,'" Campbell told NBC10 before court proceedings. "Let me prove to the world that I am a good father."

The father of four, who gave his children the Nazi-inspired names Adolf Hitler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, Honzlynn Jeannie Campbell and Heinrich Hons Campbell, lost custody of his children but was given visitation rights.

Police asked anyone who knows about Campbell's whereabouts to call 908-995-4670.

Photo Credit: NBC10.com
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