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Police Search for Tips in 30-Year-Old Murder of Norwalk Girl


Police have been investigating the murder and sexual assault of an 11-year-old girl in Norwalk for nearly 30 years and they are hoping that advancements in DNA technology will help identify the person who killed Kathleen Flynn. 

When Kathleen failed to make it home by 3:15 p.m. on Sept. 23, 1986, her mother reported her missing drove to the school and checked the surrounding neighborhoods, but Kathleen was nowhere to be found. 

Her normal walk home from school included the path that leads to Hunters Lane, and then to Fillow Street and some of Kathleen’s friends said they say he walking toward the beginning of the path by the tennis courts a few minutes after school ended, according to police.

Flynn’s family contacted police at 5:12 p.m. and an extensive search began. 

Kathleen’s body was eventually found in a secluded wooded area over 100 feet from the path. 

Police continue to investigate and ask anyone with information to contact Lt. Art Weisgerber at (203) 854-3028 or aweisgerber@norwalkct.org.

You can send anonymous Internet tips through the Norwalk police website at www.norwalkpd.com or by typing “NPD” into the text field, followed by the message and sending it to CRIMES (274637).

Photo Credit: Norwich Police

2 Motorcycles Crash in East Haddam, Operator Seriously Injured

Navajo Suspect Pleads Not Guilty to Additional Charges


A New Mexico man accused of kidnapping and killing 11-year-old Ashlynne Mike on Navajo Nation land last month pleaded not guilty Tuesday to new charges, one of them involving her 9-year-old brother.

Tom Begaye Jr., 27, of Waterflow, New Mexico, pleaded not guilty in U.S. District Court in Albuquerque to two additional counts of aggravated sexual abuse resulting in death in the killing of Ashlynne and to an additional count of kidnapping of a minor in the case of her brother, identified in charging documents only as "John Doe."

Begaye, also a member of the Navajo Nation, has already pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree murder, kidnapping, kidnapping of a minor and committing a crime on an Indian reservation, NBC News reported.

Photo Credit: San Juan County, N.M. Detention Center /AP

'The Struggle Continues': What Can Sanders Do Now?


A defiant Bernie Sanders stood in front of a packed crowd Tuesday night and promised to continue his fight for the Democratic presidential nomination despite almost overwhelming odds.

Hillary Clinton became the party's presumptive nominee before California, New Jersey and four other states voted Tuesday — prompting even more questions about what her rival will do now.

Much of the political world Clinton's own sweeping speech Tuesday as a coronation, but Sanders made it clear with forward-looking remarks promising a fight all the way to July's nominating convention that, no matter what happens, he wants to use the momentum of this campaign to affect real political change in America.

"If this campaign has proven anything, it has proven that millions of Americans who love this country are prepared to stand up and fight to make this country a much better place," he concluded. "Thank you all! The struggle continues."

Still, Sanders is coming under increasing pressure to end his campaign so that Democrats can focus on Republican Donald Trump.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi endorsed Clinton Tuesday morning as her state went to the polls, and The Associated Press reported that President Barack Obama is readying his formal support too. Late Tuesday, the White House announced that Obama would meet with Sanders on Thursday at the senator's request. 

"The President looks forward to continuing the conversation with Senator Sanders about how to build on the extraordinary work he has done to engage millions of Democratic voters, and to build on that enthusiasm in the weeks and months ahead," the statement said.

Votes were still being counted in California late Tuesday night, but Clinton was projected the winner in New Jersey and New Mexico and declared the apparent winner in South Dakota, according to NBC News. Sanders was projected the winner in North Dakota and Montana.

Clinton had a double-digit lead in California when Sanders took the stage. Nate Silver's political forecasting website FiveThirtyEight had put Clinton's chances of winning in California as high as 89 percent.

Sanders has not backed away from trying to persuade superdelegates who have committed to Clinton to switch their support to him.

"Our goal is to get as many delegates as we possibly can and to make the case to superdelegates that I believe the evidence is fairly strong that I am the strongest candidate," Sanders said to reporters in California on Monday.

But Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist Institute of Public Opinion, said that there was no indication Sanders would be able to convince superdelegates to switch allegiances. 

"So there's not really a pathway for him at this point, a realistic one I should say," he said.

Clinton crossed the 2,383-delegate threshold needed to clinch the Democratic nomination Monday, and she frequently notes that she's accrued three million more votes in primaries and caucuses than Sanders.

Sanders told NBC News that he was upset about the timing of The AP's announcement and concerned about how it surveyed superdelegates about their commitments.

"They got on the phone as I understand it, and started hounding superdelegates to tell them in an anonymous way who they were voting for. The night before the largest primary, biggest primary in the whole process, they make this announcement," he said. "So I was really disappointed in what The AP did."

David Brady, a professor of political science at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, noted that both Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton had long campaigned for Democrats and raised money for them. Sanders is an independent. 

"He's never done anything for the Democratic party," he said. "This is his moment in the sun."

And his backers would be unlikely to vote for Trump, Brady said.

In a speech in New York Tuesday night, Trump appealed directly to those voting for Sanders.

"To all of those Bernie Sanders supporters who have been left out in the cold by a rigged system of superdelegates, we welcome you with open arms," he said.

He also went after Clinton, accusing her and her husband of selling access, favors and government contracts for hundreds of millions of dollars, attacking the former secretary of state's foreign policy record and appealing directly to Sanders' supporters.

Clinton claimed her historic victory at a rally at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. After Tuesday night she will have a majority of the pledged delegates, she said.

"Thanks to you, we've reached a milestone -- the first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party's nominee," she said. "Tonight's victory is not about one person. It belongs to generations of women and men who struggled and sacrificed and made this moment possible."

She was introduced by a video focusing on barriers broken, from the suffragettes who gathered for a women's rights convention in Seneca Falls, New York, in 1848 to her candidacy.

She took the fight to Trump, saying he was temperamentally unfit to be president, a man who would take the United States backwards. 

"When Donald Trump says a distinguished jurist born in Indiana can't do his job because of his Mexican heritage or he mocks a reporter with disabilites or calls women pigs, it goes against everything we stand for," she said. "Because we want an America where everyone is treated with respect."

She congratulated Sanders on an extraordinary campaign that had been good for the Democratic party and the United States and urged her audience to remember what united them as they looked to the battle ahead. 

In his speech Tuesday, Sanders congratulated Clinton as well.

David McCuan, a professor of politics at Sonoma State University, called California the Disneyland of politics, more sizzle than steak, as Clinton sewed up the nomination.

But Sanders' goal is broader than the presidential race: He wants to remake the Democratic party and move it to the left, McCuan said. And he is preparing for future elections in 2018 and beyond, when both parties will be facing rapid demographic shifts, McCuan said.

"Part of the reason he's been here is about building a farm team up and down the ballot,” McCuan said.

Sanders hinted at that Tuesday. One of the lines that received the loudest, longest cheers was almost a statement of intent in which Sanders looked beyond the 2016 election: "We understand that our mission is more than just defeating Trump, it is transforming our country."

NBC's Asher Klein contributed to this report.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Branford Police Investigating Possible School Threat Concern


Branford police are investigating a possible threat concern that appeared on a social media website on Tuesday, police said. 

Police said they are working with Branford school officials to investigate a threat concerning the Walsh Intermediate School. 

"At this point, there is no credible information to substantiate the threat," Captain Geoffrey Morgan said. "However, the investigation is ongoing."

As of Tuesday night, police said there were no plans for extra patrols on campus "unless the investigation discloses that that is warranted."

Photo Credit: NBC Connecticut

Memorabilia Removed From Newington Cemetery Gravesites


People visiting their loved ones at a West Meadows Cemetery in Newington are outraged as to why some of their memorabilia was found laying outside in the back of the cemetery’s operations building.

Some want to know why the cemetery is removing the items.

Patty Fink said she noticed some items were missing from her father’s grave during Memorial Day weekend and in the last three years she’s been visiting her father nothing has ever been touched.

"I thought it had been stolen. I didn’t think that they took it. I came today to report things stolen from his grave,” said Fink, of Southington.

The items were taken from gravesites and placed outside in the back of the operations building at the cemetery, along with dozens of angels, flowers and wreaths.

While not all memorabilia was removed, it's unclear why some items remain.

While, Fink said cemetery officials never made her aware that items were going to be removed from gravesites, a sign posted at the cemetery stated cemetery clean up begins Mar. 15 and to remove decorations.

Fink said no matter the reason, it shouldn’t be up to the cemetery to remove memorabilia that are so personal.

“If they only called me, I would have come and removed this,” said Fink who collected a wreath, but was still missing a flower pot.

“I’m hurt, I’m very, very hurt it’s very personal and I mean it’s an invasion, this is a memoriam to my father and it’s not right.”

Cemetery workers told Fink she could pick up her removed belongings from behind the cemetery’s operations building.

Cemetery maintenance crews told NBC Connecticut off-camera the items were removed because it was hard to mow around them.

"It appears there was a breakdown in communication between the cemetery operations and the families buried there," said Newington Mayor Roy Zartarian.

"We are working to address the issue to improve the communication and the council will be looking at the ordinance governing what may be placed on graves and at what point during the year."

NBC Connecticut reached out to cemetery administrators and Newington’s superintendent of parks and recreation multiple times. 

Photo Credit: NBC Connecticut

South Windsor Votes on Crumbling Foundations


A tiny bit of relief for homeowners suffering from crumbling foundations in South Windsor.

The town council voted unanimously to pass a resolution aimed at assisting those with the cost of replacing their failing foundations.

Local contractors are booked solid installing beams, to lift homes to replace those crumbling concrete foundations.

Work to the tune of almost $200,000 is being done here on Chimney Sweep Hill Road in Glastonbury.

On Monday night in South Windsor, council members voted all in favor to pass a resolution waiving building permit fees for the replacement of the failing foundations-- including for flooring, footings and basement walls.

South Windsor Mayor Tom Delnicki said there are dozens of people in his community with the problem and the town formed a committee to see what they could do to help, offsetting the problems by as much as a few thousand dollars.

Delnicki told the NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters, “One of those things that came up during one of those meetings was waiving building permit fees for the remediation and repair for a crumbling foundation, so that we could give the folks a little bit of relief here because this is a really terrible situation they’re going through.”

Don Childree is a local contractor booked through 2017 to help fix these crumbling foundations and he said, “There should be no permit fees for any of this stuff, this is ridiculous to have to pay a permit fee for a job like this, for the homeowner coming up with this kind of money in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and you’ve got to add insult to injury by paying a two-three thousand dollar permit fee seems ridiculous to me."

In May, JJ Mottes Company and Becker’s Construction agreed to temporarily stop selling the aggregate from Becker’s quarry that is believed was used for these residential foundations until June of 2017. The companies have previously stated the crumbling foundations are an issue of improper installation and not the result of their materials.

Meanwhile, 225 complaints so far, have been filed with the Department of Consumer Protection.

That agency urges others to come forward as they continue their investigation.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Southwest Airlines 72-Hour Sale


Want to get away?

Southwest Airlines can make that happen at a low cost for passengers. The airline is currently running its popular 72-hour sale, advertising some round-trip tickets for under $100, KCRA reported.

Folks can take off out of Oakland to a number of west coast cities including Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Diego for just $49 one-way. The same is true for travelers wishing to embark out of San Jose and San Francisco, according to Southwest's website.

As with some things that may be too good to be true, restrictions only allow passengers to travel between certain time periods, according to KCRA.

Travel within the U.S. is allowed between Aug. 23 and Dec. 14. Travel abroad is valid between Aug. 23 and Dec. 13, according to Southwest.

The sale ends Thursday night.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/File

Questions Surround Hartford Ballpark as Construction Stops


The City of Hartford gave Centerplan Construction and DoNo Hartford LLC until 5PM Tuesday to in effect vacate the site and "demobilize" with any construction equipment.

The deadline was put in place one day after the city notified the contractor and the developer that it would terminate its contract with them for the stadium.

Jason Rudnick, the manager of DoNo Hartford LLC told reporters Monday that the decision to terminate their contract was a decision to put "politics over sound business principles."

Earlier Tuesday, some subcontractors were still straggling around the stadium working and cleaning up.

Mayor Luke Bronin told reporters Tuesday that he could understand that Centerplan and DoNo may feel "embarrassed" over the way the project turned out, months behind schedule and millions over budget.

To that end, the mayor who inherited the stadium development, said the city will look to recoup the millions spent to ensure the stadium was complete by May 17.

“We will not be shy about asserting our claim that they take responsibility for the project, move it along, and finance the gap," he said.

It's expected that Arch Insurance, the firm that holds the surety for the bonds for the stadium, will arrive in Hartford in the coming weeks to inspect the site, and make a determination as to how much work is needed, whether the work is adequate and whether Centerplan will continue as the construction company.

The Hartford Stadium Authority Chairman, Charles Mathews, said he would tell the company to go in a new direction for the completion of the ballpark.

"They could elect to go with DoNo and Centerplan. That would not be my recommendation because I think they need serious construction management supervision.”

One part of the DoNo development that was announced late last year by Centerplan and the City of Hartford was for a Hard Rock Hotel that was to be located across the street from the baseball stadium.

While, the website for the company promotes a future Hartford location, Mayor Luke Bronin was skeptical Tuesday.

"I haven’t heard anything about a Hard Rock Hotel in quite a while and I’m not sure how far along that really got and as we’ve seen from this process from the last administration, working in partnership with DoNo and Centerplan, press conferences don’t always turn out to be what people claim.”

Yard Goats General Manager Tim Restall told NBC Connecticut to expect an announcement tomorrow regarding where the Yard Goats will play their remaining home games, or at least until Dunkin' Donuts Park is complete.

“We’re working with the league on different scenarios going forward so that the Yard Goats will be playing baseball whether it’s Hartford, or Norwich, or in another town in the Eastern League. Baseball will be played.”

Photo Credit: NBC Connecticut

More Layoffs to Come for Connecticut State Departments


Governor Dannel Malloy's administration announced 19 new layoffs on Tuesday.

According to the state's office of policy and management, part of Malloy's administration, so far 712 people out of a 31,200 person state executive branch workforce have been eliminated.

More layoffs are to come, and the total could reach as high as 2,500 or even more when they are finished.

The layoffs are part of the plan to close the state's budget deficit which before lawmakers approved a state budget that nearly closed it, approached a billion dollars.

The governor sought concessions and givebacks from organized labor and when he was rebuffed went ahead with an aggressive layoff plan.

So far, 785 total notices have been sent out, but only 712 positions have been eliminated due to bumping rights unions have in their contracts.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Restrictive Marine Tattoo Policy


The Marine Corps has rolled out a new policy for service members who want tattoos.

The memo to service members was sent out Friday and seeks to “ensure that all Marines with tattoos adhere to the policy outlined in this bulletin in order to maintain the disciplined appearance expected of our profession.”

The new policy puts limitations on where service members can have tattoos on their bodies, as well as the number they can have.

Among the restrictions, Marines can’t have tattoos on their heads, necks and mouth areas. They also can’t have tattoos above their collarbones.

Tattoos on “the chest or back must be covered by wearing a properly fitting crewneck T-shirt with no portion of the tattoo showing,” the memo states.

In addition, Marines cannot have full, single-band arm tattoos.

The new policy is among a growing movement of the military to clarify body art guidelines as it seeks to attract millennials.

In April, the Navy rolled out a new policy, loosening its stance on tattoos.

Threats Made Against Judge in Brock Turner Rape Case


The California judge criticized for handing down what many saw as a too-light sentence to a former Stanford student convicted of sexual assault has received threats against him and his family, NBC News reported.

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky on Thursday sentenced 20-year-old Brock Turner to six months in prison and three years' probation for raping an unconscious woman outside a frat party last year. He will also have to register as a sex offender for life.

Since the sentence and the resulting furor online and elsewhere, "more than a handful" of anonymous callers have phoned court staff with insulting or threatening messages, said Gary Goodman, a deputy public defender with the county.

"A lot of them are extremely rude and are just horrible and horrific ... I hope you die and your family gets raped, things of that nature," Goodman said. "You've got to be out of your mind to talk that way."

Photo Credit: Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office

Ex-Stratford High Teacher Accused of Inappropriate Behavior


A former Stratford High School math teacher accused of inappropriate behavior with students has been arrested. 

School officials identified the teacher as Gregg Gustafson, 46, of Bridgeport, who taught math at the school for the last five years.

Dr. Janet Robinson, the Stratford schools superintendent, said Gustafson went to a student's house and wrestled with them. 

"Even though it's not sexual in nature, it's inappropriate particularly for a teacher," Robinson said. 

The investigation started on Feb. 25, when police received a complaint about Gustafson’s alleged inappropriate actions with some of his students and Robinson released a statement, saying she suspended him immediately and he resigned on March 31. 

A parent of two male students said Gustafson came over their house as an "unofficial" tutor in February, according to court documents. 

Survelliance video set up in the home purportedly shows Gustafson tickling and wreslting the boys while their parents weren't home.

One minor told police Gustafson had given him several "wedgies" and even ripped his underwear, according to the arrest warrants. 

The boy also said that Gustafson had tied his hands up, put a rope around his neck and when the boy tried to "tap out", the teacher said "no". 

When the boy's parent came out, Gustafson allegedly said, "Go hug and kiss your mom. You better be happy she came and saved your life. Make sure you smile when you hug her," the arrest warrant said. 

The boy made two videos of his stretched out and ripped boxers. Gustafson allegedly asked for the videos to get deleted, police said. 

Gustafson was charged with tampering with a witness, criminal attempt at bribery of a witness and tampering with or fabricating evidence.

“While I have been assured by investigators that this case doesn’t appear to be sexual in nature, any inappropriate behavior involving our students will not be tolerated,” Robinson said in a statement. 

Gustafson was released on a $25,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in Bridgeport Court on June 14. 

Photo Credit: Stratford Police

Westport Couple Accused of Shooting Arrows on Neighbor's Lawn


A Westport couple who prompted a barricaded situation last month has been arrested again after video showed the pair shooting arrows into their neighbor's yard, police said.

Kyle and Carrie Owen were both arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and first-degree trespassing, according to Westport Police. 

A survellience video purportedly shows the Owens trespassing on their neighbor's property several times in the last week, police said. 

Police said the coulple was shooting arrows and throwing large rocks into the neighbor's yard on separate occasions. 

Last month, the same couple was involved in a police stand-off situation at their home on Richmondville Avenue. At one point, Kyle Owen showed up at the door holding a hatchet, police said.

Both bonds were set at $5,000 and the couple is expected to appear in court on June 16.  

Photo Credit: Westport Police

Manchester Liquor Distributor Locks Out Union Employees


Hartford Distributors Incorporated, an alcohol distributor in Manchester,  locked out union employees at 7 a.m. on Wednesday because the union and company have not reached a contractual agreement.

The contract between HDI and Teamsters Local 1035 expired on April 30.

The roughly 120 warehouse employees and drivers have been working under the terms and conditions of the prior contract, while working to negotiate new terms.

However on Saturday, June 4, the principal officer received a letter from HDI notifying them there would be a lockout if an agreement was not reached.

“I have been a business agent for 27 years negotiating contracts. This is the first time I have ever had a company lock us out when we are sitting down and negotiating,” Chris Roos, the principal officer for Teamsters Local 1035, said. 

The contract that ended on April 30 was extended from 2013. The first time it was extended for two years. The second time, it was extended for one year. 

Douglas Norwood, of Manchester, has worked for HDI for 30 years and said he feels a sense of betrayal. 

“They told us to give them a year to straighten things out and then they didn’t. It seems like they are trying to force us out and we didn’t go, so they locked us out,” Norwood said. 

He and his fellow union workers want to work, Norwood said. 

“We don’t mind doing more for them. They want us to take more cases, they always have and we’re not against that if they just do certain things to make it easier for us on the road,” Norwood said. 

Until the dispute is settled, it appears that HDI has contracted other drivers to make deliveries as trucks were seen leaving the company on Wednesday. 

Roos said the nightshift employees loaded 20 trucks before the lockout started and, typically, about 60 trucks go out for deliveries per day. 

Union workers held signs in front of the business Wednesday to let the community know the circumstances surrounding the lockout. 

“We did a lot to support this company through the years to keep them going. We’re looking for community support to help our employees get back to work,” Roos said. 

NBC Connecticut reached out to HDI and its attorney for a comment, but we did not recieve an immediate response. 

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Residents Moved to Hotel After Hartford Fire


Dozens of tenants are displaced after a fire ripped through an apartment building on Laurel Street in Hartford late Monday evening. 

Officials said on Tuesday morning that cooking likely caused the fire at 270 Laurel Street just after 9 p.m. and some residents were trapped inside. 

"I was one of the last people to get processed," Tony Little, a tenant, said. 

For the next couple of days, Little and nearly 60 other residents, will be staying at the Super Eight in Hartford because of the fire. 

"Some people got trapped upstairs and the firemen had to use the ladder. People were jumping out windows and stuff," Paul Davis, another resident, said. 

Davis returned to the charred building where officials say more than 20 units are damaged. 

After nearly an hour, multiple fire crews were able to control flames climbing from the third floor to the roof. 

"Nightmare, all the flames and stuff," Davis said. 

"It's a large building, but as large as it is, we are pretty much like a community," Little said. 

Before tenants rushed out the burning building, most came together to ensure no one was left behind, he said. 

“Even the guy who accidentally started the fire, we were helping him out too," Little said. 

Residents are anxiously awaiting the fate of their building, but said they're relieved no was hurt and they are glad to know that neighbors stick together in times of panic. 

“Even though we were all in shock and awe, we still were able hold together and knock on doors,” Little said. 

Tenants said crews have allowed them to enter the apartment to collect what they can. 

As for their stay at the motel, tenants said they will have to check out on Friday because the motel is booked for the weekend. 

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

No Evidence of Suicide in Death of Indicted Oil Man: Police


Oklahoma authorities said the March 2 car crash that killed oil man Aubrey McClendon a day after he was indicted does not appear to be suicide, NBC News reported.

McClendon, who was the founder and former CEO of Chesapeake Energy, had been indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly trying to rig oil prices. If found guilty, McClendon would have faced up to 10 years in prison.

McClendon died when he slammed his car into a highway embankment and the car burst into flames.

"We have not found anything to lead us to believe Mr. McClendon's death is a suicide," said Oklahoma City police Capt. Paco Balderrama. "We can't rule out suicide as a cause of the crash, but we have found no evidence which would lead us to believe it was a suicide."

The Oklahoma State Medical Examiner's Office is still investigating the death.

Photo Credit: KFOR

Motorcyclist Killed in Windham Crash


A motorcyclist is dead after a crash on Jordan Lane and Route 203 in Windham Wednesday morning. 

The crash was reported at 10:55 a.m. and LifeStar responded.

The road was closed, but has since reopened.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Man Charged in Hamden Home Invasion and Assault


An Enfield man has been arrested in connection with a home invasion and attack in Hamden. 

Police responded to a home on Arch Street around 10 p.m. on Thursday to investigate the report of a robbery with injuries. 

The resident, a 63 year-old man, answered the door after hearing a knock and saw a masked man dressed in dark clothing, holding a knife. 

The masked man forced his way into the home, punched the victim in the face, cut his arms several times and stole $540 from the victim’s clothing, police said. 

Police arrested Kenneth Mckay, 23, of Enfield, on Sunday and charged him with home invasion, first-degree robbery and second-degree assault on an elderly person. 

Mckay and the victim appear to know each other, according to police.

Mckay, who was detained on a $250,000 bond, is scheduled to appear in court in Meriden on June 17.

Photo Credit: Hamden Police

Repairs Continue for Water Main Break in Windsor


Repairs continue for a water main that broke on Route 159, or Windsor Avenue, at Bina Avenue in Windsor on Wednesday.

The north and southbound lanes are still closed on Route 159 at Corey Street and Route 159 at Rosemont Avenue.

Detours have been set up.

Crews from MDC saud water is on and no one is affected by the repairs.

Motorists should avoid the area and seek alternate routes.

Photo Credit: Windsor Police
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