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State Trooper Killed in Texas Hunting Accident


A Connecticut state trooper was killed in a hunting accident in Texas over the weekend when he was struck by a bullet meant for a wild hog, authorities said.

Trooper Stephen Davis, of Hebron, was shot Saturday. Deputies from the sheriff’s office in Maverick County, Texas, responded to the Cinco Ranch just after 6:30 p.m. after receiving the report of an accidental shooting.

U.S. Border Patrol agents led deputies to Davis, who had been shot in the left side of his torso and was unresponsive in the brush, authorities said. Davis was pronounced dead at 7:22 p.m.

A man from Warren, Maine, told authorities he had shot at a wild hog and accidentally struck Davis, according to police.

Connecticut State Police issued a statement saying the family suffered a tremendous loss.

"The unexpected passing of TFC Davis is a loss for this agency," Dora Schriro, commissioner of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, said in a statement. "TFC Davis swore to serve and protect the public and he did so as a true professional, earning the respect of his peers."

Davis, a 27-year veteran of the state police, most recently served at Troop C in Tolland. He entered the State Police Academy on April 4, 1988, and graduated with the 98th Training Troop on Sept. 2, 1988.

Davis served as a Tolland Resident Trooper, a DARE instructor and field training officer for new troopers. He was actively involved with the Troop C Explorer Post and earned a Medal for Lifesaving award.

"TFC Davis was truly passionate about being a Trooper and his attention to detail was superb. Stephen was a true professional and a well-respected member of this department," Troop C commanding officer Lt. Scott Smith said in a statement. 

Cinco Ranch is about 20 miles west of Houston, Texas.

Photo Credit: Connecticut State Police

'Deaths Everywhere' in Aleppo as UN Issues Aid Warning


Residents of Syria's besieged city of Aleppo are witnessing "deaths everywhere," as the U.N. warned that 300,000 people could be cut off from vital aid, NBC News reported. 

"It's war," Aleppo resident Hussam — who would only give his first name out of fears for his safety — told NBC News in a phone interview. "There is shelling, there are deaths everywhere."

Government forces battling to regain full control of Aleppo from rebels have cut off aid supplies to the city from the north, triggering a flood of refugees towards neighboring Turkey. Hussam said, however, that reports of reports an exodus were "an exaggeration" but that many thousands had fled amid intensified fighting.

Hussam said the city has been in the dark since power lines were damaged in October and water supplies have been cut off for almost four weeks, with locals drawing from wells with water unfit for drinking.

Photo Credit: AP

Drunken Mom Fell Asleep While Driving With Kids in Car: Police


State police arrested a 25-year-old mother who they said was sleeping, and suspected of being drunk, behind the wheel on a highway ramp with her children in the vehicle.

Police responded to the Interstate 95 southbound exit 14 ramp in Norwalk just after 4 a.m. on Saturday after receiving a report that a vehicle was blocking the center lane.

Once they arrived, they found Crystal Burden, 25, of Norwalk, in the driver's seat, asleep behind the wheel, police said, and two small children were sitting in the backseat.

State police said that when Burden woke up, she ignored several commands to unlock the vehicle, but one of the children unlocked her door so police could get in.

Troopers then smelled alcohol in the car and on Burden's breath, police said.
She was belligerent, irate and refused to perform field sobriety tests, police said.

State troopers arrested Burden and charged her with two counts of risk of injury, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, operating while under suspension, improper parking and two counts of failure to secure a child.

he is scheduled to appear at the Norwalk Superior Courthouse on Feb. 19.

No phone number is listed for Burden and it’s not clear if she has an attorney. The case is not listed on the online court docket.

Photo Credit: Connecticut State Police

Extra Police Presence at West Haven High After Threatening Phone Call: Police


There will be extra police presence at West Haven High School until dismissal as police investigate a threatening phone call the school received on Tuesday afternoon, according to the police department’s Facebook page.

The school received the call just after 12:30 p.m., according to the post.


Police said this was no more than a threatening call and all measures are put into place for the protection of students and staff.

The school district has canceled all sporting events for West Haven High School tonight amd Bennett Rink is closed for the rest of the day. 

Adult education classes and the West Haven High School blended learning program have also been canceled for the day.

NBC Connecticut left a message with the superintendent's office.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com
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N.H.'s Undeclared: Less Independent Than You Might Think


New Hampshire voters have a reputation of being free thinkers, but truly independent voters could be hard to find in the Granite State.

Undeclared voters in the state are allowed to vote in Tuesday's Democratic or Republican primary, which has made them a valuable get for candidates in both parties. 

But just because a voter is Undeclared does not mean they’re undecided or don’t identify with the standard parties, according to a professor at the University of New Hampshire who has studied voter patterns and interviews with several voters days before the primary. 

“I think you’d have a hard time finding a true independent voter in New Hampshire,” said Peter Soreff, 73, an attendee of the New Hampshire Democratic National Convention’s McIntyre Shaheen dinner in Manchester on Friday. “Voters are really either liberal or conservative and they’re basically Republican or Democrat.”

Soreff, of Nottingham, has called voters and canvassed homes for the past month and a half as a volunteer with the Hillary Clinton campaign. Most people didn't answer their phones and of the roughly 20 people with whom he spoke, none were interested in being swayed, he said. Soreff said the idea that independents have enough weight in the primary to determine a candidate’s outcome is “oversimplified” as voters have usually made up their minds, at least over which party they most identify.

“I know we’re supposed to say ‘we choose the person not the party,’ but that’s garbage. If you go and see how people vote, they usually vote a straight ticket,” Soreff said.

A recent WBUR poll found that 44 percent of the state’s voters are Undeclared, a population that pollster and University of New Hampshire Associate Professor of Political Science Andrew Smith says should be viewed as “Democrat lites” and “Republican lites.”

His center's analysis of polling data since 1999 found just one-third were true independents.

While much attention is placed on obtaining these independents’ votes, such voters are actually the least likely to show up on Election Day, Smith said.

“People out of the state, the press, and locals as well, are guilty of calling them Independents,” Smith said. “That’s fine if you understand that they’re not truly independent. If you say ‘Independent’ for a long enough time, you get the impression that they’re not partisan and not locked in with one party. The truth is, they’re very much locked into one party. They’re quite partisan with their positions.”

People often wonder which way independent voters will swing in an election, but that’s the wrong way to look at them, Smith said.

“We should ask ourselves which of the races is exciting those people that are less likely to vote more, the Republican or the Democratic race? The race that is more exciting, especially if it’s close, pulls out more of those Undeclared voters,” Smith said.

An exciting race can pull out voters of all parties, though, and may even prompt voters to reconsider where they stand.

Crystal Berberich, 41 of Manchester, is a registered Republican, but said she considered becoming Undeclared.

“I share a lot of views of the Republicans, but I also have a lot of very liberal views as well,” said Berberich during her post-run coffee stop in downtown Manchester on Saturday. “I’m going to vote Republican in the primary because I don’t want Trump to get any further and I may vote for a Democrat in the general election. I’m so anti-Donald Trump I think that if he was to make it to the final election, I'm hoping you would see some people switch parties.”

Peter Noonen, of Manchester, is also straddling party lines. Noonen, 44, is the type of open-to-influence voter candidates search for when campaigning in New Hampshire. He has campaigned for George W. Bush, but voted for President Barack Obama. This year his top two candidates are Republican former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“I’m a registered Republican, but we have the ability in New Hampshire to go back and forth," Noones said. "It takes an extra five minutes to undeclare yourself and then, if you really feel passionately about someone on the other side of the ticket, you can say, ‘Yes, I want to vote for that person.’ I've done it before for governor, even for mayor for Manchester.” 

Although Berberich and Noonen are registered Republicans, their open-mindedness suggests a certain independent spirit.

Megan Doyle, a political reporter at the Concord Monitor, said that the common theme she has noticed when interviewing voters in New Hampshire is not their partisanship, but their passion.

“They want someone authentic. They want someone they feel like they connect to,” Doyle said. “They can’t always articulate why they like that person, or what puts them over the edge to support them, but when you get to a primary like this where candidates can line up similarly on issues, I’ve noticed voters will talk a lot about passion and character. That’s one of the hallmarks of the New Hampshire primary. Voters are very much putting candidates to a character test here, in addition to grilling them on the issues that they care about.”

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Arakelian
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Woman Never Delivered on Puppy Adoptions: Police


Torrington police have arrested a woman who is accused of posing as a dog adoption business and taking money from people, but them never actually providing the dogs.

Police started investigating Suzanne Bristol 49, of Torrington, after receiving several complaints from people in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey between September and December.

The victims said Bristol was running a dog rescue called “Just For Labs Rescue” out of her home on Berry Street, according to police. She also used the website “Adopt a Pet” to post pictures and advertise dogs that were supposed to be available for rescue upon request.

According to police, five different victims gave Bristol adoption fees, which were to include a veterinary exam, and were told they would have their new dog shipped to them, but Bristol never had the dogs at her rescue, police said.

The dogs were in shelters in other states, the photos of the dogs were from other websites, Bristol never paid the veterinary exam bills and she never shipped the victims their dogs, according to police. 

The victims made several attempts to get their money back or get the dog they had paid for, but never received anything in return, police said.

Bristol was charged with third-degree larceny and was held on a court-set $1,000 cash bond.

Bristol will appear in Bantam Superior Court today.

Photo Credit: Torrington Police

Young Woman Killed by Stray Bullet


A 25-year-old woman who had recently moved to Chicago was killed over the weekend when she was hit by a stray bullet outside her apartment in the city's Heart of Chicago neighborhood.

Aaren O’Connor was shot while returning from work around 7:30 p.m. Friday. Police said she was sitting in her car in the 2000 block of West 21st Street when a bullet struck her in the back of the head.

O'Connor’s roommate found her unresponsive in the vehicle.

"Aaren was incredibly kind and would frequently give people 12 chances before harboring any negative feelings towards them," roommate Belinda Luck said.

O'Connor was rushed to John H. Stroger Hospital of Cook County in critical condition and died Sunday, her family said.

"I knew right away that we lost our baby," said her father, David O’Connor. "It’s just absolutely the worst time of my life."

David O'Connor said he was on the phone with his daughter at the time of the shooting and will never forget the last words they exchanged. 

"She kept saying repeatedly, 'My head hurts, my head hurts,'" David O'Connor said. "I just wish I could have told her that I knew what was going on and I could have told her one more time that I love her and that I'm so proud of her."

Aaren O’Connor moved to Chicago a year and a half ago from San Diego to work at Tomy, a toy company with offices in suburban Oak Brook.

Her father said he was nervous about his daughter’s move from the beginning.

"I don’t want to say devastated but fearful, because I knew the kind of things happening in Chicago," David O’Connor said. 

The move also meant Aaren O'Connor would finally be with her long-distance boyfriend, who lived in suburban Elgin. The couple met while studying abroad in Japan and was looking forward to living together after years of long distance.

"When it really happens to you, it feels like a void," said her boyfriend Carlos Sorto. 

Chicago Police Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said police have obtained surveillance footage in connection with the shooting and have "a very good lead from the video." No one was in custody as of Monday evening. 

Friends and colleagues in the Chicago area say they vow to keep Aaren O'Connors memory alive by giving at-risk kids in Chicago an outlet to keep them away from violence.

Donations will fund an after-school program and scholarship in her name.

"We want to target people who want to travel abroad since we know that was something that was very passionate for her," said her co-worker Sarah Moen. "To myself, she was a little sister. I saw all the potential in the world in her."

A GoFundMe page had been set up to help O’Connor’s family pay for her funeral. Remaining donations will start the scholarship program in her memory.

"Our long-term goal is to develop an after school program at a community center in Aaren’s name where Chicago’s youth can come together to receive the caring and resources they need to choose a non-violent path and open their hearts to others," the page reads. "Other suggestions to provide healing to our community in Aaren’s memory are welcome and encouraged. May she rest in peace."

Photo Credit: Family Photo

FBI Investigating School Threats in Connecticut


The FBI is investigating at least two of four incidents in which schools in Connecticut received threatening phone calls on Tuesday.

Schools in Bristol, Hartford Public Schools, Stamford High School and West Haven High School all received threatening phone calls around the same time on Tuesday afternoon. 

The FBI is assisting Hartford and West Haven police in their investigations.  It was not clear if they were also involved in the Stamford and Bristol threat investigations.

Bristol Central High School and South Side School in Bristol dismissed students early on Tuesday as a precaution after receiving two separate a telephone threats at 12:45 p.m., according to a voicemail the superintendent left with parents.

The schools evacuated students and buses brought the children home.

Police said patrol officers responded to both schools and determined there was no immediate danger to students. Police are now investigating.   

A Tweet from the principal says the threat was not specific. 

Bristol also canceled all afternoon activities for the day. 

Officials from Hartford Public Schools also received phone threats.

According to Hartford police, it was a false bomb threat consistent with other threats to schools in the region. It's not clear which school received it.

Officials from Stamford schools said Stamford High School received a called in bomb threat early in the afternoon.

The school was evacuated, but buses were called because of the cold temperatures and students were dismissed.

Officers cleared the scene in Stamford late Tuesday afternoon.

Police in West Haven added officers at West Haven High School until dismissal as police investigated the threatening phone call there around 12:30 p.m.

It's not clear if there is any connection between the threats.

NBC Connecticut reached out to Connecticut State Police, but they said they are not involved in the investigations. They are being handled at the local level.

West Haven Public Schools, Bristol Police and Hartford Police put out separate statements confirmed they received a phone call threat at 12:30 pm.

Hartford Police said the threat came from an out of state number and the man first spoke in an unknown language. The called said he had placed bombs on the school's roof, Hartford police said. Nothing suspicious was found at the school. 

Bristol Police said the threat received at Bristol Central High School referenced a person with a gun on school grounds while the threat to South Side School referenced a bomb on campus. 

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com
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Flint Dogs Getting Lead Poisoning, Too


Two dogs in the Flint, Michigan, area have tested positive for lead poisoning, NBC News reported.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said they had no reports of lead toxicity in household pets in the last five years until Flint's water was contaminated — sickening an unknown number of children.

Veterinarians have reported two cases of dogs in Genesee County with high levels of the heavy metal, which can be fatal in animals. Both dogs are still alive.

Officials are reminding pet owners that their animals shouldn't drink unfiltered tap water until it's deemed safe.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Man Charged in New Haven Home Burglary


Police have charged a Hamden man in a home burglary in town in January.

Marcus Pires, 44, of North Haven, is suspected of burglarizing a Ridge Road home on Jan. 18 and stealing around $300 from the victim’s bedroom.

Police said the victim had recently installed a home security system with video recording equipment and it captured images of Pires entering the home and taking the cash.

Pires was arrested on a warrant on Tuesday and charged with third-degree burglary and sixth-degree larceny.

He is being held on a court-set $7,500 bond and is due to be arraigned on Tuesday in Meriden Superior Court.

Photo Credit: Hamden Police

Several Injured in Crash of Casino-Bound Bus Still Hospitalized


Several of the 36 people who were injured when a charter bus heading to Mohegan Sun Casino flipped onto its side on snow-covered Interstate 95 in Madison, Connecticut on Monday afternoon remain hospitalized on Tuesday.

Officials from Mohegan Sun said the Dahlia charter bus — based in New York — was en route to the Uncasville casino around 12:20 p.m. on Monday when it rolled over on I-95 north, between the exit 61 off-ramp and the on-ramp.

The driver told police he was merging from from the left lane to right lane and lost control on the snow-covered road and hit the metal barrier. 

The highway was shut down for around four-and-a-half hours and crews were able to get the bus back on its tires around 3:30 p.m. The highway reopened around 5 p.m.

The bus was carrying about 55 people, including the driver, according to state police, and video from the scene captured the frightening ordeal. It showed several people climbing out of the front and top of the bus. 

Ambulances lined the highway and transported passengers to nearby hospitals, including Yale-New Haven Hospital, Saint Raphael's and Middlesex Hospital. At least four of the patients remain in critical condition on Tuesday, hospital staff members said during a news conference on Tuesday.

Several of the patients do not speak English and have been using interpreters to speak with medical staff. 

Dr. Kimberly Davis, vice chair of the department of surgery and the chief of general surgery and trauma and critical care at Yale-New Haven Hospital, said they shut down for a little while on Monday in anticipation of the influx of patients, but resumed normal operations fairly quickly.

On Tuesday, officials from Yale-New Haven Hospital said they initially received 16 patients, including four of whom were in critical, and 12 in non-critical condition. The four critical patients and one who was in non-critical condition were admitted.

Then, six more patients from the emergency department of Middlesex Hospital were transferred to Yale-New Haven Hospital. Three patients were in critical condition and were admitted. 

Davis described the injuries as "thoracic," or chest, rib fractures, lung injuries and injuries of that nature. 

"Obviously, a number of bone fractures, and a couple of more critical vascular injuries and things along those lines," she said. While the patients are in critical condition, their injuries are not considered life-threatening at this point.

Some patients will go home today, Davis said, while others will remain for extended periods of time.

It's not clear exactly how many patients remain at Yale-New Haven Hospital, but Davis said she checked in on 10 or 15 on Tuesday morning.

"We have a fair number of patients still in house," she said.

Dr. Andy Ulrich, operations director for the department of emergency medicine at Yale-New Haven Hospital, said this was potentially a very dangerous and life-threatening accident. 

“In other circumstances, where the care wasn’t as good, certainly people could have died,” he said. 

The Yale-New Haven Shoreline Medical Center received four patients who were all non-critical two were admitted.

The New Haven-Yale Saint Raphael campus received one patient. 

Some injuries ranged from shoulder injuries to people who had trouble breathing. 

Thirty-three passengers were initially taken to a warming center at the Madison town gym, but some later went to nearby hospitals after they warmed up, the adrenaline wore off and they began to feel symptoms of injuries, according to Madison police. 

Middlesex Hospital said the Shoreline Medical Center received 16 patients.

Patients were also brought to Yale-New Haven in Guilford, Middlesex Hospital and Saint Raphael's in New Haven, Madison police said. 

The Red Cross was called in to help and it appears another bus has also been brought in.

All additional buses from the New York area to Mohegan Sun have been rerouted and are being turned around, according to a spokesperson for Mohegan Sun.

Connecticut State Police are investigating the circumstances of the crash.

In a statement, VMC East Coast, which operates the bus for Dhalia, said it was saddened "that this has happened today" and thanked firefighters, paramedics and police.

"We pray that all our passengers are OK and will be safely returned to their families soon," the statement says. "We may release more information in the coming days."

Duo Had Blades at Airport: TSA


A man and woman who allegedly tried to board a plane at New York's LaGuardia Airport with a razor blade and straight razor artfully hidden in their clothes have been arrested, authorities said.

Miguel Munoz, 40, of the Bronx, was found with a straight razor hidden in the removable sole of one of his shoes, according to authorities. A small tube of cologne was also found tucked in the compartment.

Lizbeth Esteras, 18, also of the Bronx, was found with a razor blade hidden inside her hat, in the band near the size label of the cap, the Transportation Security Administration said.

TSA officials found the weapons as Munoz and Esteras tried to go through security to board a flight to Miami around 5:30 a.m. Monday. The TSA notified Port Authority police, who placed the pair under arrest.

The two will face local charges, police said.

Attorney information for Munoz and Esteras wasn't immediately available. 

Photo Credit: TSA

3rd Arrest in Case of Month Long Kidnapping, Abuse of Teen


A third suspect has been arrested in connection to the kidnapping of an 18-year-old girl who was held and sexually abused for almost a month, authorities said. 

London Barnes, 43, of Hartford, surrendered himself to the Hartford Police's Special Investigation Division with his involvement with a human trafficking, kidnapping and sexual assault case from September, police said. 

Two other men, Eric James "Nut" Williams, 25, of Hartford, and Dwayne "Crash" Hairston, 31, of Windsor, have been incarcerated since the beginning of January. Hairston is being accused of human trafficking, first-degree kidnapping, promoting prostitution, unlawful restraint and second-degree assault while Williams faces a sexual assault charge. 

The Special Investigations Division began investigating on Sept. 27, when authorities received information about the possible kidnapping and human trafficking of an 18-year-old woman from outside the city. The woman was reported missing from Enfield on Sept. 29.

While police surveilled a building on Main Street a woman walked out they believed was the victim. She was not but when police showed her the photo of the victim she told police where they could find her because she had just seen her at Barnes' apartment.

Police knocked on Barnes' door and he told them he was with his "girlfriend." When the 18-year-old victim walked by the doorway, police took her into custody because she was wanted for outstanding felony warrants, according to court documents. It is not clear what she was wanted for.

After leaving the apartment, the victim said she did not need medical attention but wanted to have McDonald's.

She told police that she went to Hartford in September to meet her ex-boyfriend at a store on Main Street. When he did not meet with her at a store she was approached by Hairston or "Crash", who invited her to his apartment to smoke weed and "hang out."

The pair engaged in consensual sex but after she was forced into having nonconsensual intercourse with Hairston's friends who go by Williams or "Nut," "Monterey," "Cheese," and "Brillo," she told police.

When the victim woke up, all of her clothes were missing and for the next month she was only allowed to wear a blue dress that was provided for her by a woman known as "TT," police said.

The victim was held in Hairston's room for the next week where the individuals named above and other unknown men continued to force sex with the woman. Hairston also forced the woman to snort and inject heroin multiple times the day, police reported. He told the victim he would "hurt" her if she tried to leave, according to court documents. 

At one point, Hairston tried to sell the woman to an unidentified individual but didn't after a disagreement ensued. 

The victim was then given to Barnes who promised the woman he would "take care of her" but the date is unclear. Barnes  told the woman that Hairston had made up to $800 from selling her body for sex, according to the police affidavit.

Detectives from the Hartford Police Department Vice and Narcotics units raided a building on Main Street in Hartford on Wednesday as part of an undercover drug investigation and determined that Hairston and Williams had spent time there as well.

Police made several arrests and seized narcotics, packaging material and counterfeit money.

Two children, 8 and 10 years old, were also at the address and the state Department of Children and Families was notified.

Barnes is being held on a $600,000 bond and faces charges for sexual assault, kidnapping and unlawful restraint. 

It was not immediately clear if he has an attorney.

Photo Credit: Hartford Police

Cadets Under Investigation For Potential Honor Violation


A group of third class cadets are being investigated for a potential honor violation, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy said. 

"It is the responsibility of Academy leadership to determine whether each accused cadet’s actions are an opportunity for learning, or if their misconduct is serious enough to keep them from serving successfully as Coast Guard officers," the academy based in New London said. 

Authorities are looking into alleged "unauthorized collaboration on online quizzes."

There were no further details on the on-going investigation.

Photo Credit: U.S. Coast Guard Academy Facebook page

Man Drove to Colorado to Have Sex With Mom, 2 Minors: Officials


A Connecticut man has been indicted for allegedly driving to Colorado in order to engage in sexual conduct with a portrayed mother and her two minor daughters, the U.S. Attorney's office said. 

Jason Tremblay, 28, of Ledyard, was arrested last week in Greeley, Colorado, after he allegedly drove for three days to have sexual encounters a mom and her two underage daughters, who in this case, was actually an undercover Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent, the prosecutor's office said. 

HSI special agents began targeting particular websites that may sexually exploit children and joined a variety of groups where users chose "incest", "jailbat", and "teen" as their interests. 

In Nov. 2015, the undercover HSI working in Greeley posed as a mother with two daughters aged 10 and 14, according to charging documents.

An individual, later identified as Tremblay, reached out to the agent's mom persona and asked if she was "active with (her) girls," the prosecutor's office said. 

In Jan. 2016, the agent and Tremblay agreed on a meeting that would sexually exploit the minor daughters and the suspect began his drive to Colorado on Feb. 2, according to documents.

Once in the Greeley vicinity, Colorado State police placed Tremblay under arrest on Feb. 4.

Tremblay faces one count of aggravated sexual abuse of children, which if convicted could send him to federal prison for a minimum of 30 years, according to the indictment. He also faces one count of travel with intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct, which could send him to federal prison for up to 30 years. Finally, he faces two counts of coercion and enticement, which carry a minimum of 10 years each in federal prison. Each count carries a fine up to $250,000.

Tremblay has been released on a $50,000 bond. It was not immediately clear if he had an attorney.

Red-Tailed Hawk Won't Leave East Hampton Stop & Shop


There's not much room for a bird as big as a red-tailed hawk in the rafters of the Stop & Shop in East Hampton, but since Sunday, that's where a hawk has been spending its time. 

"When I saw it this morning it was back by the frozen foods in the back there and it's just sitting up there still," Shaun McGarty, a East Hampton resident, said. 

McGarty figured the bird had followed smaller birds in through the loading dock of the store on High Street. According to DEEP, the hawk is perched about 30 feet high. 

The doors opened all day to welcome shoppers despite the bird inside. One sign advertising "Great Food" may have been the draw for the hawk. But "Low Prices" weren't the lure.

The hawk never pays retail.

In the trees outside you can see birds, living in fear of one less hawk. Maybe the hawk should be afraid. Falconers came to try to extract the bird.

"I just hope they get it out, and it's safe, and it doesn't get hurt before they get it out, that's all," said McGarty.

The team couldn't get it out Monday night but environmental conservation police are bringing the falconers back tonight. DEEP said attempts were made to coax the bird to fly out open doors.

Photo Credit: Shaun McGarty

Scenes From New Hampshire: A Pig, Robots and More


New Hampshire residents at long last headed to the polls on Tuesday for the first-in-the-country primary. Here as some bright moments from the final day in the Granite State.

Bringing home the bacon?

Now this was an unexpected bit of political pork.

A 600-pound pig on the loose found its way to a primary polling place in Pelham about 9 a.m. and wandered about as voters headed in.

Police were able contact a nearby farmer, who retrieved the pig from the high school parking lot.

Robo Rubio

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio isn’t being allowed to forget a debate performance that's been widely mocked as "robotic."

Two men dressed as robots have been following him ever since and they were there at a polling place in Manchester.

Rubio supporters used their signs to try to block “Rubio Robot” and “Rubio Talking Points 3000” from view.

Rubio appeared rattled during the debate when Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey made fun of his scripted manner and “30-second speech.”

[[368229341, C]]

That could have been awkward

Wouldn't you know that Hillary Clinton would run into Carly Fiorina’s husband, Frank, at a polling place at a middle school in Derry. 

“Isn’t it amazing?” Clinton asked Fiorina.

He agreed that the people at the polls were amazing but joked that he was not crazy about the snow.

“Give my best to Carly,” Clinton told him.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Pelham Police Dept.
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Firefighters, Animal Control Rescue Dogs from Plunge in Icy Pond


Firefighters and animal control officers made a rescue on the ice on Tuesday when they pulled two Huskies to safety after they fell into a partially frozen over pond in Guilford.

Firefighters pulled the dogs out of the ice on Mill Pond this morning and said they are doing well at a vet in Guilford.


Firefighters were looking for the owners and they have since located the people. 

The Guilford Police animal shelter helped with the rescue.


"It was a very scary situation that thankfully ended well," a post on their Facebook page says. "The dogs are both warming up and doing well and the owner has been notified. Great job to the Guilford firefighters!"

Photo Credit: Danielle D'Auria, Guilford Animal Control Officer
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Light Snow Accumulations Anticipated Tomorrow


Snow is expected to accumulate once again tomorrow, though it shouldn't be much.

First Alert forecasters caution that this is a low confidence forecast. A small shift in an upper-level disturbance could mean several inches of difference in the amount of snow that falls.

With that said, periods of snow are expected tonight and especially tomorrow morning, during the morning commute and through midday. A coating to 2 inches of snow is expected by tomorrow afternoon.


The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory for the shoreline, but the rest of Connecticut doesn't have any weather alerts for tomorrow's snow.

The snow will make roads slippery with temperatures in the 30s tomorrow.

Snow showers are in the forecast for Thursday as a blast of Arctic air moves in. Temperatures will peak in the 20s but fall through the afternoon.

It should be a nice close to the work week on Friday, with temperatures in the 20s, but that doesn't foreshadow what's in the pipes for this weekend.

The coldest air so far this season and perhaps of the entire winter will arrive on Saturday.

Flurries are possible Saturday morning, with temperatures only rising into the teens.

Morning lows will be below zero Sunday and Monday mornings. With a gusty wind, it will feel like 30 below zero Sunday morning.

Both Sunday and Monday appear dry, with lots of sun Sunday and a blend of clouds and sun on Monday.

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70 Percent of Bay Area Rapid Transit's Cameras Are Fake


Out of nearly 700 BART cars with cameras on board, 70 percent are decoys, NBC Bay Area has learned.

An additional 7 percent are either not working or not active, leaving 23 percent of the agency's surveillance cameras in good working order.

Those numbers came to light officially on Tuesday following a California Public Records request seeking information regarding the transit agency's working cameras. The San Francisco Chronicle first reported that Bay Area Rapid Transit used some percentage of fake cameras after a fatal shooting at the West Oakland BART station on Jan. 9.

Until now, the total number of real and fake cameras was not formally made public.

But, in a letter from BART's counsel, the transit agency acknowledged that 470 of the 669 BART cars have decoy cameras, nine aren't working and 39 are in an experimental stage. BART says all the cameras on its platforms are real and in working order.

The fact that the vast majority of BART cameras are plastic decoys with blinking LED lights surprised politicians and leaders when the news was revealed in mid January.  BART then announced the agency would buy real cameras on the trains, a fact that spokeswoman Alicia Trost reiterated on Tuesday.

"Once the public felt they weren't safe, we said we'd buy the cameras," Trost said. She said the decoy cameras were originally bought in the 1990s as anti-graffiti crime deterrents. "And they worked," she added.

Still, the public outcry pushed BART to purchase the new cameras, which need to be installed a few at a time during off hours. Trost said she did not know just how long that would take. BART said the new cameras would cost $1.42 million and come out of the agency's operational budget.

She also added that many transit agencies do not use any cameras at all on their trains, though the Chicago Transit Agency boasts 23,000 working surveillance cameras, which have led to the arrests of 926 people since June 2011.

But when 19-year-old Carlos Misael Funez-Romero of Antioch was killed on a BART train -- the first such death since the 1990s -- the public wanted video of it. It was then that the news about BART's non-working cameras came to light.

There is a $10,000 reward for information in the case.

Photo Credit: Jodi Hernandez/NBC Bay Area
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