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Police Make Arrest in Death of Woman Unresponsive in Car


A 30-year-old man is facing manslaughter charges in connection with the death of a woman found unrsponsive in a car on an entrance ramp to Interstate 95 in Fairfield last April.

Authorities believe Brenda Hernandez, 22, of Bridgeport, was having an argument with a passenger in the backseat of the car and may have been trying to jump out of the moving vehicle.

Police said the passenger, identified as Cesar "David" Martinez, 30, restrained Hernandez when she "suddenly went limp."

An ambulance rushed Hernandez to Saint Vincent's Hospital, where she was pronounced dead, according to police.

Martinez was arrested Friday morning and charged with first-degree manslaughter. He was held on $250,000 bond and is due in court Nov. 24.

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Yale Students Warned About Unruly Teens


Yale University is sending a warning to its students after groups of unruly teens on bicycles harassed people walking in the area.

"It was just a couple of them. It was on the same day. the first time I saw three of them," said Jessica, a Yale University senior, who didn't want to give her last name.

She said they didn't intimidate her as she was running in East Rock, "I just noticed them. They seemed really aggressive. That was kind of scary."

Police are worried that the aggressive behavior could lead to something worse. Just days ago the University Police Chief sent a campus wide email alerting the student body to recent instances of teenagers on bikes, intimidating pedestrians and drivers.

"I'd probably just give them what they wanted and try and get home," said Andy Sternad, who has never seen any crew of bikers but got the email and says he's always thinking about his safety. "I'm in the architecture school and we have late hours and just try and walk home with a friend."

Sternad--like Yale Police--recommends not wearing headphones and just paying attention.

"When I decided to come to Yale that's something I knew I needed to be aware of constantly especially when you're walking around late at night," Jessica added.

Police say many street robberies happen when students are distracted with activities like texting. They also suggest looking for well-lit areas to walk.

"Don't have your cell phone out," Jessica said. I do feel like if you're smart, if you are aware, Yale is doing a very good job of trying to make sure people are around. They have the blue lights and officers out late at night."

Yale Police say they have sent out some additional officers throughout campus in response. They also encourage students to use safety measures like shuttles and door to rides at night.

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2 Hurt in Tolland Crash, 1 Airlifted


One person was airlifted and a second was taken the hospital by ambulance Friday night following a serious crash on Plains Road in Tolland near the Willington line, according to emergency dispatchers.

Law enforcement officials said both victims were passengers in the same vehicle. According to state police, one person was ejected when the car rolled over.

Dispatchers said the crash was reported around 7:10 p.m. on Plains Road in the area of Route 32/River Road. The intersection is closed while authorities investigate.

Check back for updates.

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Ex-Marine Confesses to Killing Wife


A former Marine who pled guilty to strangling his wife and dumping her body in a river, confessed to the murder in a chilling recorded interview with two detectives. For the first time outside the courtroom, Caleb Crew's confession can be heard in the audio-taped police interview obtained by News4.

"You're going to feel better when you get this off your chest."
"It's obviously painful she's gone. Just walk us though it."
"Take a deep breath and walk us through it. I know you can do it."

Over and over, in calm, measured voices, Fairfax County, Virginia, detectives Chris Flanagan and Eric Deane turned to those phrases to try to get Crew to tell the truth. Their interview was conducted on Aug. 10, 2013 two days after Crew called 911 to report his wife Andrea missing.

Crew pleaded guilty to murder just last month, the confession a powerful piece of evidence that would have been critical at trial.

In the taped interview, the detectives talk with Crew for nearly two hours, urging him to come clean. He finally gets emotional and begins to provide chilling details about why and how he killed his wife.

Crew tells detectives the couple had gone to court on Aug. 8, 2013 where a previous domestic violence charge against him was dropped. On the way home they argued, and Crew stopped his Jeep in a parking lot. Andrea then threatened to call 911.

Crew tells detectives what happened next:

"I took the phone. I grabbed her out of her chair. She only weights 112 pounds. I grabbed her throat and strangled her in the back seat."

A detective asked whether Crew spoke to his wife.

"First thing I said, 'Goodbye.' I knew once I went down that path I couldn't go back. She said, 'Please Caleb.' I started crying but I couldn't stop," said Crew.

He then tells detectives, though he wife lay lifeless in the SUV, he checked and found a pulse. So he took off the tie he'd worn to court and wrapped it around Andrea's neck.

"Tightly?" asks one detective.
Crew: "Yeah"
Detective: "Why?"
Crew: "To finish the job."

Later that night Crew strapped a backpack filled with weights to his wife's body and threw her in the Occoquon River.

"What was the purpose of the backpack?" asked detectives.
"To take her to the bottom," replied Crew.
"Did you think there was still hope you could get away with it," asked the detective.
"Yeah, that's what I was thinking at the time," said Crew.

Crew tells detectives his biggest immediate worry was the couple's two young daughters, one just 11 months old and still breastfeeding.

"I was thinking, I don't know how else I'll live life after this. I don't want to mess up the girls' lives, of course, I already had. And thinking I have to cover it up," said Crew.

The cover-up lasted just two days until the police interview and Crew's confession. Crew is scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 9. One of the most recent filings in his court file -- a certificate of completion for the anger management class at the jail.

Family of Man Shot by NYPD Rallies


The family of a man who authorities say was accidentally shot by police as he walked in a dimly lit stairwell at a Brooklyn housing project appeared at a rally to protest his death on Saturday.

Akai Gurley's 2-year-old daughter and the child's mother appeared with the Rev. Al Sharpton at the rally in Harlem on Saturday morning, as did Gurley's aunt.

"The issue of police going up dark stairwells with their guns drawn and their safety off is at the center of this ... case," Sharpton said. "We have raised this question over and over again. ... It is a matter of police policy."

Gurley, 28, was unarmed when probationary officer Peter Liang accidentally discharged his weapon in the stairwell Thursday night, according to Police Commissioner Bill Bratton.

Liang has been placed on modified duty. He and another officer, both with less than 18 months on the force, were part of a violence reduction overtime detail on vertical patrol, conducting floor-by-floor sweeps of the Louis H. Pink Houses in East New York at around 11 p.m.

They had gone to the eighth floor, the top floor, via elevator to check the roof when they noticed that there were no lights in the stairwell leading to the roof, Bratton said Friday. Given the location and lack of light, Liang drew his weapon and a flashlight for safety reasons, Bratton said. The other officer kept his service weapon holstered.

As the officers were entering the eighth-floor landing, Gurley emerged on the seventh-floor landing. He heard a noise and turned square to look up at the two officers a floor above him, a law enforcement source said. That's when Liang, who had his gun in his left hand and his flashlight in his right, fired accidentally, hitting Gurley 11 feet below him.

Bratton said no words were exchanged.

"All indications are this was an accidental discharge," Bratton said, calling the shooting "an unfortunate tragedy."

Community leaders blasted the NYPD and called for immediate reform.

"We should not have rookies, inexperienced police officers who are frightened of us, doing vertical patrols," said former councilman and incoming assemblyman Charles Barron.

Councilman Jumaane Williams called the shooting an example of "an overly zealous ethos for excessive force" within the NYPD.

He added in a statement: "Why were two probationary officers put on patrol in a 'high crime' area with no veteran officer to assist? Why was the officer's gun drawn with no safety before entering a vertical patrol? And most importantly, why is another unarmed black man dead at the hands of a police officer?"

Bratton said Gurley and his girlfriend apparently had opted to take the stairs because they didn't want to wait for the elevator, and law enforcement officials say she was a flight of stairs or so ahead of him at the time of the shooting. She didn't see the officer's gun fire.

Gurley stumbled down to his girlfriend on the fifth floor after being shot, and she ran to a fourth-floor apartment to ask for help and called 911, a law enforcement source said. She was given a towel to put pressure on Gurley's chest as she waited for paramedics to arrive.

Liang and the other officer, who initially walked out of the staircase onto the eighth floor, soon realized someone had been shot, and went down to the fifth floor to attempt to render aid, the source said.

Gurley was pronounced dead at a hospital. Gurley, who has multiple previous arrests on robbery and other charges, was not armed when he was shot, authorities said. He lived in Red Hook.

Mayor de Blasio called his death a "tragic mistake."

The Brooklyn district attorney's office and the NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau are investigating. The New York City Housing Authority said it was cooperating.

Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson called the shooting "deeply troubling."

"Many questions must be answered, including whether, as reported, the lights in the hallway were out for a number of days, and how this tragedy actually occurred," Thompson said in a statement.

Authorities have interviewed the second officer and Gurley's girlfriend, but have not yet spoken to Liang. The district attorney's office will determine whether it will file criminal charges after interviewing Liang. Then internal affairs officers can question him, a standard policy.

Both officers were taken to the hospital for ringing in their ears, according to the NYPD. The housing project they were assigned to patrol has seen several serious crimes over the last month, including two robberies and two assaults. Two people were killed there this year, Bratton said.

Patrick Lynch, president of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, said in a statement that the Pink Houses are among the city's most dangerous projects.

"Dimly lit stairways and dilapidated conditions create fertile ground for violent crime while the constant presence of illegal firearms creates a dangerous and highly volatile environment for police officers and residents alike," Lynch said. "Only time and a thorough investigation will tell us what transpired in this case."

Neighbors expressed concern during a candlelight vigil held for Gurley Friday night, chanting "Bratton must go."

Seventh-floor resident Dashwan Lopez said the lights in the hallway had been out for days before they were finally repaired Friday, prompting questions over whether Liang would have even drawn his gun if the lights had been on.

In Lopez's mind, "it could be better managed by housing, but it's still not an excuse to discharge your weapon without knowing what's going on," he said.

The shooting comes as the department is changing how rookie cops are used fresh out of the academy to give them more training and time with more senior officers.

Bratton is implementing a program that pairs less experienced officers with veteran officers on vertical and other patrols, but the program has had to be rolled out over time due to staffing constraints, law enforcement officials said.

Sharpton runs the National Action Network and is a talk-show host on MSNBC, which is owned by WNBC's parent company, NBCUniversal.

--Lori Bordonaro and Brynn Gingras contributed to this report.

Stranger's Photo Washed Up in Sandy


When Hurricane Sandy hit Massapequa two years ago, so much was lost but at least one special thing survived all the destruction.

Inside a pile of debris on her front lawn, homeowner Leah Welsh found a vintage black-and-white photo showing a woman in a dress pinning a flower onto a man's tuxedo.

"I called my husband over and I said, 'Can you believe that I just found a picture? And look at the condition of it, it's perfect,'" said Welsh.

The picture is from a different time. Welsh does not know who the two people pictured are, but it's clear the photo captured a special moment.

"I think this is a photo of daughter putting a boutonniere on her father on her wedding day," she said.

She noted how apparent it was the two were happy.

"Just the smiles on their faces and the love you can see between them," she said.

"It actually brought tears to my eyes because... I couldn't believe that I found it," she added.

Welsh tried her best to find the owners but had no luck. Two years later, she dug up the photo again in another effort to locate the owners.

"Sandy was a huge devastation for a lot of people, and you can replace materialistic items and personal belongings, but a picture is really special," she said.

There was a promising development after her interview with NBC 4 New York late Friday: Welsh said she got an email from someone saying they were related to the people in the photo. She's hoping this may finally be her chance to return the photo to its rightful owners.

Stranger's Photo Washed Up in Sandy


A vintage wedding photograph that washed up in front of a Long Island woman's house after Hurricane Sandy is being reunited with its owner.

Leah Welsh said that after appearing on NBC 4 New York and elsewhere to share the story of her quest to find the photograph's owner, she was contacted by the family of the woman in the black-and-white photo.

Welsh arranged to return the photo to the woman, who lives in the same Massapequa neighborhood as Welsh, on Saturday.

The Massapequa resident initially found the photograph about two years ago in a pile of debris on her front lawn. The image shows a woman in a dress pinning a flower onto a man's tuxedo.

"I called my husband over and I said, 'Can you believe that I just found a picture? And look at the condition of it, it's perfect,'" said Welsh.

Welsh doesn't know who the two people pictured are, but it's clear the photo captured a special moment, possibly of a daughter putting a boutonniere on her father on her wedding day.

Welsh noted how apparent it was the two were happy.

"Just the smiles on their faces and the love you can see between them," she said.

"It actually brought tears to my eyes because... I couldn't believe that I found it," she added.

Welsh tried her best to find the owners but had no luck. Two years later, she dug up the photo again in another effort to locate the owners.

"Sandy was a huge devastation for a lot of people, and you can replace materialistic items and personal belongings, but a picture is really special," she said.

KBE Gives the "Gift of Gobble" for Thanksgiving


It's just days away from Thanksgiving and a Farmington company is putting turkey, stuffing and mashed potato meals together to make sure every family has food for the holiday.

KBE Building Corporation in Farmington will be loading up a big truck with the meals on Saturday for their "Gift of Gobble" drive to distribute them to several local charities.

Employees and their families are volunteering to make the meal kits.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Water Main Break Causes Waterford Delays


Cross Road is cleared after a water main break earlier on Saturday caused traffic delays.

The break happened on Cross Road near the Rockridge Road intersection. Waterford police posted about the water main break on its Facebook page after just after 11 a.m. on Saturday.

The road was down to one lane for several hours, with alternating one-way traffic.

Motorists were advised to detour from Parkway South to Oil Mill Road.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Crash Closes Berlin Turnpike Southbound Side


The Berlin Turnpike (Route 5) is closed on the southbound side in Newington due to a car crash.

The turnpike is closed between Superior Avenue and Main Street.

It is unknown how long the turnpike will remain closed. Northbound lanes remain open.

More information wasn't immediately available.

Woman Running to Honor Navy Seals


A California woman has been on the road for over four months, running across more than a dozen states and covering 2,700 miles in honor of the Navy Seals. Christina Lee hopes her journey from New York to the Bay Area will raise $100,0000 for the Navy Seal Foundation and allow her to cross another challenge off her bucket list.

The 23-year-old from San Jose was sitting in her New York University dorm room two years ago and thought a bucket list is just what her life needed.

"I didn't want a bunch of things I could do in a weekend," Lee says. "I wanted some real challenges I would have to work for."

That’s when she came across a Facebook post about a woman who was running across the country to raise money for charity. She decided to add that to her list.

"Once I wrote it down I was going to do it," Lee says. "There are no halfsies on the bucket list."


She set out on her trek right after graduating college this spring, hoping her effort will raise money and recognize the work of the Navy Seals in serving our country.

"We don't thank our military enough," Lee says.

She is running without any support, pushing a jog stroller filled with her extra clothing and supplies. Lee says she is doing it the hardest way she knows how because something meant to honor Navy Seals shouldn't be a "walk in the park."

She had chosen the Navy Seal Foundation as her beneficiary because she felt the Seals, working in secrecy, didn't get all the attention and respect they deserve.

The run has also gained a deeper purpose.

Christina, a life-long supporter of the military, had chosen the Navy SEAL Foundation as her beneficiary because she felt the SEALs, working in secrecy, didn't get all the attention and respect they deserve.

She began her run as a way to honor all of them, but her effort gained a deeper purpose along the way.

In the first week of the run, somewhere in Pennsylvania, she received an email from Jennifer Collins, the widow of Navy Seal David Collins. 

Collins wanted to thank Lee for what she was doing for the foundation.

"She just sent me this email that said these people changed my life,” Lee said.

Collins told Lee how her husband has suffered a traumatic brain injury while serving overseas and how the injury plagued him after his return home. Collins shared how David had eventually killed himself and how the foundation had been there to help her and their two children.

"It just put it all in perspective," Lee recalls.

She now says she is always thinking of David during her run, particularly during the most challenging times.

"I think, so what if your feet hurt? At least there's no one shooting at you," Christina says.

Lee has fewer than 300 miles to go in her journey. She hopes to put her feet in the Pacific Ocean on December 6th.

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Thanksgiving Food Drive Helps Feed CT Families


With Thanksgiving fast approaching -- many families are finding it tough to put a holiday meal on the table.

NBC Connecticut viewers stopped by two locations, the Sears in West Hartford and the XFINITY Service Center in North Haven, to drop off frozen turkeys, sides and monetary donations. Our annual Joy of Sharing food drive helps Foodshare and the Connecticut Food Bank provide meals to families in need for the Thanksgiving holiday.

About one in five children in Connecticut go hungry with their parents not knowing where their next meal will come from, according to experts.

“In Connecticut we have over 500,000 people facing food insecurity on a daily basis year round," Sarah Morrocco, of Connecticut Food Bank said.

The Hartford Wolf Pack also helped the cause, collecting more than 3,000 items at recent hockey games.

”It’s a great event, a great cause, so the Wolf Pack wanted to help out,” Adam Goldberg, of the Wolf Pack, said.

One car stopped by with 30 turkeys to contribute and a man wearing a Santa hat and beard rolled in on his motorcycle to donate.

“The holiday spirit. I gotta start a little early this year cause there’s a lot of people in need out there," the Santa, also known as Rick Mills, of West Hartford, said.

Items collected at the West Hartford Sears were donated to Foodshare, which has a goal to "distribute 19,896 turkeys in the next few days," according to Jordan Nyberg, of Foodshare.

"We’re at about 12,000 or so but that doesn’t mean we can rest now," she said.

Items collected at the North Haven XFINITY Service Center were donated to the Connecticut Food Bank. 

“Cash is sometimes the best donation for us. With a dollar we can feed somebody for a day," Morrocco said of the Connecticut Food Bank's work to feed families in need.

NBC Connecticut wants to thank everyone who came out to the food drive Saturday morning. 

104.1 WMRQ and the Hartford Wolf Pack co-sponsored the food drive.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

UVa. Stops Fraternity Activities


All University of Virginia fraternities and associated social activities have been suspended until January after a 2012 alleged sexual assault incident was highlighted in a "Rolling Stone" article.

In an email message to the university community on Saturday, school President Teresa Sullivan called the actions in the article, “appalling,” and said the community as a whole needed to reexamine their responsibilities to stop rape and sexual assault on campus. Sullivan has also asked the Charlottesville Police Department to investigate the assault described in the article.

In the article published on November 19, a student named Jackie describes being raped at a Phi Kappa Psi fraternity party while she was a freshman at the University of Virginia in 2012. The article describes the pressure placed by other students upon her after the incident and the university’s response to the issue.

The school is one of 86 under federal investigation for inadequately handling sexual-violence complaints, and one of a dozen under a proactive probe launched by the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, according to the report. "They are targeted efforts to go after very serious concerns," says Office of Civil Rights assistant secretary Catherine Lhamon in the article. "We don't open compliance reviews unless we have something that we think merits it."

In her email to the university community, Sullivan said she has heard the opinions and reactions from the "Rolling Stone" article, and is imploring the community uphold the honor of the University and bring the truth of the 2012 incident to light.

“I write you today in solidarity. I write you in great sorrow, great rage, but most importantly, with great determination,” Sullivan wrote. “Meaningful change is necessary, and we can lead that change for all universities.”

She announced that all fraternity organizations and associated social activities have been suspended immediately until January 9. The Inter-Fraternity Council voluntarily suspended social activities this weekend.

The Board of Visitors is scheduled to meet on Tuesday to discuss the University’s policies regarding sexual assault as well as the 2012 incident, according to the email.

“We are united in our compassion, resolve, and determination," Sullivan wrote. "Compassion for survivors of assault; resolve to make our community better; determination to begin to solve this problem here and now.”

While the "Rolling Stone" report highlighted one woman’s plight on campus, a subsequent piece published on November 21 cast a spotlight on the university’s behavior toward other women – students and alumni – who said they suffered sexual assault on UVa.’s campus.

To read the initial "Rolling Stone" report, click here. To read the second story, click here.

Photo Credit: AP

Teacher Arrested After Sex Attack


A New Jersey substitute teacher has been arrested after sexually assaulting a 16-year-old student in her car, prosecutors say.

Linda Hardan, 21, was arrested Friday on charges of criminal sexual contact and endangering the welfare of a child, the Passaic County Prosecutor's Office said Saturday.

Hardan is accused of assaulting a student from Manchester Regional High School, where she worked as a substitute teacher, prosecutors said. The attack occurred Thursday in Hardan's parked car in Wayne, prosecutors said.

It wasn't clear if Hardan had a lawyer. Calls to a phone number at her address in Prospect Park, New Jersey, went unanswered.

Photo Credit: Passaic County Prosecutor's Office

Naked Man Arrested at Airport


A Boston man has been arrested after police say he ran naked from a women's restroom at Logan International Airport and attacked an 84-year-old man late Saturday morning.

According to police, 26-year-old Cameron Shenk went into the restroom, removed his clothes and climbed into the drop ceiling. Then, police say, he fell through the ceiling and ran from the restroom "naked and bleeding."

After he left the restroom, police say Shenk attacked the victim, who was seriously injured and transported to the hospital. His injuries are not considered life-threatening.

A Massachusetts State Police trooper was injured while Shenk was being taken into custody.

Shenk faces charges including attempted murder, mayhem, assault and battery on a person over 60, assault and battery on a police officer, malicious destruction of property and a lewd and lascivious act.

The suspect will be arraigned at East Boston District Court.

In an unrelated incident about 30 minutes earlier, troopers said they responded to an assault in a BMW outside the airport.

According to police, the driver of the BMW, 52-year-old Anton Hilton of Boston's Roxbury neighborhood, attacked a 21-year-old female passenger.

Hilton was arrested and charged with assault and battery and kidnapping. The woman refused medical treatment.

In a statement, Massachusetts Port Authority, the airport's operator, thanked Massachusetts State Police for its response to the incidents.

Earlier in the day, former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling tweeted about a bomb squad responding after his son brought a fake plastic grenade to the airport.

NECN will have more as this story develops.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Hamden Crash Knocks Down Wires


Whitney Avenue in Hamden is shut down near Quinnipiac after a crash knocked electrical wires onto the road Saturday morning.

A car struck a utility pole at about 4 a.m., causing a small explosion when it hit the ground and knocking out power to a stretch of Whitney Avenue in the area. Live wires fell onto the roadway.

A tow truck responded to pull the car out.

Near Quinnipiac University at about 5:16 a.m., a number of cars were turning around as motorists tried to find another way through. Whitney Avenue, near the university, could be closed for several hours, according to police.

There is no word on the condition of the driver or whether there were any passengers.

Power company crew are on scene to assist police.

1-Alarm Fire in Bridgeport


Crews in Bridgeport knocked down a one alarm fire on Stratford Avenue Saturday afternoon.

Fire officials on scene say they responded to a warehouse fire 141 Stratford Avenue. It took firefighters 20 minutes to contain the blaze. No injuries were reported.

This is the third time in recent months the warehouse has caught fire.

Check back for updates.

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com

Suspect Injures Cops, Rams Them With Stolen Car: Police


Two police officers have been released from the hospital after a suspected car thief assaulted them and then struck them with a stolen car as he fled the scene, police said.

Michael Lear, 48, of Hull, Massachusetts, assaulted Officers Lue Sobieraj and Officer John Cassell in a struggle to avoid being taken into custody after police located him in a reported suspicious vehicle near 738 East Main Street at before 8 a.m. on Nov. 22, police said. Lear was able to get back into the car, which was reported stolen three days earlier in Wethersfield, and ran into the officers as he fled the scene, police said.

Sobieraj chased after him and alerted other responding officers about the vehicle description and the direction Lear was traveling, according to police. Branford police found the stolen car abandoned near the Stop & Shop at 22 Leetes Island Rd. and found Lear in front of the store entrance, police said.

Lear was again combative with police as they took him into custody, police said.

Both officers were hospitalized to be treated for arm and leg injuries. Branford Police Chief Kevin Halloran said that both Sobieraj and Cassell will be okay.

“I just visited both of our officers in the hospital and I’m hopeful they will be released soon," Halloran said in a statement on Saturday. "We are all grateful for the extraordinary work they do and thankful they weren’t inquired worse than they are.”

It's possible that the officers will have to be off the job for a couple weeks, but that's not clear at this time, police said.

North Branford, Guilford and state police also responded to assist Branford police with the investigation and pursuit.

Police charged Lear with two counts of second-degree assault, two counts of assault on a police officer, breach of peace, second-degree larceny and interfering with an officer. He is being held in police custody on a $250,000 bond and is scheduled to be arraigned in New Haven Superior Court on Monday at 9 a.m.

Photo Credit: Branford Police Department

Bill Cosby's Foxwoods Comedy Club Appearance Postponed


The comedy club at Foxwoods Resort Casino has postponed Bill Cosby's upcoming show scheduled for Jan. 31, 2015.

Comix Comedy indefinitely postponed his Grand Theater performance, according to Marc Wiesenthal, of Comix Entertainment.

NBC Connecticut inquired about the reason for the decision, but the comedy club has not provided a response as to the reasoning at this time.

Foxwoods joins several other venues canceling Cosby's scheduled performances following sexual assault allegations against him, according to NBC News. It has not been confirmed that the claims prompted the Connecticut postponement.

Cosby most recently performed in Florida as part of his comedy tour and was received with a standing ovation, according to the Associated Press. 

No new date has been scheduled at this time.

Comix Comedy will notify ticket-holders and provide refunds "on an expedited basis."

Photo Credit: AP

Death of Simsbury Woman Ruled a Homicide


Police have increased patrols near Iron Horse Boulevard in the center of Simsbury after the death of a woman found injured on the side of the road Thursday was ruled a homicide.

The state's medical examiner ruled the cause of death of Melissa Millan, 54, as "stab wound of chest," an employee in the medical examiner's office told NBC Connecticut on Saturday.

Millan, a Simsbury mother who was a senior vice president at MassMutual and who was also active in the community, was found lying on Iron Horse Boulevard between Phelps Lane and Pent Road around 8 p.m. Thursday. An ambulance rushed her to Saint Francis Hospital, where she died a short time later.

She was jogging on the boulevard at the time of the incident, according to Simsbury Police Capt. Nick Boulter. It's unclear if the homicide was random, he said.

Iron Horse Boulevard is in the center of Simsbury near a highly frequented bike trail, numerous restaurants and the Performing Arts Center at Simsbury Meadows.

Police initially considered the possibility that Millan was injured in a hit-and-run, but found no evidence to prove that theory.

Simsbury police have leads they are following and continue to investigate. No weapon has been found at this time and no suspect has been identified.

The Simsbury Police Department will increase patrols and police presence on the road "for an undetermined amount of time."

Police ask anyone with information to call detectives at 860-658-3145.

The last homicide in Simsbury was a murder-suicide in 2012.

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