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Demolition Underway at Sears Building in Corbins Corner


Changes are coming to Corbins Corner in West Hartford and the old Sears building is coming down.

Demolition crews have been at the retail complex along New Britain Avenue today in preparation for a new development bringing retail and restaurants to the old Sears and Sears Automotive stores.

Renderings provided to West Hartford officials show an REI store, Saks Off 5th, Cost Plus World Market, Buy Buy Baby and during a meeting in January, members of the town council also mentioned a Shake Shack for the location


Another public hearing is scheduled for June 13 for approval to modify the façade of the old Sears building.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com
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St. Louis Cardinals Slammed For Tweet About Women Fans


The St. Louis Cardinals are in the midst of a celebration of their 1967 World Series championship this season, but they stepped into a firestorm of controversy thanks to a tweet about an upcoming promotion that some fans viewed as sexist.

That tweet, which contained a ticket offer for the team’s May 17 game against the Boston Red Sox, referenced the replica championship rings that they will be giving away that day, but unfortunately for the Cardinals, it also included an inference that women attending the game would be more interested in the jewelry than what happened on the diamond.

Here is the (since deleted) tweet:

[[421879193, C]]

Naturally, opposing fans handled it with quiet understanding and reflection (okay, so they actually made fun of the Cardinals mercilessly):

[[421879273, C]]

After the storm of controversy, the Cardinals issued an apology for the tweet:

[[421879393, C]]

Cubs fans looking to have some fun at the Cardinals’ expense won’t have to wait long, as the two teams will play each other this weekend at Busch Stadium, with the first game scheduled for Friday night. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images
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Norwalk Intersection Closed for Crash Investigation


The Washington Street and South Main Street intersection in Norwalk is closed after a crash, according to police.

Police said the road will be closed for an “extended period of time” for accident investigation.

There is no word on injuries or what led up to the crash at this time.

Check back for updates.

[[421883203, C]]

Photo Credit: Norwalk Police Department
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Aaron Hernandez's Fiancée Speaks to Dr. Phil


Aaron Hernandez's fiancée is breaking her silence in a new interview with Dr. Phil.

The exclusive, two-part interview with Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez is set to air on Monday, May 15 and Tuesday, May 16.

According to the show, Jenkins Hernandez "sets the record straight" about Hernandez's prison suicide, rumors about his "purported secret romantic life" and whether she thinks he killed himself so she could collect millions of dollars.

She told Dr. Phil that after Hernandez was acquitted of double murder, she had no idea he was thinking of killing himself.

[[419495883, C]]

"I felt like we were looking so bright," Jenkins Hernandez said. "We were going up a ladder to a positive direction."

She said she didn't believe it when she was first told Hernandez was dead.

"I thought it was a hoax, that this was some cruel person playing a trick on me," she said of the phone call informing her of his death.

Hernandez, 27, was serving a life sentence for murder and was acquitted in two other killings just days before he hanged himself with a bed sheet attached to his cell window at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, Massachusetts, in the early morning hours of April 19.

Hernandez blocked access to his cell from the inside by jamming cardboard into the door tracks, investigators said. They also said there were no signs of a struggle and Hernandez was alone at the time of the hanging.

His Bible was found marked with blood at John 3:16, a verse that describes eternal life for those who believe in God. The verse name was also written in blood on the wall and in pen on his forehead.

A suicide note to Jenkins Hernandez was released last week by prosecutors.

"Shay, you have always been my soul-mate and I want you to live life and know I'm always with you," the letter began.

[[421476663, C]]

"I told you what was coming indirectly! I love you so much and know you are an angel - literally! We split into two to come change the world! Your characteristics [sic] is that of a true angel and the definition of God's love! Tell my story fully but never think anything besides how much I love you. This was the Supreme's, the Almighty's plan, not mine! I love you! Let (redacted) know how much I love her! Look after (redacted) and (redacted) for me - those are my boys. (YOU'RE RICH) I knew I loved you = Savage Garden."

Investigators said that Hernandez left three handwritten notes in his prison cell before he hanged himself. One was reportedly addressed to Jenkins Hernandez and the other to their daughter. A lawyer for an inmate and friend of Hernandez's has said the third note was written to his client.

Earlier this week, a judge threw out Hernandez's first-degree murder conviction for the 2013 killing  of Odin Lloyd because he died before his appeal could be heard.

Photo Credit: NBC Boston

Experts Warn Antihistamines Can be Dangerous for Infants


The Office of the Child Advocate has released a public health alert warning caregivers not to give infants antihistamines unless prescribed by a doctor, after at least four children in Connecticut have died from reactions to the drugs over the past year.

Experts stressed that Benadryl and other antihistamines should never be used as a sleep aid for babies, and that its intended use is for medical issues like allergic reactions, seasonal allergies and itching.

The alert cited a 2011 poll by the Today show and Parenting magazine in which one in five mothers admitted to giving their children the medicine to get them to sleep like a big event, like a car or plane ride, and one in 12 admitting to dosing their children to get them to sleep through a normal night.

Antihistamines can have serious side effects, central nervous system excitation, hallucinations, seizures and cardiac dysrhythmias, the alert warned.

There have been at least four deaths in Connecticut of infants and toddlers over the past year.

In March 2016, 4-month-old Adam Seagull died of what the medical examiner determined was acute diphenhydramine intoxication after allegedly being given Benadryl by his daycare provider.

Diphenhydramine is a common antihistamine often used to treat problems like hay fever, allergies, and symptoms of the common cold.

In February 2015, an 8-month-old baby girl also died of acute diphendrydramine intoxication after ingesting a form of Benadryl.

Caregivers should never use antihistamines as sleep aids and should consult with a medical professional before giving any antihistamines to a baby.

Photo Credit: Fabrizio Balestrieri/Getty Images

Comey Had Asked for More Funds for Russia Probe: Official


Former FBI Director James Comey briefed Congress days before he was fired that he had requested more staff and money for the Russia investigation from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, a senior Congressional official with direct knowledge told NBC News.

It sharpens questions about whether Comey's termination as FBI director on Tuesday was intended to quash the investigation into possible links between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia, NBC News reported.

Comey's request was first reported by the New York Times. A Justice Department spokeswoman told the newspaper that "the idea that he asked for more funding” for the Russia investigation was "totally false" and did not elaborate.

White House officials have disputed that President Donald Trump's firing of Comey had anything to do with the Russia investigation, insisting that Comey's handling of the Clinton email investigation was the reason he was fired.

Photo Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images, File
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14-Year-Old Earns Physics Degree From Texas University


Carson Huey-You took his last final exam at Texas Christian University on Tuesday. Saturday, he will graduate with a degree in physics and double minor in math and Chinese.

It's a commendable accomplishment for any student, made more impressive by the fact that Huey-You is just 14 years old.

"It didn't come easily. It really didn't," Huey-You insisted. "I knew I wanted to do physics when I was in high school, but then quantum physics was the one that stood out to me, because it was abstract. You can't actually see what's going on, so you have to sort of rely on the mathematics to work everything out."

Huey-You first showed an interest in math at the age of 3.

"He asked me if he could learn calculus and I thought, hmm, Okay" his mother, Claretta Kimp, recalled.

Kimp took her precocious toddler to a public school and learned Huey-You had an eighth grade comprehension of math, "too advanced" for his age group. He ended up skipping several grades and graduating high school at 10 years old. By 11, he was a freshman at TSU.

Kimp's other son, 11-year-old Cannan, will start classes at TCU in the fall and plans to major in astrophysics and engineering. He said he wants to one day be an astronaut.

Both brothers work with their mentor, Dr. Magnus Rittby, a professor at the school who took Huey-You under his wings.

"It was challenging enough with one of them," Rittby said. "As I grow older, I want to tell people that age is not what people tend to think it is, and the same is for young people. I think you can take young people very seriously."

Rittby says he has strived to not put Huey-You in a cocoon where he only learns quantum mechanics and fails to develop as a human in other aspects.

"Just give him as many tools as possible to do good in the world," Rittby said. "His potential is enormous to be able to do things nobody else has done."

Kimps joked that people think she has a "magic pill," insisting there is nothing special in the water at the brothers' house. 

"I would hope what's in everybody else's water," Kimp explained. "A lot of love and patience and understanding and commitment."

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News

West Haven Police Seek Burglary Suspect

16-Year-Old Killed in Ledyard Crash


A 16-year-old Ledyard boy was killed in a crash on Tuesday evening.

Police said they received several 911 calls around 4:12 p.m. about a vehicle rolling over on Rose Hill Road and officers and fire officials responded to find a 1992 Ford Ranger pickup flipped over.

The driver, a 17-year-old Ledyard boy, had climbed from the vehicle and was transported to Backus Hospital to be treated for minor injuries, police said.

The passenger, 16-year-old Zackory Salomonson, of Ledyard, was inside the truck and was pronounced dead at the scene, police said. 

The initial investigation indicates the pickup was going east on Rose Hill Road, went off the road, hit a tree, rolled over and landed on its roof. 

Police are investigating the cause of the crash and they ask anyone with information to call the Ledyard Police Accident Investigation Team at (860) 464-6400.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Senate Intelligence Committee Invites Comey to Testify Next Tuesday


Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) asked fired FBI director James Comey to appear before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence as early as Tuesday.

Warner told News4 he and the committee chairman, Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), made the request of Comey.

“I am troubled by the timing and reasoning of Director Comey’s termination," Burr said in a statement Tuesday. "I have found Director Comey to be a public servant of the highest order, and his dismissal further confuses an already difficult investigation by the committee."

Burr called Comey's dismissal a "loss for the bureau and the nation," calling Comey the most forthcoming FBI director he had ever worked with during his tenure on congressional committees.  

President Donald Trump abruptly fired Comey Tuesday in the midst of an FBI investigation into whether Trump's campaign had ties to Russia's meddling in the election that sent him to the White House.

In a letter to Comey, Trump said the firing was necessary to restore "public trust and confidence" in the FBI. Comey has come under intense scrutiny from both sides of the political aisle, most notably for his public comments on an investigation into Democrat Hillary Clinton's email practices, including a pair of letters he sent to Congress on the matter in the closing days of last year's campaign.

Photo Credit: Eric Thayer/Getty Images

FBI Firing Fallout: 6 Things to Know About Rod Rosenstein


President Trump is using a memo written by the newly confirmed deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, to justify his firing of the FBI director, putting an unusual spotlight on Rosenstein. Though little known until now, Rosenstein is a veteran government attorney who has worked for both Democrats and Republicans and has been widely praised for being professional and non-partisan.

But despite his straight-and-narrow reputation, he earned criticism from Democrats during his confirmation hearing when he refused to commit to a special prosecutor to investigate Russian meddling in last year's presidential election.

In his memo to the attorney general, Rosenstein criticized James Comey's handling of the conclusion of his investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails and his refusal to accept what Rosenstein described as the "nearly universal judgment" that he had been wrong. The FBI's reputation and credibility have suffered substantial damage, Rosenstein wrote.

The deputy press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said after Comey's firing that the administration had complete confidence in Rosenstein.

Asked about a special prosecutor on Wednesday, she said, "We don't think it's necessary."

But Democrats are rejecting the idea that Trump jettisoned Comey over how he had treated Clinton and are using the dismissal to renew calls for a special prosecutor.

As the crisis over Comey's firing plays out, here are six things to know about Rosenstein.

New to the Job
Rosenstein was confirmed in his job by a 94-6 U.S. Senate vote only two weeks ago, promoted from within the Justice Department. His hearing focused on the investigation into Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election, which Rosenstein now heads because U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself over contacts with the Russian ambassador to the United States. 

Authority to Appoint Special Prosecutor
Rosenstein has the authority to appoint an independent special prosecutor to investigate Russia’s actions during the 2016 election, as Democrats and some Republicans are calling for. At his confirmation hearing, he said he was "not in a position to answer" the question of whether he would name a special prosecutor because he had not read a report on the alleged meddling. He said that if he thought officials were wrong he would "overrule them." Some Democrats found his answer inadequate and demanded he commit to a special prosecutor.

Experience with Special Prosecutors
As a young Justice Department lawyer, Rosenstein was part of Kenneth Starr's Whitewater investigation into Bill and Hillary Clinton's real estate dealings, according to reports. The Harvard Law School graduate has worked for the DOJ for 26 years. He served in the tax and the public integrity divisions and as an assistant U.S. attorney in Maryland before becoming the state's U.S. attorney. He was appointed in 2005 by former President George W. Bush, confirmed unanimously by the U.S. Senate and kept on by President Barack Obama. 

Leak Investigation
Rosenstein has experience in another area of interest to Trump: leaks. Former U.S. Attorney Eric Holder named Rosenstein as one of two U.S. attorneys to investigate the leaking of classified national security information in 2012, according to The Washington Post. As a result, a former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. James Cartwright, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI.

"Straight Shooter"
Rosenstein has been described as a non-partisan, straight shooter who has worked for both Democratic and Republican presidents, according to NBC News and The Guardian.  A former boss in the Clinton Justice Department, Philip Heymann, told The Guardian that he was surprised Trump had not chosen someone more partisan. The Baltimore Sun says Rosenstein has a reputation for putting the law over politics. Democrats are now appealing to him to restore faith in the U.S. criminal justice system. "The American people’s trust in the criminal justice system is in Mr. Rosenstein's hands," Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said.

How the Memo Came About
A senior administration official told NBC News that Rosenstein and Sessions met with Trump on Monday at the White House to talk about Comey's leadership of the FBI. When Trump said that he had some concerns about Comey, Rosenstein said that he did, too, the official said. "Both had reached the same conclusion about Comey," the official said. Trump asked the men to put their thoughts on paper, which led to the memo.

Photo Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images

Man Accused of Intoxicated Hit-and-Runs in Hamden


Hamden police have arrested a man accused of three drunken hit-and runs Monday morning. 

Police said they received calls about several hit-and-runs around 8:30 a.m. and 35-year-old Joseph Krueger, of Stamford, is accused of committing them. 

First Krueger hit a parked vehicle in the parking lot of 105 Sanford Street, then fled from the scene, police said. 

Moments later, he hit a large metal sign at a local business on Sanford Street, then proceeded to the intersection of Dixwell Avenue and Sanford Street, where he struck another vehicle and fled again, according to police. 

Shortly after, Krueger stuck a third vehicle at Whitney Avenue and Waite Street, police said. 

Taylor Cannon said 2017 Toyota Corolla was parked at the bank and it was sideswiped. 

Krueger was charged with three counts of evading responsibility, driving while intoxicated, operating under suspension, following too closely and failure to obey a control signal. 

He was released after posting a $2,500 bond is due in court in Meriden on June 1.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Texas Dad Makes Good on Disciplinary Promise to Chatty Teen


A North Texas teen learned an important lesson from his dad -- don't act out in school or you'll get a new study buddy.

Bradley Howard, a 17-year-old junior at Rockwall-Heath High School, is quite the chatty student during class. His physics teacher notified his parents on several occasions about the problem. 

Brad and Denise Howard, Bradley's parents, gave him a final warning.

"If you do this again, if we get another note from your teacher, I'm going to come up there and sit with you in class," Brad said he told his son. 

A couple of days later, however, Bradley's parents received another complaint from his teacher.

So last Friday, Bradley walked into his physics class and greeted everyone as he made his way through the door. Then he heard a familiar voice say "hello, Bradley." It was his dad. 

"We didn't tell him anything," the elder Brad said. "I was in the classroom sitting beside his chair when he walked in. He didn't see me at first. Then he was shocked."

The Rockwall father of four sat right next to Bradley during the entirety of the class.

"His classmates seemed to love it, but Bradley, not so much," Brad said.

Bradley's dad even took a selfie of them in class together, mainly to prove to his wife that he was really there.

Bradley's sister, Molli, was more than happy to share the photo on social media. The post eventually went viral on Twitter.


His father said he was "just making good on a promise."

Bradley is the youngest of four children and the only boy.

Photo Credit: Brad Howard
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Governor Proposes Wiping Out Reserves, Millions in Cuts


Gov. Dannel Malloy has submitted his budget plan to legislative leaders and it includes emptying the $235.6 million in the state’s fiscal reserves to cover the $389 million deficit, using money from the Special Transportation Fund and millions of dollars of cuts in the judicial and legislative branches. 

Malloy notified legislative leaders Tuesday about his budget plan and said, “I find it necessary to take aggressive steps to ensure that this year’s budget ends in balance.” 

The plan includes recissions and “deappropriations” within the Special Transportation Fund and Malloy went on to say his plan “requires actions we would all prefer to avoid, such as depleting the Budget Reserve Fund; and sweeping funds that in better times would be used for important purposes.” 

Malloy also asked Supreme Court Justice Chase Rogers to make $21 million in budget cut and he has proposed cutting $3.4 million from the legislative branch.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

West Haven Restaurant Getting Nationwide Attention for Pizza Doughnut


A West Haven restaurant is capturing attention from across the country for its pizza doughnut and the owner of West End Bistro says it came to him in a dream about a month ago.

The attention has been coming since the website Circa.com wrote about it.

Jeff Lamberti said it’s made with sweetened focaccia dough, to make it sweet and savory. Then the restaurant stuffs the dough with three Italian cheeses, fries it like a donut and glazes it with tomato sauce and adds meat sprinkles.

The restaurant is located at 551 Main Street West.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

EB-5: What Is the Controversial Visa Touted by Kushner Kin?


A controversial visa program that puts wealthy foreign investors on the fast track to earn permanent U.S. residency is under scrutiny following reports that Jared Kushner's sister pushed the program in China, NBC News reported.

The EB-5 visa investor program allows foreign nationals to get faster access to green cards for themselves and their families if they invest at least $500,000 into qualified U.S. development projects and create or preserve 10 permanent U.S. jobs.

The Kushner family business urged wealthy Chinese citizens last weekend to consider investing the money into a luxury apartment complex in New Jersey.

About 10,000 EB-5 visas can be authorized in a year. The program was instituted in 1990 by Congress to "stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation and capital investment by foreign investors," according to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website.

Photo Credit: Albee Zhang/AFP/Getty Images, File

America's 20 Favorite Grocery Stores Have Been Revealed


Trader Joe’s has been dethroned as America’s favorite grocery store.

Photo Credit: AP

Crews Battle Fire at Hamden Condo Complex


Crews are battling a fire at a Hamden condo complex, the fire department said. 

Hamden firefighters said they are on the scene of the fire at the condo complex at 144 Towne House Road. 

It is not clear if there are any injuries. 

No other details were immediately available on this developing story. Please check back for updates. 

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Senate Panel Subpoenas Flynn for Russia Documents


The Senate intelligence committee has subpoenaed former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn for documents related to the panel's investigation into Russia's election meddling.

Sen. Richard Burr, the Republican chairman, and Sen. Mark Warner, the committee's Democratic vice chairman, say the panel had first requested the documents from Flynn on April 28. They say Flynn's lawyer declined to cooperate with the request.

Flynn was fired by Trump after less than a month on the job. The White House said he misled Vice President Mike Pence and other top officials about his communications with Russia's ambassador to the United States.

Flynn's Russia ties are also being scrutinized by the FBI as it investigates whether Trump's campaign was involved in Russia's election interference.

On Monday, former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates told senators that Flynn's misstatements about his contacts with Russia's ambassador to the U.S. raised concerns that Flynn could be targeted for blackmail. Yates also cited the possibility that Flynn could have broken federal law by operating as a paid foreign agent for the Turkish client without U.S. government permission.

Photo Credit: The Washington Post/Getty Images

2 Women in Rockwell Park Fight Caught on Camera Arrested


Two people linked to a fight caught on camera at Rockwell Park in Bristol last month have been arrested. 

Jonmeshia White, 27, of Bristol, and Danielle Benoit, 42, of Bristol, have been arrested for their involvement in the fight. 

The large fight broke at the park at 6:45 p.m. on April 17, Bristol Police approximate. The fight was later posted on social media.

Police said the fight started when White accused Benoit's teen daughters at the park of harassing her mother. Benoit headed down tot he park after learning her daughters were in a dispute with White. At some point after Benoit arrived, the argument became physical between the 42-year-old, White and Benoit's two daughters.

Following an investigation into the fight, Bristol Police obtained four arrest warrants, issued three juvenile summons for a 17-year-old boy, 17-year-old girl, and 15-year-old girl, in addition to one infraction. Police anticipate serving the next two warrants for Destiney DeVito, 19, and Alessandra Pinto, 18, soon. The two women, both from Bristol, have been charged with breach of peace.

At some point, a 17-year-old boy, DeVito and Pinto joined in on the fight. 

White has been charged with breach of peace and her bond was set at $1,000.

Benoit is charged with risk of injury and breach of peace. Her bond was also set at $1,000. 

Photo Credit: Bristol Police Department
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