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Police Believe They Have Found Body of Missing Tuber


Farmington Police believe they found the body of a man who disappeared in the Farmington River last Tuesday. That body was pulled from the water near Tunxis Mead Park on Monday night.

Investigators said some teens were at the boat docks around 5:30 when they saw the body floating in the water. It was about 4 miles away from where Nasir Alam went tubing with friends last week.

“The story got a lot of attention. People have been diligent about looking,” said Lt. Colin Ryan of the Farmington police.

Twenty-four-year-old Nasir Alam of East Hartford was tubing with a group last Tuesday when a storm hit, and they fell into the water. His six friends were rescued, but Alam has been missing ever since. He was not wearing a life vest and cannot swim.

“My son could never swim... He's scared of the water, he doesn't like the water," said his father Shah Alam.

NBC Connecticut spoke with his parents the day after he disappeared. They were hopeful he somehow escaped the river.

“I'm hoping he's just hurt on the side of the river bank waiting for somebody to find him. I’m not going to accept the fact he's dead until I’ve actually seen a body,” his mother Linda Alam added.

Investigators in Farmington said they called Alam’s loved ones on Monday night, and told them the body was likely his.

“Hopefully we're able to get some family some closure,” Lt. Ryan said.

The medical examiner will have to identify the body, and there was no word on how long that would take.

That office was also looking at another body that was found in the Farmington River over the weekend. It could be Rachel Greene, she disappeared in New Hartford earlier this month.

Nanny Cam: Intruder Attacks NJ Mom in Front of Child


Police are searching for a violent robber who punched and kicked a young mother in front of her 3-year-old daughter before throwing her down the stairs of her home in an upscale New Jersey community, and authorities hope footage of the attack from a nanny camera will help identify the suspect.

Chicago Blackhawks Win Stanley Cup


Peggy Kusinski gets reaction from Coach Q and players immediately after their Stanley Cup win.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Nanny Cam Shows Man Attack Mom in Front of 3-Year-Old Girl


Police are searching for the robber who punched and kicked a young mother in front of her 3-year-old daughter before throwing her down the stairs of her home in an upscale New Jersey community, and authorities hope footage of the attack captured on a nanny camera will help identify the intruder.

Millburn Police in Essex County said the woman and her daughter were watching cartoons on the couch, a baby boy asleep upstairs, when the suspect kicked in the dead-bolted door of their Cypress Street home at about 10:30 a.m. Friday and pounced on the mother.

The suspect beat the mother as the little girl watched, punching and kicking the woman at least 16 times before pushing her down the basement stairs, police said.  

The assault was captured on a nanny cam. Footage from that camera shows the woman being tossed around and beaten as her daughter (seen as a blur in the video) looks on. The mother stays nearly silent during the end of the attack.

"She stayed quiet because she didn't want to upset the 3-year-old child who was witnessing the whole crime," said Millburn Police Captain Michael Palardy, who called the brutal assault "despicable." 

The attacker appears to stop at one point to say something to the child. She was not hurt. 

The suspect took off with jewelry and valuables, including the woman's weddings rings and her purse, police said. 

The mother was taken to the hospital to be treated for a concussion and bruises to her face and body. She had several chipped teeth and received stitches near her mouth, police said. Her husband was at work in New York City at the time of the attack. 

Millburns is regularly ranked as the top school district and one of the most peaceful suburbs in New Jersey. The violence and randomness of the assault has shaken neighbors. 

"I've been living here for 25 years, and it's never happened before," said Jackie Friedman.

"I keep thinking about what if it happened to me. What would I do?" wondered Marie Crespi. "I just can't imagine.' 

Police consider the man armed and dangerous, and detectives believe he has committed similar crimes in the past. Authorities say he may have chosen the Cypress Street home because he believed it was empty; the shades were drawn and no car was in the driveway.

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Elated Blackhawks Fans Hoist Reporter


Blackhawks fans near the United Center go crazy as NBC Chicago's Rob Elgas goes live on the air, hoisting him like the Stanley Cup!

Caught On Camera: L.A. Road Rage


A dashboard-mounted camera video of an apparent road-rage incident on a Los Angeles freeway has gone viral. The nearly eight-minute video shows a man weaving in and out of traffic on the 110 Freeway, shouting racial slurs and hurling bottles and cans. Beverly White reports from downtown Los Angeles for the NBC4 News at 11 p.m. on June 24, 2013.

The Most Hotly Contested Points on Climate Change


After months of contentious debates over gun control, immigration and political scandals, President Barack Obama is finally turning his attention to another hot topic that isn’t cooling off any time soon: climate change.

In a video released over the weekend, Obama said he will deliver a speech on Tuesday to outline a “national plan to reduce carbon pollution, prepare our country for the impacts of climate change and lead global efforts to fight it.”

Obama said there is no silver bullet to solve the effects of climate change, which couldn't be more true considering the complexity of the issue. Here are some of the most debated aspects of climate change:

Global Warming - Is It Real?

NASA, the United Nations and the Environmental Protection Agency cite a large body of evidence to prove that the earth's temperature is indeed rising, and so are sea levels and the ocean's surface temperature.

“The current warming trend is of particular significance because most of it is very likely human-induced and proceeding at a rate that is unprecedented in the past 1,300 years,” according to NASA’s website.

A Pew survey says 69 percent of Americans, meanwhile, believe the earth is getting warmer.

Still, a group of sixteen prominent scientists jumped in the fray when they signed a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece in 2012 in support of the belief that global warming is a farce.

“The lack of warming for more than a decade—indeed, the smaller-than-predicted warming over the 22 years since the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change began issuing projections—suggests that computer models have greatly exaggerated how much warming additional CO2 can cause,” reads the article.

Economists and politicians opposed to tackling climate change say it will costs jobs and hinder GDP growth.

So the Earth is Getting Warmer, But Why?

Of the 69 percent of Americans in the Pew survey who say they global warming is real, opinions are split on what is causing the earth's temperature to rise. Four in 10 blame it on human activity like burning fossil fuels, while 27 percent say it's due to natural variations in climate pattern. Another 27 percent say there is no evidence of any warming.

What are the Outcomes of Global Warming?

Scientists already know the earth's rising temperature is changing the weather and climate. This means more rainfall, floods, droughts and heat waves. But is it also the cause of the recent spate of tornadoes and unpredictable jet streams?

"Global warming may well end up making [tornadoes] more frequent or intense, as our intuition would tell us," wrote Robert Kunzig for National Geographic. "But it might also actually suppress them—the science just isn't clear yet."

There is no evidence that tornadoes are happening more frequently and  data shows that the increase is only in the weakest category of twisters, Kunzig said.

As for those "wobbly" jet streams hovering over the earth and wreaking havoc on the weather, some experts say it's a possible effect of climate change, while others disagree.

"It’s been just a crazy fall and winter and spring all along, following a very abnormal sea ice condition in the Arctic,’’ Rutgers University climate expert Jennifer Francis told The Associated Press. ‘‘It’s possible what we’re seeing in this unusual weather is all connected.’’

Reducing Carbon Emissions - A Smorgasbord of Options

The most economically efficient way to curb greenhouse gas is by taxing the pollutant. But trying to get Congress to agree to a tax hike is a nonstarter.

“Obama can’t count on Congress to institute any such tax in the near term,” said climate policy expert Nathan Hultman in a Brookings Institute blog post. “As such, he has been looking for other ways to improve, through regulation, the efficiency of parts of the U.S. economy and to expand low-emission sources of energy supply.”

Some of those regulations, which Obama will unveil on Tuesday, include implementing stricter standards to reduce carbon emissions from power plants, regulating high greenhouse-effect gases, reduce methane emissions, development of renewable energy technologies, creating energy efficient appliances and investing in new technologies.

The Politics of Climate Change

Lawmakers have been focused on the economy, job creation, immigration and other issues that have forced climate change into the back burner. But in the wake of the recent spate of natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy and the Oklahoma tornadoes, climate change has been thrust back into the limelight, forcing Obama to make due on a promise he made in his second inaugural speech when he vowed to “respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations.”

The Clean Air Act gives the president the authority to regulate greenhouse gases as air pollutants. New power plants will be easier to regulate, but this executive authority will be much more controversial for existing power plants, according to Steven Cohen, executive director at Columbia University’s Earth Institute. Power plants produce more than 40 percent of the country’s carbon emissions.

Obama wasn’t kidding when he called this a fight. Not only do scientists have to grapple with the earth’s warming temperature, the president himself has an uphill battle ahead with a government mired in partisan politics.

“Mr. Obama’s decision to use his executive authority to regulate utilities reflects a determination that he has no prospect of passing such sweeping policies through Congress,“ according to Peter Baker of The New York Times. But the move "may draw lawsuits and other challenges from industry and Republicans citing the economic costs,” he wrote.

Photo Credit: AP

Baby Boomers Urged to Take Hepatitis C Test


A national health group is hoping to cut down on the number of deadly Hepatitis C cases in the United States. Marianne Favro reports.

Photo Credit: NBC Bay Area

Sisters Traveling in Same Car Both Charged With DUI: Authorities


Two sisters from Miami were both charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in the Florida Keys Saturday night, authorities said.

After they were stopped by deputies, Steffany Miranda, 18, and Vanessa Miranda, 24, switched seats in the Volkswagen they were traveling in, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

Deputy Juan Martin-Reyes, who followed the car north from the 23-mile marker to the 30-mile marker of U.S. 1, saw the Volkswagen swerving, increasing and decreasing speeds and braking suddenly, according to the sheriff’s office.

Woman Gets DUI While Celebrating End of Previous DUI: Police

When Martin-Reyes turned on his vehicle’s lights and siren, the Volkswagen stopped suddenly in the traffic lane, and through the back window he could see the driver and passenger quickly switch seats, the sheriff’s office said.

After Deputy Spencer Curry arrived, the two deputies had the Mirandas perform field sobriety exercises. Both had trouble doing so, and they were visibly impaired and smelled of alcohol, according to the deputies.

Woman Begins Serving Sentence in Fatal Gables Crash

Both sisters were charged with DUI because at some point they were both in control of the car behind the steering wheel with the keys in the ignition, the sheriff’s office said.

NBC 6 Videos

It wasn’t immediately known whether they have an attorney.

Weird Stories:




Photo Credit: Monroe County Sheriff's Office

LA Road Rage Video Goes Viral


A dashboard-mounted camera video of an apparent road-rage incident on a Los Angeles freeway has gone viral.

The nearly eight-minute video shows a man weaving in and out of traffic on the 110 Freeway, shouting racial slurs and hurling bottles and cans. At one point, the road-raging man gets out of his car, runs at the victim's vehicle and appears to throw something inside.

Austin Ho -- the victim -- captured the incident on his dashboard-mounted camera (below).

Ho said he later hand-delivered the footage to the California Highway Patrol.

"They didn't believe my story when I just told them," Ho told NBC4. "I showed them the video, and once they saw the video, they realized how crazy this guy was."


Warning: The video contains disturbing language.

Chicago To Host Blackhawks Victory Parade Friday


A parade and victory rally will be held Friday morning to congratulate the Stanley Cup-winning Chicago Blackhawks, Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office announced Tuesday morning in a statement.

Additional details, including the location, exact time and route, have yet to be announced.

The last celebration, in 2010, was one of the biggest public events the city had ever seen. City officials estimated the crowd at roughly two million people.

Celebrations erupted Monday night after the team's win, with fans spilling out onto streets in Wrigleyville and near the United Center.

Emanuel was quick with kind words Monday night after the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Boston Bruins to bring the Stanley Cup back to the Windy City for the second time in four years.

"The City of Chicago is thrilled to congratulate our own Chicago Blackhawks on their hard-fought victory, once again bringing the Stanley Cup back to their sweet home Chicago," he said in a statement. "Our best wishes go out to the Bruins and the city of Boston for a well-played series. In the past few months, the people of Boston have showed how they can pull together and the Bruins have represented that same spirit, demonstrating what makes Boston a truly world-class city. Our congratulations go out to Rocky Wirtz, Coach Joel Quenneville, the incredible Blackhawks players, and the whole Blackhawks family for their dedication and determination to make Chicago a championship city once again. The City of Big Shoulders stood shoulder to shoulder with the Blackhawks all season and we are all looking forward to welcoming them home as champions."

Photo Credit: AP

Executive Being Held at Chinese Factory


A medical supply company executive from Coral Springs endured a fifth day of captivity by Chinese workers at his Beijing factory amid allegations of unpaid wages. Chip Starnes, of Specialty Medical Supplies, peered out from behind the bars of his office window Tuesday as he sat in captivity at the plant in the capital's northeastern suburbs.

Police Investigate Hartford Shooting


Hartford police are investigating a shooting in the city early Tuesday morning.

Patrol units responded to a report of shots being fired at 741 Windsor Street at 4:19 a.m. and found a victim suffering from one non-life-threatening  gunshot to the right upper leg, police said.

The victim was shot while walking on Windsor Street toward the methadone clinic, police said, and
was transported to St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center.

Police said the shooter is a clean-shaven man, 21 or 22 years old, with short hair. He was driving a white two-door sedan, which was described as a Honda Civic or Dodge Neon.

Police Dogs, Police Staffing at Heart of New London Meeting


When members of New London’s public safety committee meet tonight, two hot-button issues on the agenda are the treatment of police dogs and staffing levels in the police department.

Because of city budget difficulties, New London Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio said two of the K9s will have to go.

One is a bloodhound named Bessie, who Finizio said will be donated to another law enforcement agency.

The other is a drug-sniffing dog named Buck. The city is retiring him because the city can't afford Buck's arthritis medication, which is about $720 per year, the mayor said.

That has caused some backlash in the community.

“When you have a police dog who's arthritic but still wants to do his job, he should still be able to do his job,” State Rep. Diana Urban (D-North Stonington) said.

The police chief is warning that lingering budget issues could result in 15 layoffs and many residents said a city of New London's size cannot afford layoffs of this magnitude from a crime-fighting standpoint.

According to the police union website, 12 officers have left the police department in just this last month.

“The mayor said there weren't going to be any cuts in the police department until at least the second half of next fiscal year, which is next December,” city councilor Marie Friess-McSparran  said. “But we've had police officers that are leaving the city for fear of being laid off.”

The mayor released a statement in response. It says, in part:

"The city must balance law enforcement needs with financial and physical realities. If a K-9 is having significant health issues, a retirement is a proper way to ensure the dog gets the rest, care, and lifestyle it has earned and deserved," Finizio said.

On Tuesday, the mayor's office released a statement saying Finizio will not attend the meeting because of ongoing police contract negotiations.

“The City administration will not attend and put the City in a position to incur any liabilities. I reiterate my position that crime is being reduced throughout the City, especially related to major crimes, and our patrol strength is adequate to meet our public safety needs at this time. The current contract requirements for a K-9 program have been met and mutual aid can be utilized if a need arises,” Finizio said in a statement.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Alert Issued for Missing West Haven Teen


Police have issued a Silver Alert for a missing 13-year-old West Haven boy.

Lawaun Stewart has been missing since June 18.

He was wearing a black hoody and jeans when he was seen last, according to the Silver Alert.

Stewart is 5-feet-5 and weighs 159 pounds.

If you have any information about Stewart, call the West Haven police department at (203)937-

Photo Credit: Silver Alert

Gas Leak in Manchester


There is a gas leak on Union Street in Manchester and there are a couple of residential evacuations, according to officials.

No additional information was immediately available.

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Amtrak Service Resumes Between New Haven, Boston


Amtrak service was operating on delays on the Northeast Corridor between New Haven and Boston as crews worked to clear a disabled Amtrak work train east of Kingston, Rhode Island.

Amtrak said passengers should expect extensive congestion for most of Tuesday afternoon with one of the two available tracks still closed due to the incident.

The track was cleared around 5 p.m.

Passengers who have paid but chose not to travel because of service disruption can receive a refund or a voucher for future travel.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

$1.2M in $100 Bills Missing from JFK-Bound Flight: FBI


The FBI is investigating the theft of $1.2 million in $100 bills from the cargo area of a flight out of Switzerland that landed at Kennedy Airport, NBC 4 New York has learned. 

The Port Authority is also investigating the theft from the Swiss International Air Lines flight.

A law enforcement official says $48 million was being transported from Zurich on a flight that arrived Saturday.
The cash was headed to a Federal Reserve facility in New Jersey, and the missing $1.2 million was detected when the Fed was processing the cash. 
Authorities then found a hole in the cargo area where the $48 million was transported.

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Manhunt After Ambush at LAPD Station


Officers are searching a neighborhood west of downtown Los Angeles for a gunman who ambushed two detectives as they arrived Tuesday morning at a Los Angeles Police Department station in what the police chief called an "attempt to assassinate" members of the department.

The Mid-City area search for the gunman forced closures along a half-mile stretch of La Brea Avenue and one mile of Venice Boulevard. Businesses in the 25-square block around the Wilshire Community Police Station (map) remain closed and a shelter-in-place order was issued for residents. 

Several SWAT units, using armored vehicles and at least one canine unit, were focusing on an apartment complex in the Mid-City area, located about five miles west of downtown Los Angeles.

Residents told NBC4 Southern California they called police to report suspicious activity at the Buckingham Road (map) property. The residents told NBC4 Southern California that a man who approached them as they were leaving for work was "excited" and asked to use a cell phone.

Police have not confirmed the residents' account.

The manhunt began after the detectives were ambushed at about 4:30 a.m. by the gunman at the driveway entrance to Wilshire Community Police Station. Aerial video showed the detectives' white sedan with bullet holes and shattered windows in front of the entrance gate, which is operated by swiping a key card.

"When they swiped their key card, somebody just started shooting at them from behind," said LAPD Commander Andy Smith. "These officers were ambushed as they were pulling into the station.

"We believe whoever did this knows this is a police station and that anybody entering that lot is a police employee."

The detectives returned fire and other officers from inside the Wilshire Community Police Station responded to the driveway (pictured, right). An LAPD helicopter and canine units joined the manhunt for the shooter and snipers were positioned atop the Wilshire Community Police Station.

Law enforcement officials told NBC4 Southern California one detective suffered a graze wound to the back of the head. The second detective suffered a hand injury. Both detectives — members of an undercover burglary task force — were treated and released from a hospital before they returned to the LAPD command post to help identify the gunman.

"This was a blatant attempt to assassinate two of the people who protect this community," said LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.

One detective has been with the department for 20 years, the other for 11 years, Smith said. Smith said their injuries might have been caused by a bullet, bullet fragment or shattered glass from the vehicle.

Police do not have a detailed description of the gunman, described only as a black male with facial hair, age 30 to 35 wearing black clothes, Smith said. Police detained at least three people for questioning after the shooting, but those individuals were not arrested.

Venice Boulevard was closed between Redondo Boulevard and West Boulevard, and La Brea Avenue was shut down between Washington and Pico boulevards. The closure area was reduced later Tuesday morning to include Venice Boulevard to Washington Boulevard, and West Boulevard to Redondo Boulevard.

The closures are expected to remain in effect until "noon, at a minimum," said Smith.

The neighborhood lockdown included the unusual sight of an empty Venice Boulevard at mid-day — a time when it would usually be busting with vehicles and pedestrians.

"I parked my car three blocks away, and I'm just trying to walk it to see if I can get home," said resident Walter Lemus.

Smith was asked whether he thought the gunman was a rogue officer with motives similar to those of ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, who targeted law enforcement agents as part of a revenge plot. Smith said that was an extremely unlikely possibility.

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Air Conditioning Problem Closes Willimantic DMV Today


The Willimantic branch office of the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles is closed for the remainder of the day on Tuesday because of a malfunctioning air conditioner.

The DMV will be canceling all road tests in the Willimantic office today.

The office is expected to open on Wednesday.

Anyone with a scheduled road test can call DMV to choose a new date.

Call 860-263-5700 if you are within the Hartford area and 800-842-8222 if you are outside the Hartford area.

DMV is also trying to contact customers with road test appointments to advise them of the schedule change.

Photo Credit: CT DMV
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