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Crews Battle Structure Fire on Merchant Street in Bridgeport

Jose Fernandez Remembered By MLB Teams


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Bicyclist Badly Injured in Crash in Southington


A 44-year-old Southington man was badly injured when his bike hit a utility pole early Friday morning.

Police responded to Savage Street at 2:37 a.m. after they received reports of a bicyclist hitting a utility pole near Southington Country Club and found Steven Zavatkay, 44.

Police said he was riding down the hill on Savage Street, went off the road near Hacienda Circle and hit the pole. 

He was transported to St. Mary’s Hospital. 

Police are investigating and ask witnesses to call Officer Vose at 860-621-0101.

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Van Carrying Prisoners Involved in Crash on I-384

Thousands Along Shoreline Lose Power Due to Breaker Failure


Thousands of United Illuminating customers along the shoreline lost power because of a breaker failure Monday morning.

According to the company's website, more than 5,000 customers lost power just before 10:30 a.m. The hardest hit areas were North Haven, with over 3,000 customers out and Hamden with over 2,000 out.

United Illuminating officials said a breaker failure at a substation caused the outage. It was quickly repaired and as of 10:50 a.m. power had been restored to most customers. 

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Elena Delle Donne Opens Up in Video


Chicago Sky superstar Elena Delle Donne is well-known for her exploits on the court and her status as the defending WNBA MVP, but what you may not know is the story of how her bond with her sister resurrected her basketball career.

In a new video released by Gatorade, Delle Donne recounts the story of how she walked away from the UConn women’s basketball team to take care of her sister Lizzie, who has cerebral palsy and is blind and deaf.

"Lizzie has always been my strength, but going away to play college basketball meant that I had to say goodbye, and I just wasn't ready," she said. "Everybody thinks I came home to take care of her, but she was the one helping me."

She took a year off from basketball, but ultimately decided to come back to the sport and became a star at the University of Delaware. In the video, she describes how her sister’s love of the wind helped give her a new perspective on life.

"If you close your eyes, and you can't hear anything, and the wind comes across your face and blows your hair, it makes you feel a certain joy. To her, it's just pure joy and it's incredible to watch something that simple make her so happy," Delle Donne shared.

"I'll step outside after a rough practice, feel the wind, and it's like, 'Oh. There you are Liz,'" she added. "Liz has taught me so much. You don't focus on what you don't have - you celebrate what you do." 

Delle Donne has gone through other obstacles in her career as well, including contracting Lyme disease during her sophomore season. Eventually she overcame those challenges and was drafted by the Sky with the second overall pick in the 2013 WNBA Draft.

Unfortunately for Delle Donne, she has more adversity to go through now, as she’s dealing with recovery following thumb surgery earlier this month. The star forward is hoping to return to the court during the WNBA playoffs, but her timetable for recovery is unknown at this point.

Even with that latest setback, Delle Donne proves in the video that she is willing to take on any challenge, and going through adversity is something she’s become very adept at in her career.

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Memorable Moments From Presidential Debates Past


You can argue whether presidential debates have the power to swing an election, but they are a dependable source of images and sound bites that help color voters' perception of the candidates - for good and for bad. It began with the first televised debate between a tanned and vibrant John F. Kennedy and a peaked, flu-wracked Richard M. Nixon in 1960 and continued through 2012, when Mitt Romney's story about "binders full of women." Countless quips, gaffes and zingers have occurred in the intervening years. Here are some of the most memorable, in chronological order.

Welcome to television, Mr. Nixon

Pollsters found that people who listened to this debate on the radio thought that Nixon, the vice president, beat Kennedy. But those who followed on television, where Kennedy's youth and poise contrasted with Nixon's age and dourness, sided with Kennedy, who won the election. No single moment of this debate stands out; the entire episode illustrates how Nixon underestimated the power of television. Nixon would later run for president and win, but he refused to debate ever again.

Ford's foreign policy blunder

President Gerald Ford, who ascended to office after Nixon's resignation, was challenged by former Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter in 1976. In this clip from the second of three debates, Ford tells an incredulous Max Frankel that "There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe, and there never will be under a Ford administration." Carter would later say that the debates helped him win the election.

Reagan's zingers

Carter and former California Gov. Ronald Reagan debated only once in 1980, a week before election day, and Reagan showed himself adept at two key debate techniques: affably diffusing an attack and distilling a candidacy down to a single phrase. When Carter criticized Reagan's position on Medicaid, Reagan quipped, "There you go again." And during his closing arguments, Reagan asked voters to ask themselves: "Are you better off than you were four years ago?" Both lines became classics, and Reagan won by a landslide.

Carter's Amy speech

Reagan's inspiring performance stood in stark contrast to Carter's flatness. That was exposed in his closing arguments, when he finished an argument about nuclear weapons by invoking his daughter, Amy. Some analysts point to this remark as the debate's worst.

Reagan strikes back

Reagan was challenged in 1984 by Walter Mondale, who'd served as vice president under Carter. Reagan maintained a large lead for most of the campaign. But Mondale appeared to gain ground in their first debate, when Reagan, who was, at 73, the oldest sitting president, appeared tired and a little disoriented. In the second debate, Reagan again showed his knack for amiably diffusing criticism by addressing the age issue head-on.

The rape question

The 1988 race between Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis and Vice President George H.W. Bush featured two debates, the first of which was largely uneventful. But the second began with journalist Bernard Shaw asking Dukakis if he would support the death penalty for someone who raped and killed his wife. Dukakis, a staunch opponent of capital punishment, answered resolutely that he would not, but the dryness of his response cemented the prevailing image of him as reserved and stiff. Soon after the debate, Bush began to climb in the polls.

Perot's "giant sucking sound"

The series of debates in 1992 featured three candidates: President Bush, former Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton and independent candidate Ross Perot, whose campaign was fueled by anti-Washington anger. Bush and Clinton spent much of the first debate attacking each other, and voters reacted in polls by declaring Perot the winner. In the second, Perot's straight-talking, humorous delivery reached a crescendo in his opening remarks, when he went on a tirade against the North American Free Trade Agreement, predicting that it would result in a massive loss of jobs to Mexico. The line became an instant hit.

Bush checks his watch

Later in the second debate of 1992, a member of the audience stood to ask the candidates a question about how the national debt had affected them personally. From the back of the stage, Bush glanced at his watch and then botched the question, struggling to explain himself before admitting, "I'm not sure I get it." A few minutes later, Clinton gave an impassioned response, and the debate was as good as won.

Gore tries to intimidate Bush

The last of three debates between Vice President Al Gore and Texas Gov. George W. Bush in 2000 was held in a town-hall meeting style, leaving the candidates free to roam the stage while answering questions. The exchanges between Bush and Gore had become increasingly testy, with Gore at times expressing impatience with Bush's answers. That tension came to a head during Bush's attempt to explain how he thought the two men differed. Gore stood up and approached Bush in what seemed to be an effort to intimidate him. But Bush's handling of it gave him the upper hand.

McCain: “that one”

The 2008 race featured three debates between Senators Barack Obama and John McCain. In the second, a town-hall style meeting, the candidates largely refrained from attacking each other's character but parried on policy in what was generally considered a boring exchange. Perhaps that is why the Democrats and the media fixated on a slight blunder by McCain as he tried to explain the two men's differences on energy policy. Emphasizing a point, he referred to Obama as "that one," which Obama's campaign tried to exploit as evidence that McCain was out of sorts and irascible. T-shirts and Facebook pages mocking the phrase sprouted up. Pundits argued whether it was that bad of a mistake, but it became the most discussed aspect of the debate, and that wasn't good for McCain.

Romney's "binders full of women"

In in answering a question about pay equity for women, Mitt Romney said during the 2012 presidential debate that as governor of Massachusetts he made an effort to include women in his administration. He said his team reached out to several women groups to find applicants and got "binders full of women." The commentary about Romney's phrase took off online even before his second debate with President Barack Obama wrapped up. 

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Police Crack Down on ATV Use in Hartford, Newington


Hartford police arrested eight police during a crackdown on illegal operation of ATVs and motorcycles.

Newington police said that on Sunday they worked with the Hartford Police Department Traffic Division on the enforcement.

Newington police said Hartford made eight arrests on various charges. Police also seized a total of nine ATVs and motorcycles.

More details were not available.

Hartford police said illegal ATV, motorcycle and dirt bike riding causes major issues on city streets and cause a nuisance for neighbors. Police said they're difficult to catch because most riders don't pull over for signal lights and police cannot pursue them.

Wet Tuesday Morning Commute Expected


Beneficial rain will arrive after midnight Tuesday morning and fall heavy at times during the morning commute.

Up to a half inch of rain is possible.

While increasing sunshine is expected Tuesday afternoon, the forecast for the rest of the week is quite unsettled.

An upper-level low pressure system will impact Connecticut's forecast starting midweek.

While it won't move directly overhead, it will be close enough to spread in cloud cover and deliver a few showers from time to time.

Wednesday should be mostly sunny with highs in the lower 70s.

But by Thursday, it will turn mostly cloudy and there will be showers at times.

That weather continues into the weekend.

Bridgeport Police Investigate Fatal Shooting at Restaurant


Bridgeport police said a man was killed in a shooting Sunday night.

According to police, the shooting happened at the El Paraiso Restaurant at 1026 Madison Avenue around 10 p.m. The victim was taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital where he died from his wound.

Police have not publicly identified the victim at this time.

More information was not immediately available. Check back for updates.

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Grand Avenue in New Haven Closed for Construction


A portion of Grand Street in New Haven closed Monday as part of a plan to overhaul the Providence and Wooster Railroad crossing.

City officials said the road will close between James Street and East Street for four weeks, until October 23. Pedestrians and bicyclists will still have access, but bikers may be asked to walk through the construction zone.

Vehicles will be detoured around to Chapel Avenue.

According to city officials, the work is part of a federal project to make railroad crossings safer. Crews will install gates and add a rubberized crossing to make the ride over the tracks smoother.

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Man Sexually Assaulted Friend’s Mom: Police


A Pennsylvania man who was arrested early Monday morning in Westport is accused of trying to sexually assault his friend’s mother in her home. 

Police responded to a local home at 12:30 a.m. Monday and the victim told police she woke up to find her son’s friend, 22-year-old Charles Ayala, of Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, standing over her while she was in bed and he was trying to unbuckle his pants. 

As officers investigated, they determined that Ayala and the victim’s son has been out partying, both at the victim’s home and at a home on Inwood Lane earlier in the night, and Ayala got drunk, police said. 

Ayala’s friend then brought him back to the other house and left him the car for the night, but Ayala returned to the victim’s home around midnight and went into the house, police said. 

The woman said she woke when Ayala turned the lights on and she saw him walking toward her. 

She was able to push by him and run downstairs, but Ayala followed her downstairs and touched her inappropriately, police said. 

She then ran to the kitchen, grabbed her phone and went outside. 

When she banged on a neighbor's door for help, Ayala placed both of his hands on her shoulders and began pulling her toward him, police said, but the neighbor pulled the victim inside and told Ayala to leave. 

Ayala went back inside the victim’s home and the woman was not injured, but Ayala then fought with the victim’s son and another friend when they arrived to help the woman, according to police. 

Ayala was charged with first-degree burglary, creating a public disturbance, fourth-degree sexual assault and second-degree unlawful restraint. 

He was held on a $100,000 bond, which was reduced to $25,000. It’s not clear if he has an attorney.

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Man Braves Iowa Flood Waters to Save Deer


An Iowa man risks his own life to save a deer from Cedar River floodwaters.

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11-Year-Old Hartford Girl Reported Missing


Police have issued a Silver Alert for a missing 11-year-old Hartford girl.

Angelis Roman was last seen today and she was wearing a white shirt and khaki pants when she was last seen. She was carrying a purple backpack.

Angelis has brown hair and brown eyes. She is 5-feet-1 and weighs 145 pounds. 

Anyone with information on where she is should call Hartford Police at (860) 757-4000.

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3 Hospitalized After Fire Suppression System Malfunction in Deep River


Three people were sent to the hospital after a fire suppression system malfunction at a gas station in Deep River went off, according to the fire chief.

The system released a white powder at the Cumberland Farms at 177 Main St.on Monday and the fire department was dispatched at 12:33 p.m.

"Although the cause of the malfunction has yet to be determined, it has been confirmed that no fire took place," s statement from Cumberland Farms says.

White said a few customers who were pumping gas at the time were taken to the hospital as a precaution.

"We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience this has caused to the community and to our customers," White said.

The fire chief also said there did not appear to be a fire.

About 250 pounds of the sodium bicarbonate-based chemical was released, DEEP official said.

"It was horrible they were covered with baking soda basically. Just really head to toe. A couple of people inhaled quite a bit and those are the people that were taken away," First Selectman Angus McDonald said.

Officials said the Cumberland Farms store was cleared to open at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday.  

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Clinton Leads Trump by 5 Ahead of 1st Debate: Poll


Hillary Clinton takes a five-point lead among likely voters over Donald Trump into Monday night's presidential debate, according to the latest NBC NewsSurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking Poll, released hours before the debate kicked off.

Clinton's 45-40 lead over Trump was unchanged from the week before, the poll found. But Clinton's head-to-head matchup with Trump improved by two points over the previous week, and she now leads him 51-44, NBC News reported.

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson trails the front-runners with 10 percent of those surveyed in the online poll, from September 19 through September 25. Green Party candidate Jill Stein has 3 percent support.

Clinton leads among millennials and gained ground in the 18-29 age group, where the third-party candidates maintained comparatively large bastions of support, while only 5 percent of those 65 and over support Johnson and only 1 percent support Stein.

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Fact-Checking 1st General Election Debate


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New Haven Officials Hope New Boathouse Revitalizes City’s Waterfront District


Construction is underway on New Haven’s new Canal Dock Boathouse on the city’s Long Wharf.

"While we celebrate this brand new exciting and innovative boathouse," New Haven Mayor Toni Harp said. "We’re also paying tribute to new haven’s rich maritime history."

It is a project years in the making that elected officials say will help rejuvenate New Haven’s waterfront district.

"The project will provide much needed repairs," Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro said. "It’s going to help improve Long Wharf for the enjoyment of a whole new generation."

The City of New Haven will own the $40 million boathouse, paid fully by state and federal funds, Mayor Harp said.

The non-profit Canal Dock Boathouse Inc. (CDBI) will operate the facility and organize programs.

Many of the activities will be aimed at bringing local youth to the waterfront, CDBI President John Pescatore said.

"They’re the ones who are going to be around taking care of the harbor, taking care of the river, taking of our environment in the future," he said.

Once complete, this boathouse will be the new home base of Veterans Rowing and Kayaking, an organization serving veterans with both physical and mental health disabilities, like post-traumatic stress disorder.

"We have recreational rehabilitation, adaptive rowing and kayaking and we also have a competitive program as well for those that want to compete," said Paul Stephen Varsegi from Veterans Rowing and Kayking.

The architects from Greg Wies & Gardner are incorporating design elements from the old Yale boathouse into this modern, two-story facility being built on an acre plus concrete platform. The historic Adee Boathouse on New Haven harbor was demolished as part of the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge project.

"We hope that the structure, the beauty of the structure, it architectural significance will attract more people to come down," Pescatore said.

The Canal Dock Boathouse is expected to be finished in late fall of 2017.

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Clinton vs. Trump Debate: Social Media Reacts


The presidential nominees sparred for 99 minutes in their first presidential debate held at Hofstra University Monday night.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton tackled the economy, ISIS, taxes and the president's birth status. They also took jabs at one another, and plenty of them.

"I have a feeling by the end of this debate I'm going to be blamed for everything that's ever happened," Clinton joked.

Clinton noted that cyber security attacks were a concern, and the United States should be wary of Russia, and noted that "Donald is very praiseworthy of Vladimir Putin." 

Trump said he'd release his tax returns once Clinton provided the 33,000 emails she deleted, and that his temperment was his best asset. 

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"She doesn't have the stamina... I don't believe Hillary has the stamina" to be president, Trump said. 

The top three issues posted to Facebook by 18- to 34 year-olds during the night were ISIS, racism and discrimination and crime and criminal justice, according to Facebook. 

#TrumpSniffles began showing up on Twitter timelines in response to Trump appearing to sniffle throughout the debate. 

Social media users shared a breadth of reaction as Lester Holt of NBC News moderated the debate. 

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Top Tweets on the 1st Presidential Debate


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump didn't hold back during the first debate of the 2016 general election. Because most viewers have a habit of watching through a second (and third) screen, Twitter feeds were equally intriguing. Here are some top reactions to Clinton and Trump’s grueling debate.

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