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Protestors Confront Ted Nugent Fans in New Haven


Dozens of protesters confronted fans of rocker Ted Nugent outside Toad's Place in New Haven on Tuesday.

The demonstrators wanted Toad's to cancel Nugent's 7:30 p.m. show at the legendary nightclub.

More than 2,700 community members signed a Change.org petition asking Toad’s Place to pull the plug on Nugent's show in the wake of several controversial remarks he has allegedly made about Trayvon Martin.

The petition reads:

“We, the undersigned, ask that out of respect of the New Haven community, which is experiencing a great deal of grief as a result of the Trayvon Martin verdict, you cancel the Ted Nugent show scheduled for August 6th… We understand that you may consider this a First Amendment issue, and while Mr. Nugent has a right to his speech that right does not require that he do so here.”

The owners of Toad’s Place have decided the show must go on, but that hasn’t stopped opponents from voicing their opinions.

Organizers set up a Facebook page urging people to show up outside the venue on York Street to protest the concert.

According to the Facebook page:

“Some New Haven area residents, including the local NAACP chapter, have come together and politely asked the owners of Toad's Place to cancel the show in solidarity for some in the community who are in mourning over this travesty of justice. The owners have refused to cancel the show, wrongly citing Nugent's First Amendment right to free speech. Legally, they, as private business owners, can choose to utilize their personal discretion as to whose speech to permit on their premises. Therefore they are choosing to promote Nugent's hate.”

Nugent is known for being vocal about his political views. His website labels Nugent “the nation’s most outspoken proponent of our first and second Amendment rights.”

He tweeted about Tuesday's concert and the planned protest at Toad's Place.

According to his site, the rocker has sold more than 40 million albums and performed more than 6,400 concerts.

He is also an avid hunter and has been inducted to the National Bowhunters Hall of Fame.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

New Haven Police Officer Hospitalized After Crash


A New Haven police officer is in the hospital after a serious crash tonight in New Haven.

The officer's cruiser was traveling down Temple St. when a car, coming down Elm St., blew through a red light  and slammed into the cruiser. The car also struck a light pole.

The driver of the car, a 17 year old from Cheshire, remained at scene and cooperated with police. The teenage driver was issued a ticket.

The officer was transported to Yale-New Haven Hospital with non life threatening injuries


Humane Society Wants to Stop U.S. Bull Run


The event isn't even slated to hit the Chicago area until next year, but already roughly 1,000 local thrill-seekers have signed up for the American version of Pamplona's Running of the Bulls.

Hawthorne Race Course in south suburban Stickney is just one of the venues around the country that will host The Great Bull Run. Other events are planned for Virginia, Texas, Florida, California, Minnesota and Pennsylvania.

While the premise remains the same, organizers say the events will have a stark difference from the Spanish run.

"We're not using the hyper-aggressive, Spanish fighting bulls that they use in Spain," said spokesman Rob Dickens. "They train those bulls to really hate people."

But in a letter to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, officials from the Humane Society of the United States requested an investigation into what they called an "unlicensed event," and said the running of the bulls is a danger to the animals.

"These bulls, they're not going to run because they're happy. They're not going to run because they're content. They're going to be running because they're scared," said Humane Society spokesman John Goodwin.

If government officials don't prevent the event from taking place, the bulls will run in Stickney next July. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Ted Nugent Feels Sorry for Protesters


Dozens of protesters confronted Ted Nugent before he took the stage at Toad's Place in New Haven, Conn., Tuesday in the wake of several controversial remarks he allegedly made about Trayvon Martin.

After the show, Nugent talked about the protests and protesters in an exclusive interview with NBC Connecticut.

“I feel sorry for them. They’re living a lie. If you really study the evidence and specific case they’re protesting, you have to be either brain dead or on acid not to get the same conclusion,” Nugent said.

Nugent’s comments, allegedly saying Martin was a "dope smoking gangsta wannabe" who "got justice," gained widespread attention after a column in his name appeared on the Web site Rare.us.

Former neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman was acquitted last month of second-degree murder and manslaughter in the unarmed Florida teenager's death after claiming self-defense.

Nugent said he never "made a comment."

“I merely parroted the FBI report. I merely parroted the investigative team of prosecutorial investigators. … So I speak the truth and idiots go nuts. That’s just a bonus for my life.”

After the comments, there were calls for Toad’s Place to cancel the show.

“So I expect devious behavior from soulless, hateful people because if you ask anyone in there tonight, I have so much love it’s disgusting. I didn’t invent love but tonight I perfected it,” Nugent said.

Protesters outside Toad’s Place called Nugent a racist. He denied that, citing his reverence for black musical artists, including Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry and Howlin’ Wolf.

“So I discovered that soulful American, black defiant music and pursued it and, dare I say, mastered it over this long runny period,” Nugent said.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Former Stripper Accused of Trying to Kill Fiance


A Plano, Texas, woman accused of trying to kill her fiance is on trial this week for attempted murder.

Vicky Renee Miller allegedly tried to kill Paul Dwayne Key in Nov., 2011. She dated Key for years after meeting him at Lipstick Cabaret, the Dallas topless nightclub where she was a dancer.

Prosecutors began testimony Tuesday morning with 911 calls.

"She tried to kill me for breaking up with her," Key can be heard saying from a stranger's cellphone at a Plano business.

Key told the Collin County jury that he fled Miller's apartment after she, her teenage son, Francisco James Hurtado, and his friend, Dunkan Thomas Boyce, coordinated an assault when Key returned to Miller's home to pick up his belongings.

He said he was strangled from behind with an extension cord after he sat down on her couch. The cord was "pulled tight enough I could not breathe" and he believed he was about to die, Key said.

Eventually, he worked free from the stranglehold, moving the extension cord under his lip, he testified. Hurtado then tried to hold a pillow over his mouth so he could not breathe, Key said. Soon after, he was struck over the head with a frying pan, he said.

Key said he was hospitalized after the assault with 12 staples in his head.

Key testified that he had broken up with Miller by phone earlier in the week after several failed attempts to move into her home and legally marry. He said he proposed within 30 minutes of meeting her at Lipstick Cabaret.

He said he had "drained" his savings and retirement accounts to support Miller during the relationship, buying her two separate engagement rings, providing her with $2,000 per month in support and giving her a down payment for her home.

Plano police originally arrested Key on suspicion of family violence on Nov. 22, 2011, after Hurtado and Boyce called 911 and told police that Key had assaulted Miller.

If convicted on the second-degree felony charge of attempted murder, Miller faces up to 20 years in prison.

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Photo Credit: NBC 5 News/Plano Police

Man Accused of Pulling Knife at Middletown Movie Theater


Middletown police have arrested a man accused of pulling a knife on patrons at Metro Movie Theater late Tuesday night during a screening of “Grown Ups 2.”

Two people told police that they were in the theater, watching the movie, just before 11 p.m. when Jayquan Tyshawn Howard, 19, of Portland, pulled a knife on them and threatened them, according to the arraignment report.

The victims told police that Howard and another man had been sitting right behind them, yelling and kicking their seats.

About five minutes later, the victims turned around, complained and told Howard and the person with him to “shut up,” according to police.  

Howard responded with some racially charged language and said, “We can handle this right now,” according to police.

He stood up, adding, “Should we handle this right now?”

Howard then pulled a knife from his pocket and flipped it open, according to the arraignment report.

Howard said on Wednesday that he and his three friends might have been loud while watching the latest Adam Sandler movie, but that the situation should never have gone this far.

After the exchange inside the theater, the victims walked out and Howard and the other man followed them to the lobby, where Howard walked up to them with the knife, police said.

“Oh, you guys are snitching on us now?” he asked, according to the arraignment report.

As all four were in the lobby, the man with Howard chimed in and said they could fight with their hands if the victims were afraid of weapons, according to what one of the witnesses told police.

Howard then put the knife in his pocket and walked back into the theater, according to police. 

After receiving the complaint, police surrounded the exits and told management at the theater to stop the movie and turn on the lights.

A few minutes later, the people who complained to police pointed out Howard and the man with him and officers “guided them to the ground,” according to the arraignment report.

Howard said the police "slammed" him.

“We come out the movie theater, the cops just slam me, they put the gun to my head. I wasn’t able to see anything. I just got slammed,” Howard said. “They didn’t ask me nothing. They just said where’s the knife. Bang. Didn’t find a knife.”

Lt. Heather Desmond, of Middletown Police, said police did find a knife at the scene, but did not say where they found it.

Howard was taken into custody and charged with threatening, reckless endangerment, carrying a dangerous weapon and breach of peace. He was released on bond and due in court in two weeks.

Howard said he’s not a violent person. There was no fight and he wouldn’t pull a knife out in front of a crowd of people, he said. According to Howard, it was simply a heated exchange of words.

“This isn’t justice. I have the right to speak my mind. You didn’t even read me my rights. What am I being arrested for?” Howard said.

His friend was also taken into custody and charged with breach of peace.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Bristol Gas Station Robbed at Gun Point


Police are investigating the armed robbery of a Shell gas station at 1462 Farmington Avenue in Bristol.

According to police, the suspect entered the gas station around 9:48 p.m. Tuesday and robbed the clerk at gunpoint. He took an unknown amount of money and escaped on foot.

A police dog tracked the suspect but ultimately lost his trail, authorities said.

The suspect is described as being a black man with a slim build between the age of 20 and 30.

Police are actively investigating.

Anyone with information is asked to call Bristol police at 860-314-4561.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

1-Year-Old Boy, Father Killed by Gunfire in Oakland


Three weeks after an 8-year-old Oakland girl was shot to death at a slumber party, a 1-year-old boy was gunned down Wednesday morning, earning him the newest, and most unfortunate, ranking of becoming the city's youngest homicide victim of the year.

The 1-year-old, who relatives were calling "Baby Drew," was pronounced dead at Children's Hospital, and his 20-year-old father died at the scene. No one was arrested and why the two were killed was unclear.

Konya Baylis, 33, the boy's great aunt, told NBC Bay Area off-camera the toddler's name was Drew Jackson and his father was Andrew Thomas of Fresno. Relatives said that  Thomas was in town for the funeral service a few days ago of another homicide victim - his cousin, 18-year-old Alquino Rivera, killed Saturday in the 800 block of Ney Avenue. Bey wondered aloud if the double homicide was related to Rivera's death.

Police have not commented on this possible connection.

Oakland police spokeswoman Johnna Watson said police were called out about 2:45 a.m. in the 400 block of Ghormley Avenue in the Brookfield Village neighborhood of East Oakland after hearing reports of gunfire. They found the young father and baby suffering from gunshot wounds inside the house. Paramedics rushed in to try to save them, to no avail.

“This is incredulous that people are shooting and killing kids in their sleep,” Watson said.

Witnesses on scene told NBC Bay Area they heard six to eight bullets fired from the back of the house, which is near the 98th Street exit of Interstate Highway 880. Relatives said there was a house full of other people, including children when the gunfire rang out.

One relative was overheard saying that this killing was "intentional." But police did not confirm this.

Later in the morning, a stuffed teddy bear and dog lay at the base of a tree in front of the home, while police searched the home for clues.

Drew is the youngest of the 61 homicide victims iin Oakland this year. And his killing came hours after National Night Out celebrations wrapped up, where neighborhoods held block parties to get to know each other better and prevent violence.

MORE: Summer Sleepover Turns Fatal, Girl, 8, Killed

Community members say they are fed up.

“The tipping point was a year ago when the first child got murdered,” Oakland Pastor Billy Dixon said. “The tipping point was 10 years ago when the murdering was out of control.”

On July 17, 8-year-old Alaysha Carradine of Oakland had earned the dubious title of being the city's youngest homicide victim.

The would-be third-grader was gunned down in the city's Dimond district, killed about 11 p.m. when she and her friend opened the door to a hail of gunfire. She had been sleeping over at her best friend's house that night and became Oakland's 54th homicide of the year at the time.

No one has been arrested in her death, either.

Jeff Shuttleworth of Bay City News contributed to this report.


Photo Credit: NBC Bay Area

Obstacle Course Racers Deal With "Spartan Rash"


A number of amateur athletes who participated in an extreme obstacle course race in Marseilles, Ill., more than two weeks ago continue to deal with a severe rash that has spread across their bodies since the event.

Dubbed the "Spartan Rash," because the athletes appear to have contracted it during an event called The Spartan Race, it presents as blistering, red patches described as being very itchy and uncomfortable. Officials said they were continuing to investigate whether the rash was poison ivy, swimmer's itch or chiggers.

The Spartan Race is an obstacle course race. Obstacles have participants traversing through water and mud. The events are held around the country and around the globe throughout the year. The event in Marseilles was July 20.

"It sucks for those that are dealing with it," race director Mike Morris said in a statement released last week. "I think every racer understands the inherent risk of crawling through mud, swimming through swamp, and running through the woods but we still never want to see our racers leave the event and have the event stay with them like this."

On a Facebook page dedicated to the "Spartan Rash" that's collected nearly 200 followers, users have been sharing details of their experience and attempts at remedies.

"Training with this rash has been next to impossible as it causes me to sweat and itch like crazy," user Jesse Valdez wrote on the public group. "I did try the rubbing alcohol, witch hazel, oatmeal baths, tea tree oil but no help my rash spread over the weekend so my doctor sent me to the dermatologist. I can't wait for this to finally stop spreading and start to heal."

Officials with the Illinois Department of Health confirmed they're aware of the rashes but said they weren't in a position to offer guidance on the topic as of Tuesday afternoon. An official said the agency is still putting together a questionnaire to be completed by race participants.

UPDATE: The Illinois Department of Health's survey is now live. IDPH officials ask that everyone who participated in the race complete the survey, whether or not they're showing rash symptoms.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Lupo

Yahoo! is Getting a New Logo


Yahoo! is changing its iconic logo for the first time in almost two decades.

For the next 30 days, until its unveiling on Sept. 4, the Internet search giant will feature a different logo on its home page. One of them will replace the current purple Y and exclamation mark.

Here is day one's logo:

The move is part of a makeover that has swept the company since former Google exec Marissa Mayer took the helm as CEO. Yahoo! has bought up more than 20 companies -- including Tumblr -- and revamped its existing lineup like Flickr and email.

A notorious workaholic, Mayer took the job when she was five months pregnant and took only a two  week maternity leave. She put an end to the company's lenient telecommuting policy, a move that was slammed by parents who wanted flexible working arrangements. 

In May, NBC Bay Area reported that the company expanded its company perks, giving parents more time off each time they have a child.

"Over the past year, there’s been a renewed sense of purpose and progress at Yahoo!, and we want everything we do to reflect this spirit of innovation," chief marketing officer Kathy Savitt wrote in a blog post. "While the company is rapidly evolving, our logo — the essence of our brand — should too."

Dead Shark Mysteriously Ends Up on Subway


A dead shark that mysteriously ended up on a subway train caused a stir among New Yorkers and forced an evacuation of the car early Wednesday.

A witness told NBC 4 New York that she boarded an empty car on the Queens-bound N train just after midnight at the Eighth Street stop in Manhattan.

Isvett Verde said the car "smelled extremely fishy," and when she looked down, she saw the sand shark.

"I mean, I thought I'd seen it all, but even that was a bit much," she said. "I have no idea how it got there or how long it had been there."

Verde said the shark continued to surprise passengers boarding the train as it rolled uptown.

The MTA said the conductor ordered riders out of the car at Queensboro Plaza, and when the train arrived at the end of the line, the shark was placed in a garbage bag and put in the trash.

The MTA said the car was inspected and returned to service.

There was no word on how the shark ended up on the train, which originated on Surf Avenue, in Coney Island.

"We don't know where it came from. We don't know how it got there," said Adam Lisberg, an MTA spokesman. "We assume it didn't get on on its own, it needed to be brought on by a human. Something's fishy about this." 

It is illegal in New York to own a sand shark as a pet or to bring it on a train, unless it's in a tank or proper container. But they are legal to eat, which is why they can be found at some city fish stores.

Subway riders remained both skeptical and shocked Wednesday about the unexpected commuter that took social media by storm. 

"It had to be a prank," speculated one man.

"It's crazy, man," said one young tourist. "It's the craziest thing I've ever seen." 

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Photo Credit: bsanchz/Isvett Verde

New Haven Left Off List of America’s Best Pizza


Whether you call it pizza or apizza, New Haven is one of the best places to go for a slice or three.

That’s why we’re not sure why Trip Advisor left the city off of the list of America’s Top 10 Cities for pizza. Chicago was also left off the list.

Somehow, San Diego is in the lead, followed by Las Vegas.

Boston takes number three. While we love another New England city receiving culinary accolades, we’d rather head to Pepe’s, Sally’s, Modern Apizza or Abate than drive all the way to Boston for Regina Pizzeria.

New Haven might have some of the best known pizza joints in the state, but there are plenty of other great ones. Randy’s Wooster St. Pizza anyone?  

Other cities on the list include New York City; Seattle; Austin, Texas; San Francisco, California; Indianapolis; Philadelphia; and Phoenix.

What do you think? What’s your favorite pizza place?

Photo Credit: NBC10 - Dan Stamm

Philly Plane Threat Unfounded


A plane from Ireland landed in Philadelphia after an "unsubstantiated" threat, according to Philadelphia police. But after investigating, federal agents and local police said the threat was unfounded.

As a precaution, the plane was taken to a remote area of the airport so that Philadelphia police and Homeland Security could search passengers and luggage.

"Once we landed, all of a sudden we saw all these cop cars," said Molly Cross, one of the passengers. "An FBI agent got on the plane and told us that someone made a bomb threat or something like that."

A bomb threat was called in to the Philadelphia Airport by an unknown male, according to sources close to the investigation who did not want to be named because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the case.

This was not an emergency landing. US Air Flight #777 took off this morning from Shannon, Ireland and was scheduled to arrive at Philadelphia International at 2:05 p.m. According to the airline's website, the flight landed at 1:58 p.m.

"We were aware of a possible security issue with the flight and out of an abundance of caution taxied the aircraft to a remote location, where it was met by law enforcement and emergency personnel," said Davien Anderson, a spokesperson for U.S. Airways.

All 171 passengers and 8 crew members were escorted off the plane and loaded onto buses. They were taken to a secure area and screened as well as interviewed. Luggage was also removed and screened. Bomb-sniffing dogs went through the plane, which is standard procedure.

"They got everyone off," Cross said. "They got buses and everything and the dog sniffed our bags. We got interviewed. They just asked basic questions, like how long I was there."

All inbound flights were temporarily delayed during the investigation, according to Victoria Lupica, a spokeswoman for the airport.

When a threat like this occurs, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) workers alert the FBI and Homeland Security first. The FBI then calls in the Joint Terrorism Task Force, which is made up of multiple government agencies as well as local and state police, to help with the investigation.

The last time federal agents responded like this at Philly International Airport was in September of 2012 when a Philadelphia man called in a fake report about explosives on a flight headed to Texas. The plane was turned around and brought back to Philadelphia. Kenneth Smith eventually pleaded guilty to charges including giving malicious, false information about an explosive. He had to write a letter of apology to every person on the plane.

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Photo Credit: NBC10

P&G Gymnastics Championships Head to Hartford


Gymnasts and fans will flock to Hartford later this month for the P&G Gymnastics Championships, held in conjunction with the 49th Annual USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show.

The championships will take place Aug. 15 to 18 at the XL Center and will feature competitions and activities throughout the weekend.

An array of events are open to the public, including 6:30 a.m. morning fitness sessions Thursday and Friday, a historical display detailing 50 years of USA gymnastics history, a Fitness Zone to teach children healthy exercise habits and local restaurant specials.

As part of the Capital City’s Taste of the Championships, six Hartford restaurants will provide special menus Friday and Saturday.

Participating restaurants include Agave, City Steam Brewery Café, DISH Bar & Grill, Feng Asian Bistro, Max Downtown and Salute.

Ten additional eateries are offering 20-percent discounts to championship ticket holders as part of the "Lets Eat" offfer. For more information, visit PGchamps.com.

And what would this prestigious competition be without the world-famous athletes who brought home the gold?

On Saturday night, the entire 2012 U.S. gymnastics Olympic team, including the Fierce Five, will reunite to celebrate their achievements in London last year.

The 2007 Women’s World Championships team and members of the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame will also be praised.

"We will be recognizing the individuals and athletes who have built our success," said USA Gymnastics president Steve Perry, in a release.

The USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show, held concurrently, will include three days of presentations, demonstrations, seminars and exhibitions open to members of the gymnastics community.

Tickets for the championship are on sale now.

Single-session tickets, multi-session packages and all-session tickets are available for purchase at ticketmaster.com or by calling 800-745-3000. Tickets can also be picked up directly at the XL Center Public Power Ticket Office. For group tickets, call 860-548-2000.

Photo Credit: FilmMagic

Police Make Arrest in Fatal Merritt Parkway Crash


State police have made an arrest in a fatal crash in Fairfield on Sept. 22.

Edward J. Ferenze, 60, of Trumbull, has been charged with negligent homicide with a motor vehicle and failure to yield right of way in connection with the crash on the Merritt Parkway.

Police said Ferenze was traveling on Route 15 North in Fairfield in the area of exit 44, skidded and struck a motorcyclist, who died as he was being transported to St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Ferenze was released on a written promise to appear.

Photo Credit: NBC Philadelphia

Route 8 Reopens in Beacon Falls


Route 8 southbound has reopened in Beacon Falls after a motorcycle crash shut down the street earlier this afternoon, state police said.

The road was closed on the southbound side between exits 24 and 25.

According to police, the accident happened around 3:30 p.m.

The motorcycle driver ended up down an embankment and was minorly injured, police said.

No additional information was immediately available.

Guilty Plea in 2001 Milford Murder


A 53-year-old man has pleaded guilty in connection with the death of a pregnant 28-year-old woman in Milford in 2001.

Luis A. Rodriquez, 53, pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter in the death of Kelsey Monahon and took a 20-year-sentence, according to State's Attorney Kevin Lawlor.

Monahon found was strangled and beaten in her home on Bittersweet Avenue in Milford on May 25, 2001, according to the Office of the State's Attorney.

Her husband found her unconscious, with her hands and feet bound. Monahon died three days later at Bridgeport Hospital, authorities said.

The couple was due to celebrate their second wedding anniversary just days later.

Her death was ruled a homicide.

On Jan. 13, 2011, an arrest warrant was issued.

Rodriguez, who was incarcerated in Oklahoma on unrelated charges, was charged with murder. Police said he targeted the Monahon’s home for a robbery or burglary.

 He will be sentenced Sept. 25 in Milford and will serve 20 years in prison.


Photo Credit: MIlford Police

New Haven Restaurants Investigated for Violations


Two New Haven restaurants are under scrutiny after the State Dept. of Labor received reports of numerous workplace violations.

The State Dept. of Labor issued Stop Work orders at two Gourmet Heaven restaurants, run by Chang Cho of Woodbridge.

The restaurants are located at 15 Broadway and 44 Whitney Avenue in New Haven, were shut down Wednesday afternoon around lunchtime.

Investigators found that 15 first-shift workers have been treated as independent contractors rather than full-time employees.

Some even admitted to working overtime without proper compensation. Many were reportedly paid in cash and earned less than minimum wage, according to the Dept. of Labor.

“This is a case where an employer is taking unfair advantage of his employees and also cheating the state by not paying the proper taxes or providing worker protections, such as unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation,” said State Labor Commissioner Sharon M. Palmer, in a release.

Payroll records and time sheets were also discovered missing.

Investigators determined that the violations have been occurring over the past two-to-four years.

“Almost every violation that was possible for us to find, we found, and this is unfortunate for the workers who were not paid fairly for the hours that they worked,” said Gary Pechie, director of the Wage and Workplace Standards Division, said in a release.

The restaurants were closed around lunchtime Wednesday, but according to the State Dept. of Labor, both locations were granted conditional release and are continuing to operate this afternoon.

UConn Plans to Move Hartford Campus to Prospect Street


The University of Connecticut plans to move its West Hartford campus to the former Hartford Times building on Prospect Street, but Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra isn’t thrilled with the decision.

“We supported UConn’s second choice for a site, which is close to our downtown area which we are trying to develop,” Segarra said.

UConn's second-choice location was One Talcott Plaza. Segarra said he believes city officials were left out of university planning discussions and weren't able to fully voice their opinions.

The UConn Board of Trustees is waiting to sign a binding document that would make the new site official.

Today the board approved $1 million for preliminary planning.

UConn President Susan Herbst is optimistic about the move.

“We think we will get past any tensions,” said Herbst. “We so want to move into the city of Hartford. We want to bring thousands of students there, and faculty and staff.”

Herbst said the location is ideal because of its proximity to the science center and museums.

Segarra, on the other hand, said he believes the school would be best suited to an area surrounded by entertainment.

“Because there was not a good process for us to have the discussion, I don’t think that alignment happened the way we had hoped for,” Segarra said. “Having said that, we are thrilled that they are coming to town.”

Residents hope it will give the neighborhood a boost.

“It would allow more businesses to open,” said Shandia Drummond of Hartford. “There would be more young adults to work in these businesses while they’re in school.”

City officials are set to hold another planning meeting next week.

The new campus could open its doors in 2016.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Couple Accused of Running Suburban Marijuana Factory


A Glastonbury couple has been arrested, accused of running a marijuana grow house out of the basement of their suburban home.

The narcotics task force raided 473 Griswold Street in Glastonbury at 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday and seized 28 marijuana plants from the basement of the two-story home, as well as growing equipment, scales, packaging and drug paraphernalia, according to the East Central Narcotics Task Force.

Police arrested Christopher Lilley, 42, and his 41-year-old wife, Jenna, police said. Assessor's records state they own the house.

They were both charged with cultivation of marijuana, operating a drug factory, possession of marijuana with intent to sell, two counts of risk of injury and other charges.

Two children were home when police searched the residence and police have notified the state Department of Children and Families.

Bond for Christopher Lilley was set at $25,000, while bond for Jenna Lilley was set at $10,000.

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