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Shirtless Man Goes on Restaurant Rampage


A shirtless man vandalized a posh Beverly Hills restaurant Thursday night, hurling wine bottles at customers and damaging a television, before casually walking out and being arrested, police said.

No one was hurt, but nearly two dozen patrons at Enoteca Drago at 410 Canon Drive ran for cover after the man walked into the Italian restaurant before 10 p.m., went behind the bar counter and began throwing bottles - about 40 of them - without speaking.

A few minutes later, the suspect identified as 29-year-old Kishane Karim Almendarez, left the Italian restaurant through a back door.

"Very random. I've asked a lot of our patrons and a lot of our employees both here and our restaurant next door and nobody's ever seen this gentleman before," said the restaurant's owner, Steven Piano. "I can't explain it."

Almendarez allegedly continued his rampage by breaking windshields on parked cars, but was soon met by police and arrested for felony vandalism.

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Malloy Gives No Inkling on Conn. Governor Race Plans


Gov. Dannel P. Malloy says he has no plans to announce any time soon whether he plans to seek a second term in 2014.

When asked Friday about his timeline for making an announcement, the Democrat answered,

"Sometime in the future." When pressed, Malloy said, "I've got a job to do. I've got a full-time job, more than a full-time job. I'm doing that job."

Referring to Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, who announced Monday his plans to seek the Republican Party's endorsement, Malloy said: "Other people can go out and do their own thing and spend their time the way they want to spend it. I've got a job to do."

Greenwich businessman Tom Foley, the 2010 Republican nominee, said Friday he hasn't made a final decision about 2014.

Associated Press/NBC Connecticut

NJ Man Gets 90 Years for Sexually Assaulting Daughters


A New Jersey man was sentenced to 50 years in prison Friday after being found guilty of sexually assaulting his daughter, adding a half century to the 40 years he was sentenced to in November 2011 for sexually assaulting another of his daughters.

Aswad Ayinde, 55, was found guilty of the charges against the second daughter, whom he impregnated four times, in March. The jury found that he had engaged in sexual intercourse with her when she was between the ages of 8 and 22. 

At Ayinde's 2010 trial, his former wife said he was trying to create "pure" family bloodlines by impregnating several of his teenager daughters.

Arrested in 2006, Ayinde has been accused of raping five of his daughters, three of whom are believed to have given birth to a total of six children.

Authorities say the assaults began in the mid-1980s and lasted until 2002, when the parents separated, and occurred at residences in Paterson, East Orange, Orange and Eatontown. The time period overlaps with the family's coming to the attention of the state's child welfare agency.

According to court records and published reports, Ayinde was arrested in 2000 and charged with kidnapping for allegedly trying to take three of his children from state custody at a Monmouth County medical center. He posted bail and later pleaded guilty to assault and child endangerment and was sentenced to a year's probation.

Prosecutors in Passaic County say one of the daughters, then in her early teens, was raped as late as January 2002.

Ayinde's wife and one of his daughters testified in the earlier trial that New Jersey's Division of Youth and Family Services had removed at least one of the children from the family's home, and that the family had temporarily moved, first to Jersey City and then to Florida, to avoid the agency's investigation.

In her testimony at that trial, his daughter described experiencing and witnessing beatings administered with wooden boards and steel-toed boots. She said minor transgressions often were punished by the withholding of food.

The girl's mother testified some of the babies were delivered at home and never received birth certificates, and said in at least two instances babies who died in the home were buried without authorities being notified.

The children were home-schooled, she said, and were discouraged from interacting with other kids.

"No one really asked questions of each other because somebody would tell on somebody and somebody would get in trouble," she said.

Even after she became aware of sexual abuse, she said she was too frightened to confront him.

Police Identify Fla. Apartment Shooter


Officials identified the shooter involved in a hostage situation at a Hialeah apartment complex as 42-year-old Pedro Vargas at a Saturday press conference.

SWAT officers shot and killed Vargas after he killed six people in an apartment building in Hialeah, just a few miles north of Miami, ending an hours-long standoff early Saturday, Hialeah Police said.

Officials identified the victims as Italo Pisciotti, 79, Camira Pisciotti, 69, Carlos Javier Gavilanes, 33, Patricio Simono, 64, Merly S. Niebles, 51, and a 17-year-old female.

Hialeah police spokesman Sgt. Eddie Rodriguez told NBC News that two people were rescued alive from an apartment building where they were being held hostage.

“This is one of the worst shootings we’ve probably had ever in Hialeah," police spokesman Carl Zogby said.

Fire rescue crews were first called to the scene at about 6:30 p.m. after Vargas lit apartment 408 where he lived at 1485 West 46th Street on fire with some sort of combustible liquid, Zogby said Saturday.

Building managers Italo Pisciotti and Camira Pisciotti ran towards the apartment when they noticed smoke was coming out of it and Vargas came out the door, shooting and killing both of them at the scene, Zogby said.

Vargas then ran back into the burning apartment, walked out onto his balcony and fired 10 to 20 shots into the street, killing Gavilanes who was at the apartment building across the street, according to Zogby. He said Gavilanes, a father, had just arrived home from work and was standing in the parking lot next to his car when he was killed.

Vargas then ran out of the apartment building, firing shots at random in an irrational fashion, Zogby said. Police officers had already arrived on scene and fired at him as he fired back in the hallway.

He then entered another apartment where he took two hostages at gunpoint, Zogby said. Negotiators were talking with Vargas, and police sent a robot into the scene, authorities said.

But after police discovered that six people were dead, and that the man had two hostages in an apartment, the SWAT unit decided there was no more time to negotiate, Zogby said.

About eight hours after the situation began, a SWAT team entered the apartment, killing Vargas and saving the two hostages.

"The end result: seven people have lost their lives in this incident, six innocent victims and the one shooter," Zogby said. "Now starts the investigation, how and why this happened.”

VIDEO: Police Respond to Active Shooter Scene in Hialeah

Zogby said the hostages were not hurt, and he did not believe that any officers were injured.

Shamira Pisciotti said she found her parents, Italo and Samira Pisciotti, after hearing the shots. She ran over to them and found her mother dead and her father clinging to life.

"I guess there was an altercation and the person opened fire on both of them. My mom was dead the moment that she was shot and my dad still had a pulse when I got to him," Shamira Pisciotti said.

He died soon after, she said.

Merly Niebles and husband Patricio Simono, along with Niebles' daughter, were found in one of the apartments, Hialeah police spokesman Sgt. Eddie Rodriguez told  NBC News.

Agustin Hernandez and Alberto Martinez confirmed Niebles' daughter's name was Priscilla Perez (pictured below). Hernandez and Martinez, who are married to Niebles' sisters, said Patricio was a handyman at the apartment complex and worked with the building managers.

American Christian School principal Sergio Chavarri said Perez was a student at his school and would have gone into 11th grade this year. Perez, who wanted to be a nurse, never missed one day of class in the four years that she attended the school which takes pre-K through high school students, he said.

"She was a very nice person," Chavarri said. "We can't believe that such a nice person should be, you know, something like that."

Shamira Pisciotti said she believed that there was a complaint about the shooter and that he confronted her parents about it, and that he then shot them.

She said she heard about 15 to 20 gunshots. Several other witnesses said they heard between 10 and 12 shots.

Dozens of people were evacuated from their homes, and a couple of streets in the area were shut down.

Claribel Dominguez said she believes she was one of the last people to see her friend Samina Pisciotti alive. She shared that news with Pisciotti's grieving family.

“But I was just with her mom before it happened, like 15 or 20 minutes ago before it happened we were at Kmart,” Dominguez said.

She said that she heard several shots from inside the store, a few blocks away from the scene.

She got a call from Shamira Pisciotti, who told her that her parents had been shot and killed.

"And I still don't believe it," Dominguez said.

Police were investigating the motive behind the killings and were still identifying those who were killed, according to NBC News.




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Photo Credit: NBC 6 South Florida

Dispatcher Helps Dad Deliver Baby Along Interstate 91


A state police dispatcher talked a new dad through the delivery of his newborn daughter early this morning along Interstate 91.

Curt Walker was driving his wife, Natalie, to St. Francis Hospital for the delivery of their baby around 3 a.m. on Friday when mom went into active labor, police said. 

Walker called 911 and was connected with State Police Dispatcher Paula Freeman at the Troop H Barracks in Hartford, who had luckily dealt with this type of emergency in the past. 

Dad pulled over to the side of the road to help his wife and Freeman talked him through the delivery, police said.

Within minutes, little Rian Madison Walder was born.

Soon after, an ambulance arrived and brought the mother, father and baby to an area hospital. 

“Dispatcher Freeman did an outstanding job calming the situation and giving directions as the delivery progressed,” Lt. Ed Bednarz, Commanding Officer of Troop in Hartford, said in a statement.

This is the third baby Freeman has helped deliver in her 27 years as a Connecticut State Police dispatcher.

Rian checked in at 6 pounds, 5 ounces.  Mom, Dad and baby are all doing well.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Driver Accused of Intoxication in Bride Death Crash


The operator of a boat carrying members of a wedding party that crashed into a barge on the Hudson River Friday night, killing a bride and her fiance's best man while injuring three others, including the groom, has been arrested on suspicion of intoxication.

A woman's body was found by rescuers off the shore of Piermont, N.Y. Saturday that is believed to be the body of Lindsey Stewart, 30. Her fiance, Brian Bond, 36, was also injured in the crash near the Tappan Zee Bridge. They were set to marry in two weeks.

Authorities said the 35-year-old operator of the boat, described as an acquaintance of the couple, is charged with first-degree vehicular manslaughter and second-degree vehicular assault. Police say there is probable cause that he was intoxicated.

The woman's body was found near the bridge, Rockland County Undersheriff Bob Van Cura said Saturday afternoon.

The best man, Mark Lennon, remains missing.

Stewart's stepfather, Walter Kosik, said the bride and groom had known each other since they were 10 years old.

The Coast Guard said the six boaters were on a 21-foot Stingray near Piermont when it hit the barge at around 10:40 p.m.

Earlier as rescuers searched for the missing bride and best man, relatives held out hope.

"We're praying for a miracle," said Carol Stewart, the bride's mother.
The four injured were taken to the hospital and officials described their injuries as severe, including head trauma and broken bones. Van Cura said they are expected to recover.

Kosik said Bond, the groom, was unable to speak because of the severity of his injuries.

Investigators say that while it would have been dark in the area at the time of the crash, the barge was lit up. The New York State Thruway Authority said all barge lighting was found to be operational Saturday morning.

It was unclear how fast the boat was going.

Photo Credit: News 4 New York

Connecticut Inmates to Train Greyhounds


Four greyhounds are being delivered to an eastern Connecticut prison as inmates prepare for a 10-week program to train the dogs.

Prison officials say the greyhounds will be brought Saturday to the Corrigan-Radgowski Correctional Center in Uncasville. The Department of Correction is collaborating with the animal group We Adopt Greyhounds for the program.

The dogs will be paired with inmate trainers and receive basic obedience training and socialization. We Adopt Greyhounds volunteers will work with the inmates and evaluate the dogs for temperament and personality.

Prison officials say the program not only benefits the dogs, but also helps inmates learn responsibility, patience and potential job skills.

We Adopt Greyhounds is a Glastonbury-based nonprofit group that's been placing retired racing greyhounds in homes across the state since 1992.

Associated Press/NBC Connecticut

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Patient Jumps Out of Ambulance, Steals Another


Police said a patient being transported by an ambulance jumped out and stole a different ambulance for a joyride Saturday morning.

Police said Darren Ethedge, 31, of northeast Washington, was high on PCP and was being transported by a DC Fire EMS ambulance at 9:30 a.m. Saturday when the vehicle got into a minor crash in the 300 block of Florida Avenue, Northeast. As is protocol, a second ambulance wass called to transport the patient.

When the second ambulance arrived, Ethedge jumped out of the back of the first ambulance and into the driver’s seat of the second. He sped off with police in chase.

The pursuit ended at Mount Olivet Road and Brentwood Parkway where police ordered him out of the ambulance. He was arrested and is expected to be charged with theft of the vehicle.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Men Cage Girl as Pot Farm Sex Slave: Cops


Police connected a third suspect to two men accused of forcing a 15-year-old runaway from Los Angeles to work in a Northern California pot farm and using her as a sex slave, officials said on Saturday.

Eric Edgar, 45, was arrested in LA in May on a sex assault charge after the girl identified him as one of her assailants, said Cmdr. Andy Smith of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Edgar is connected to a case involving two suspected pot growers who allegedly sexually abused a girl who was trimming marijuana buds for them, police said. They allegedly locked her in a metal toolbox near the Northern California city of Clearlake, in Lake County, more than 100 miles north of San Francisco, authorities said.

Edgar was briefly held in an LA County Jail before being released to Lake County authorities. His status was not known on Saturday.

Lake County Sheriff's officials were not available for comment.

Ryan Balletto, 30, and Patrick Pearmain, 25, were arrested two months ago. They face charges of cultivating pot for sale and sexual assault, among others, according to a press release issued by the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.

The case broke after deputies visited Balletto's home asking about the missing girl on April 29, according to court documents unsealed on Monday.

The next day, the girl called authorities to say she was OK and in Sacramento.

LAPD investigators traced the call and police located her at a West Sacramento hotel, where authorities arrested Pearmain, court documents said.

At the pot farm, authorities seized over 1,300 marijuana plants and what police said was the largest weapons cache in recent Lake County history.

Authorities also uncovered sex toys and the 4-foot by 2-foot metal box authorities said the girl was imprisoned in.

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Man, 95, Dead After Confrontation With Police


A 95-year-old resident of an Illinois nursing home died early Saturday, hours after being shocked with a Taser and bean bag rounds in a confrontation with police.

Authorities said John Warna was a resident at Victory Centre of Park Forest, on the 100 block of South Main Street in the south suburb. He was threatening paramedics and staff with a cane and a metal shoehorn when police arrived at the complex, they said.

Police said they struck him with a Taser and bean bag rounds after he threatened officers with a 12-inch butcher knife.

Warna was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center, where he later died.

A cause of death was not released by Saturday evening.

Wounded Warrior Gets New Home


It's been months in the making. A grateful community and volunteers welcomed a wounded warrior into her new home in Manchester Saturday afternoon.

Staff Sergeant Sandra Lee received the keys to her Manchester house as dozens came out for the ceremony to show their gratitude.

Sandra was deployed in December 2003 to Iraq. During her time there, she was involved in 4 IED explosions and was sexually assaulted by a fellow solider.

Coming home she felt lost and struggled with post traumatic stress. The Purple Heart Homes Organization  helped her get back on her feet.

"For a very long time, many years I lost faith in humanity you know coming back from Iraq and now it's renewed my faith in people again," Lee said.

Purple Heart Homes is an organization that  works to help wounded veterans. Through fundraisers, the community donated tens of thousands of dollars toward the project and businesses donated supplies and their time.

"This is what it's all about, to see this generous town and its people give," said Vicki Thomas from Purple Heart Homes.

For Sandra, seeing it all culminate to this moment is overwhelming.

"This home is just the first stepping stone for the rest of my life and to start out like this, it's incredible."

Sandra said she's working on her masters in Integrative Health and Healing. She wants to help other veterans with their recovery.

Radio Host Kidd Kraddick Dies at 53


Beloved Radio Host Kidd Kraddick died in New Orleans on Saturday. Kraddick was attending a golf tournament organized to raise money for his Kidd's Kids charity. He was 53 years old. 

Kraddick, whose birth name is David Peter Cradick, was best known for his hugely popular syndicated morning radio show 'Kidd Kraddick in the Morning' on KISS-FM in North Texas.

A statement was released late Saturday night from his family, through Kelly Kibler Owens, with Clear Channel.

It is with a very heavy heart, that I am sending you this e-mail. It has been confirmed that Kidd Kraddick passed away today in New Orleans at a golf tournament organized to raise money for his beloved Kidd’s Kids charity. He died doing what he loved, and his final day was spent selflessly focused on those special children that meant the world to him.

All of us at KISS-FM, ClearChannel Dallas, YEA Networks and the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning crew are heartbroken over the loss of our dear friend and leader. Kidd devoted his life to making people smile every morning, and for 21 years, his foundation has been dedicated to bringing joy to thousands of chronically and terminally ill children.

We ask that you respect the privacy of his family and his colleagues. At the appropriate time, we will release more information about the cause of death.

 His death was first reported on Twitter by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. 

Kraddick was originally  from Toledo, Ohio and grew up in Florida. He first discovered his passion for radio when he was in the 10th grade while serving as the president of his high school. In fact, according to this bio on www.kidnation.com, his high school didn't have enough money to hire a deejay for the senior dance so Kraddick snuck his dad's stereo out of the house and deejayed himself.

Kraddick's deejayed in Tampa, Miami, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City before moving to North Texas. Kraddick moved to Dallas in 1984 and quickly made his transition to the morning drive. According to his bio on Kid Nation, Kraddick's show was syndicated in 2001 and is now heard in close to 100 cities around the nation. You can also hear the show on American Forces Radio.

In addition to his nationally syndicated radio show and appearing on the television show "Dish Nation," Kraddick is best known for his Kidd's Kids foundation. For over ten years the charity has provided free trips for seriously ill children to Disney World, along with their families.

Kraddick has one daughter, Caroline Cradick. She tweeted about her father's passing early Sunday morning.

Photo Credit: 106.1 KISS FM

Baby Left Unattended in Hot Car Dies: Police


A 4-month-old baby boy died Saturday after being found unattended inside a hot car parked at an apartment complex in San Diego's El Cajon area.

Officials were called to the Belle Vista Apartments in the 500 block of north Mollison Avenue around 1:30 p.m. to investigate.

El Cajon Police Department Lt. Eric Taylor said officers found the child unresponsive inside a vehicle. Officers gave the baby CPR at the scene.

The child was then transported to Grossmont Hospital, where he later died, Lt. Taylor confirmed.

El Cajon resident and witness Larry Singleton said he was headed to the store when a group of neighborhood children came running up to him and said somebody had left a baby inside a car.

“It's hurts me to know that someone's baby passed away. It’s really sad,” Singleton said.

Singleton said he doesn’t personally know the baby’s parents, only that had they recently moved into the apartment complex. He said the baby may have been left in the car for several hours.

NBC 7 meteorologist Greg Bledsoe says it was 80-degrees in El Cajon Saturday at around 1:30 p.m., when the baby was found. Bledsoe says the highest temperature in the area reached 81-degrees.

Lt. Taylor said investigators are now interviewing witnesses and collecting evidence from the scene. The child's parents and family members are being questioned, but no arrests have been made.

The child's official cause of death will be determined by the county medical examiner. Those details are forthcoming.

According to a study from the Department of Geosciences at San Francisco University, there have been at least 24 deaths of children left unattended in vehicles so far this year. In 2012, that number was 33.

Exactly one year ago, another 4-month-old baby was found unconscious and unattended inside a car in National City while the baby’s mother was shopping. That child survived, and the baby’s mother was arrested on child endangerment charges.

Serious Two-Car Crash in Bloomfield



Bloomfield Police are investigating  a serious two-car crash early Sunday morning.
Police were called to Blue Hills Ave. in the area of E. Dudley Town Road just before 4 a.m. The fire department also assisted at the scene.
The road was closed between E. Dudley Town Road and Wintonbury Ave. for hours while police investigated.
Police are not releasing any information on injuries.


Movement to Recall Filner Underway


A San Diego LGBT activist is leading a movement to recall embattled Mayor Bob Filner -- right on the heels of another previously planned, unrelated effort to recall the mayor.

Stampp Corbin, owner and publisher of “LGBT Weekly,” has initiated a formal effort to recall Filner. As dictated by city recall rules, he officially began the process with a notice of intention, which he published in a newspaper on Friday.

Corbin is the second San Diegan to organize a recall of the mayor, but the first to formally begin the process, amid allegations of sexual harassment involving Filner.

Special Section: Mayor Under Fire

A couple of weeks ago – right after former allies first accused Filner of sexually harassing multiple women – political activist Michael Pallamary announced he would lead a recall to remove Filner from office.

Pallamary, a longtime Republican Filner opponent, runs the Facebook page, “Recall Bob Filner.”

The page was created on Jun. 21 – before Filner’s sexual harassment scandal came to light.

In a previous interview, Pallamary told NBC 7 he has followed Filner’s career since he became a city councilmember and had been waiting for Filner to give San Diegans a reason to boot him from the mayor’s office.

Over the last two weeks, Pallamary’s Recall Bob Filner page has accumulated thousands of supporters. On Jul. 19, Pallamary held a recruitment rally at City Hall, calling for volunteers for his recall effort.

On Friday, Filner announced that he will undergo two weeks of intensive therapy to correct his behavior. However, he did not resign, as various leaders have requested.

After Filner’s press conference, Pallamary said that if the mayor does not resign by 5:01 p.m. Monday, his formal recall effort would begin.

But, now that Corbin is also leading a separate movement to recall Filner, there is some confusion surrounding the timing of Corbin’s effort, which could be a game-changer.

City rules are unclear on whether two separate recalls could take place simultaneously.

NBC 7 spoke with Corbin on Saturday, who said his effort is misunderstood.

"The fact that I did it one day before these other folks announced yesterday, that they were going to do it on Monday, what difference does that make?" he said.

Corbin said he and Pallamary do not know each, nor are they working together.

“He has not reached out to me. I have not reached out to him,” said Corbin. “I just want this to come to an end."

Corbin claims he started his recall on Friday to bring the quickest end to the chaos, and for no other reason or ulterior motive.

NBC 7 reached out to Pallamary to discuss Corbin's recall effort, but Pallamary said he would not be discussing anything regarding any recall until Monday.

Now, as far as recall rules are concerned, city code requires signatures from 15 percent of voters, or about 101,000 votes, in 60 days in order to get a special election.

The start time is crucial.

According to the recall process outlined by the City Clerk’s office, the clock starts ticking once there is a published notice of intention to circulate a recall petition.

Within 10 days, an affidavit stating that the notice has been published has to be filed with the City Clerk. Within five days, the mayor must be notified, and then, within 14 days, the mayor can respond.

Exactly 21 days after the published notice, the petition can be circulated among voters. The signed petition must be filed within 60 days after the notice of intent is published.

That leaves proponents 39 days to gather signatures from 15 percent of the voters in the city. A minimum of 101,000 signatures will then have to be verified by the City Clerk.

If there is an insufficient number of valid signatures, recall proponents get another try -- by filing a supplemental petition within 30 days.

Again, city rules are unclear on whether two separate recalls could take place at the same time.

Timeline: Filner's Time as Mayor

For his part, Pallamary has previously told NBC 7 that he has experience on his side.

In 1990 he successfully led a recall of city councilmember Linda Bernhardt. At that time, Filner also sat on the council.

On Saturday morning, the following message, in part, was posted to the Recall Bob Filner page by Pallamary:

“In between the rapidly changing landscape, we have a lot of work to do. Please continue reaching out to your friends and neighbors and also remember I did this before and am familiar with the ins and outs of this process. Thank you all for your support and vote of confidence.”

Photo Credit: NBC 7 San Diego

Prosecutors: Teen Threw Bleach on Cabbie to Avoid $175 Fare


An 18-year-old man allegedly threw bleach at at taxi cab driver to avoid paying a $175 ride to Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood this week, officials said.

Oliver Dickens, of Carpentersville, was arrested Friday and charged with aggravated battery of a taxi driver, theft of labor and criminal damage to property, according to police.

Prosecutors alleged Dickens hired the cab driver Thursday from an Elgin cab company to drive him to the South Shore neighborhood.

Dickens became upset when he learned his fare was $175 and, instead of paying the tab, threw bleach in the cabbie’s face, stole his tablet and ran, prosecutors said.

Court documents show the cab driver, 34, of northwest suburban Dundee, suffered "burning and irritation" in his eyes and skin, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The incident reportedly occurred in the 7400 block of South Euclid Avenue.

It was not clear where exactly the driver picked Dickens up, but a drive from Carpentersville to the South Shore neighborhood is just over 50 miles.

Dickens was ordered held on $125,000 bond Saturday.


Photo Credit: Chicago Police News Affairs

At Least 9 Injured When Deck Collapses at Illinois Home


At least nine people were reported injured Saturday when a deck collapsed during a party at a home in Tinley Park, Illinois.

The incident occurred during a birthday party around 9:15 p.m. in the 16700 block of Beverly Avenue when a deck came apart from the house it was attached to, officials said.

Initial reports indicated more than 30 people were out on the deck when it collapsed and 14 people were injured, however, only nine people were reported at area hospitals.

Four people were treated at Advocate South Suburban Hospital, one of which remained hospitalized Sunday morning, according to the hospital.

Palos Community Hospital said they received five patients, four of which were treated and released. No information on the conditions of the injuries was available.

Depsite the large number of people on the deck, whether the collapse was caused from overcrowding or structural issues remains unclear, officials said.

“Most people usually maintain [their decks] very well and it’s never been a problem with anything as far as collapse or anything like that,” said area resident Pam Byczek.

A combination of adults and children were reportedly on the deck at the time of the collapse.

Q Bridge Construction Completed


Construction on the Q Bridge in New Haven to shift the traffic lanes has been completed ahead of schedule according to the Department of Transportation.
The construction, which was completed early Sunday morning, was originally scheduled to be completed on Monday morning.
Lanes on I-95 South between exits 46 and 50, the connector on I-91 South to I-95 and the exit ramps for Exit 50 have all been reopened according to the D.O.T.

Dying Bride Has Dream Wedding


NBC Bay Area's Garvin Thomas, who reported on this touching story, attended the wedding Saturday. The ceremony was just as the couple imagined--outside, under sunny skies, with lots of live music, smiling faces, and a giant cheer as the groom kissed the bride.

Police Identify Man Pulled from Water in Westbrook


State Police have released the identity of the man who died after falling into the water at Pier 76 Marina in Westbrook Sunday afternoon.

Shortly before 3:00 p.m., State Police and the Westbrook Fire Department arrived to Pier 76 Marina after reports of an unresponsive man falling into the water.

The incident took place next to Bill's Seafood Restaurant on Boston Post Road.

Police said 61-year-old Kevin Boyle of Old Saybrook was pulled from the water by bystanders who performed CPR on him.

Boyle was taken to Middlesex Shoreline Clinic where he was pronounced dead.

Those who knew Boyle said he was well known and fished in the area.

Authorities said the incident is under investigation as they await the results of an autopsy.






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